Taming the Generals Daughter
32 Day before the Ball - part 1
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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32 Day before the Ball - part 1

" Now that the Lin Family hold great power in not just military the Emperor but the other minister want to drag down our house hold?! "

" Hear the Emperor's Edict! Now that the Lin Household is an important family of the neighboring empire, there's a huge possibility that they will turn their luck to greed. Today and in the future, the Lin family will no longer be able to hold Military Tally! "



Mingwei wake up in a great terror, after dreaming something that seems real. She was trying to breathe properly and she's trying to hold her tears so well.

Apparently it's still midnight and tomorrow is the day that she will be announce as the crown prince consort. She arrived at the Skylart Palace where the Crown Prince of this kingdom is residing.

Because of her odd dream she decided to take a walk, she went out in his room window and landed in a rose garden. The scenery is something that you will never imagine how magnificent every thing was.

It's midnight and yet all of the palace maids are awake and busy on preparing for the big ball tomorrow. So she decided to lay somewhere that no one could possibly see her.

She was busy looking at the stars when a couple of maid are silently whispering.

" I heard our Lord fiancee is a greet beauty and talent from the neighboring kingdom. "

" I was placed as her maid and you cannot possibly compare how elegant she is! "

" Good luck, I suppose you will have a hard time considering that Ms. Clanchestes scheme might target our lady. "

" I have seen the Lord fiancee as well, and what i heard is that she came from the strongest General Household in the neighboring kingdom. "

" What?! " the two maid yell in chorus.

" What? What is wrong on being a Generals Daughter? "

" Oh, I forgot you are just new here. This is a great taboo in the kingdom but the late Empress was killed by the hand of the King himself. "

" Are--are you sure? "

" Stop! He didn't want to kill her at all, the Empress was kidnapped by the Han. I don't know how but according to the rumors from merchants, the Empress was about to get raped by the Minister of the Hans and with her might she yell at the whole crowd that reach the Emperor ears and asked to be killed for her dignity the Emperor targeted the Empress in her heart. "

" No way! "

" Yes! It was true after that the Emperor never lay on any lady before. "

" Well the Empress was his most beloved wife. "

" But how come they have kidnapped the Empress? That was impossible! "

" Han Empire is the most powerful kingdom in whole continent, even the ladies can kill thousands of soldiers. Kidnapping the empress is a piece of cake. "

" But why would our Lord pick his wife in that country? "

" I don't know, and the only thing that i know for now is that the Head Maid of the Royal Palace will smack us dead if she saw us slacking off. "

After that the three of them leave the garden, Mingwei was left in shock she actually remembered that day.

Three days before the lunar eclipsed, Mingwei at the aged of 10 was assigned to guard the Han Empire boarder.

The minister of trade was missing for a whole week, and the whole warriors under the Lin's was ordered to catch him DEAD. Before the sun finally reached the ocean, a massive explosion was heard from the west border.

With an order of no leaving her position Mingwei was eager to go, but suddenly a trap in the forest was keep on moving.

Thinking that their must be an assassin she hurried to go their and a child in a white clothing was trap in a net.

" What are you doing? "

Lin Mingwei asked, considering the child appearance he must be from the another country. But the child remain in silent even tho she already free him.

" Innocent people must not be targeted in war, you should leave immediately before— "

Without finishing her words she stopped when the boy fall in the ground.

After remembering and finally realizing that, the boy back there was indeed him. Mingwei alert herself when there's a movement from her right side.

" Mingwei. "


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