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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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30 Good bye

The atmosphere in the Lin Household is down, no one was smiling nor happy about the idea of Lin Mingwei leaving.

Apparently Minyue haven't returned yet since Mingwei erased and change some memories of Mingyue and Zhang Xiao. Even tho, Mingwei already asked and told everything to Zhang Xiao parents.

Today is the day that Mingwei is leaving, her things is already in her carriages. She's not arriving there in a betrothal clothes, she will ride her horse there and will travel with her maid only.

The Emperor even sent her gifts to congratulate her, even tho the whole town was shocked considering the fact that they know thag the Emperor doesn't even want her to participate.

" Mom stop crying, it's not like you never see me enlist to the battle field. You will age more because of this. "

Mingwei comfort her mother, after her mother hug her as if she will never let her go.

" You ungrateful child! How I can not?! You are so bold that your words are like those knives and sword! Your temper is shorter than an inch! How I can not worry! "

Mingwei let out a loud sigh as she hug her mother back. Mingwei is actually wearing her armor, she decided to leave now to prevent assassination from the Empress or anyone and she will stop by in the border camp to change.

After bidding goodbye with everyone, Mingwei left she traveled for six hours until she reach the boarder. There her carriage is ready to leave, after changing her clothes Mingwei with her two maids and three guards leave.

While Mingxao was standing in the roof of border tower, after letting go something in his hands and after saying

" I'm you and you are me, please do take care my dear sister. "

With that he vanish in the air, and a man deep inside in Mingwei Chamber in the Lin Household was sleeping indeed this body belong to Lin Mingxao.

It's been two hours since Mingwei leave the border Mingyue arrived with her horse she look completely tired. As she walk back and fort.


Mingyue saw her sister leaving the banquet she find it suspicious so she followed her. Tho she lost her (when Crown Prince drag her to his chamber).

She thought her sister got kidnapped again, with that she immediately run in the air roof by roof. When suddenly she saw a man in black was suspiciously on his way to the Crown Princess chamber.

With her surprise, she saw Crown Princess Qin Leixi kissing the man in black. 'what the hell?' Mingyue continue on cursing in her mind.

" So how is it? Did you keep Leixi alive? "

'WHAT? AREN'T YOU LEIXI?!' Mingyue was already yelling in her mind after discovering such a thing.

" Yes, and have you received the order from Emperor William? "

" Lower down your voice my aunties minions is everywhere, and call him grandfather isn't he our grandfather what if someone heard you!

' I ALREADY DID! AND YOU EVEN STATE THAG YOU ARE HIS GRANDDAUGHTER WHAT THE FVCK?! ' Mingwei suddenly remembered that her aura can be detected if she keep on floating in the air so she lay silently in the roof.

" He told me to kill him. "

" Are you sure? We can't do that, not until his mother is alive. "

" I know! But she's a queen how can i possibly harm her. "

" Wait until her son will be crowned as an emperor, if you can become an empress it will be easier. "

" But the Emperor is still well alive. "

" Then kill him, we can't move freely because the Phoenix is that lady Mingwei her spirit is protecting the palace, but since she will about to leave the Capital we can move pretty well. "

Mingyue was bloated by what she hear she was so shocked, that sge decided to go in the crown prince chamber without thinking.

Apparently she find out her sister and tge crown prince confessing to each other.


" I must stop her from leaving! My sisters beloved man will about to die. But what I can do? Older sister cast a spell on me early in the morning and I think it was starting to.. "
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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》