Taming the Generals Daughter
31 The Unspeakable Truth
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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31 The Unspeakable Truth

Lin Mingwei was on guard, apparently the top five of Shadow Warriors are with her and pretending to be her Guards and Handmaid. She didn't actually agree with this but, bringing them will actually help her a lot.

Before they leave the Han Empire Xianxian already investigate the Royal Family of Jing Empire or well known as Castellon Kingdom the land of new beginnings where the other countries can come and go. This country are open to everyone, in some point in every city you can find everything that the other country has.

Apparently the current Emperor doesn't have a Empress nor a Queen. This is the reason why the Prince and Princess are aiming for favor and one of the greatest move is make one of the most powerful country be on their side.

Despite of being a rich Empire, Han Empire is the only Empire who have such a great strategy and strength towards everything. One common rank warrior can defeat five of the other countries warrior.

There was a news going around everywhere that the Crown Prince void his engagement towards the Duke Stewart family eldest daughter.

Stewart Household are one of the most powerful family in th country, they hold seventy five percent of the country's soldiers the first in line in the battle field.

" The Han Envoy will arrived in two days after we reach the Capital. Where are we going to stay? "

Jinjing asked as she look outside the window of the carriage. Mizuo was in the top of the Carriage, guarding carefully as he look around and examine every detail of the road.

" We look completely different from the others, we will be spotted immediately. "

Xianxian said, apparently she's right but Mingwei already have a plan.

" *GASP* JING — "

Jinjing was shocked when Lixin hand suddenly hang out, he was sleeping in the roof of since he's been on guard last night so it was his turn to sleep now.

" Sorry Jing, I didn't thought that he move around like this when he sleep. "

Mizuo said as he drag Lixin in the middle, xianxian laugh at her expression.

After an hour they reach the Capital, and stayed in an inn. No one finds then suspicious since Mingwei controlled their mind so well.

All of them just shrugged and rest for a while, being a descendant of a God is indeed magnificent.

" Have you heard? The Envoy of Jing Empire has arrived. "

" I dont understand the Crown Prince, making the enemy as his wife? "

" Those fox! Even tho this is our country knowing that they reach the Capital it is more like we are the one who entered the cave of those fox. "

" I have heard that the future Crown Princess is the most beautiful woman in the Han Empire. "

" In this world there is no woman who can be way more beautiful than Rosallina Stewart. "

" Indeed. "

This is the whole topic in the cafe where Mingwei and her warriors decided to eat. Jinjing and Mizuo was about to lose their control and their killing intent is about to explode.

Apparently they're wearing a cloak, so no one can see their expression. But Mingwei was smiling,

The five of them almost lost their soul, knowing Mingwei for more than 7 years this smile is something evil.

Everyone says that Lin Mingwei is beautiful, breathtaking and have the most enchanting soul but no one knows besides her family and close friends that Lin Mingwei is someone you can't mess with.

The envoy reach the Capital the one who was inside the carriage is no other than Prime Minister Zhang himself.

After going in the dark ally, Mingwei and her companion disappeared as they appear inside the carriage.

" Mingwei, how have you been? " Prime Minister Zhang asked, as he pat Mingwei head.

Apparently Prime Minister Zhang is Mingwei godfather, he's the one who teach her everything she knows since Prime Minister Zhang trained her believing that she will be the future Empress.

Making her as the great competitor wife is such a disappointment.

" I'm fine uncle how is the palace? "

Lin Mingwei said as she wave her hand, with that Xianxian and the others leave immediately.

" I feel something wrong inside the palace, but apparently there's no happening at all. But your mother passed out yesterday for crying so much, why do you want to be in here? Jing Empire is nothing but an ant compared to our Dragon like empire. "

Prime Minister said, he didn't even put any filter in his mouth, since Jing Empire is nothing but a dirt for anyone in their empire. They can swipe Jing Empire immediately if they wanted too.

" Mother passed out?! *sigh* I'm sorry for shouting uncle but, uncle isn't way more easier to control then in your palm rather than smashing them in one swipe. "

Prime Minister Zhang believes that Mingwei have her plan, but knowing how fragile she is. He can't —

" I forgot to tell you why your mother passed out, Mingxao is missing! "

* BAM *

Mingwei slam the couch in shock, she grip her hand as she call out her spiritual pet.

Apparently it appeared but she doesn't look satisfied about it.

Daofang gritted his teeth, that's why his master soul became complete. The body that Mingxao soul using has lost its power and returned to Mingwei.

The unspeakable truth is that Lin Mingwei used half of her soul to mold Lin Mingxao new body and Lin Mingxao body is in deep down of her chamber.

And when the Red Moon arrives and if she still havent reach the Heaven Realm, Mingxao body will vanish in tin air.


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