Taming the Generals Daughter
29 The Final Decision
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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29 The Final Decision

Finally after the brain storming last night, and the tea serving at the afternoon the decision is finally on. Only four ladies compete in the tea serving, since only five of them passed the brain storming but apparently Mingyue disappear out of nowhere.

With Mingwei attitude till now its seems she's the one who hid her sister. The fact that Mingyue can brew a tea better than her there's a high possibility that Mingyue will be chosen that's why she already planned everything.

Even tho Mingwei seems so down, and Crown Prince Leo was shocked towards the Emperor minions attitude since no one of them make a move to do something to prevent Mingwei from being chose.

" Make way to the Emperor and the Empress! "

All of the people in the hall showed respect to the Emperor.


Everything goes the way Crown Prince Leo planned Mingwei was chosen to be his bride. But something feels wrong and he can't feel ease about it with the fact that Mingwei doesn't like him at all he can't feel her at all.

After she bid goodbye with Crown Prince Leo Mingwei returned to General Lin State. Mingwei will travel to Jing Empire after 10 days of preparation.

After greeting her parents Mingwei return to her chamber after asking to leave immediately to rest.



After getting of from the bathtub and get changed, Mingxao arrived and knocked on her door.

" Enter! I'm still awake! "

Mingyue said, as she sit and Mingxao enters her room.

" Did you, did you perhaps do something in Crown Prince memories? " Mingxao said without sugar coating anything.

" *sigh* yes I erase and change everything that I'm in. "

" What?! That! Are you courting death?! "

" I even did it to the Emperor. "

" WHAAAAAT??!! "

" and to our sister and mother and father. "


" You want me to do it to you as well? "

" Ha. Ha. Ha no! But why did you even bother to use it to mother and father? "

" I altered Mingyue's memory, that she didn't join the competition cause she's sick so I have to do it to father and mother. "

" Unbelievable! I know your planning something, and I even heard that your planning to give the authority to handle the Shadow Guards to Mingyue's! Are you out of your mind?! Shadow Guards are the one who do the darkest mission among everyone! How can you let Mingyue handle them?! She didn't even now they exist! "

Mingxao said, and he keep on nagging his younger sister.

" I only said that to make Crown Prince Leo think that I'm really devoted to him, why do you think I will let myself bow down in some lowly and evil king? Are you mad?! "

" *sigh* if you say so, but what if Crown Prince Leo is different from his father? "

" I don't know. "

" and what if, after erasing our Crown Prince memory he will fall in love to our crown princess? "

" Shut it! I, I no longer care about that. Let alone being with him, let's talk again tomorrow. I'm going to bed. "

Mingwei shut herself in her blanket, with that Mingxao just let out a deep sigh and leave.

" What the hell really happens. " Mingxao said,

What really happened, last night..

After leaving the Garden Mingwei find herself roaming around aimlessly. Until a man suddenly grab her wrist, after seeing it was the Crown Prince she just let out a loud sigh and followed him.

After entering his palace, Crown Prince Li Xuanche pinned Mingwei in the door he grab her both hands,

" What is it?! What is it that I cannot possibly give you?! I offered you everything! I gave my heart and soul to you since we're thirteen! I beg you to be with me two years ago! I asked you! I did everything! I only want you in this world! I di everything right! I kept my life in the right path just to deserve you! I! How can you be so cruel?! I LOVED YOU DIDN'T I? "

Crown Prince Li Xuanche yelled, his voice is full of pain and agony. After seeing Li tears, Mingwei froze and look down she can no longer look at him in the eyes.

When Mingwei decided to lower his head, Li Xuanche felt a great rejection his knees fall down as he put his hand around Mingwei.

" You, you do really hate me didn't you? Am I not that worthy? "

Mingwei, have seen this side of him in fact she's the only one who have seen him like this and she's the only reason she can be like this.

" I don't, Che you are the future Emperor and being an Emperor requires deep responsibility. I will be nothing but a great obstacle in your way, if the enemy of our country find out this side of yours you will, no I will put you and this country a greatest danger. No matter how strong our armies towards every country if all of them reunite we will get crashed down. That's why before we start everything, we should end this as soon as possible. This feelings will be nothing but a burden. "

Mingwei said, but after hearing those word after knowing Mingwei is not mad nor hate him he faced her with a smile.

" Then? I can just eliminate them immediately, or anything you can wait for me. Do you perhaps, do you love me? "

Crown Prince Li asked, but seeing Mingwei blushed he immediately stood up and lift her up and kissed her. To his surprise Mingwei embrace him.

Before the sun shows up, Mingwei immediately stood up and groom herself.

" This unnecessary thing shall be erased, I can't let you do risky things you are the future emperor. I may not be your wife but at least I'll be your knight. "

Mingwei cast a spell and within a blink of an eye she disappeared with Li Xuanche memories with her.
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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》