Taming the Generals Daughter
28 The Battle of the Brains
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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28 The Battle of the Brains

After the huge performance of the ladies from General Family, the next thing was brain test. Being born in General Family means you grew up studying military tactics, even the mind of Minister of Finance fight with them there's no way he can fight hand to hand with General's.

They consider everything, even the impossible is considered possible to them.

Almost every lady pass the test yesterday, and all of them right now is in a great ease. Their will be only 10 questions the first one who have 2 points will pass the quest.

The question is only about a questionable laws that were necessary decades ago.

The Prime Minister was the one who will be asking the question. The Crown Prince of Jing Empire was supposed to ask the question today but he wasn't around after his servant said that the Crown Prince is having a fever last night.

The Prime Minister announced the first Question.

" Decades ago during the rule of Emperor Fangli, he declared that medicine shall be handled freely to everyone because of this the budget of some quarters left nothing but their buildings. Even tho the whole nation worship the emperor and his reign considered the most peaceful era. Why do you think about this law? "

Everyone gone silent for a moment, but Lady Baiqin raise her hand and she was called immediately.

" During Emperor Fangli reigns, the phenomenon of diarrhea was well-known and spreading like how a horse run to win a race. That time the Emperor declared that medicine shall be free in the mean time the greatest need was medicine. The people thought about how their emperor treasure them to even that they will go bankrupt for releasing such numerous medicine. That's why the people follow what the Emperor say, and no one try to rebel since the Emperor is showing them such importance. "

Baiqin answered surely, but the Prime Minister remain silent Mingyue raise her hand but Mingwei raised her hand first that's why she stood up.

" During Emperor Fangli era, the people bagan curious towards everything a lot of invention was made by the different well known family. With their curiosity they discovered a lot of things, that the Palace think that if this people continue they will soon can't be controlled. An unkown bacteria and parasites was released in a small town that cause a massive back pain, vomiting and even worst death. After evaluating the knowledge of the people, the Emperor declared that medicine shall be free but have to cut the allowance for poor scholars. With this people began to favor the Emperor thinking that he will lead them into a right path. "

Mingwei answered the everyone gone silence, but the Minister of Labour slam his stable.


He yelled and looked at how the Emperor would react, but the Emperor didn't mind at all in fact he was amazed that Mingwei managed to discovered the truth despite of it was an hidden issue.

" Say what should be the Emperor should have done Lady Mingwei? "

The Emperor asked, as he even stood up that shows how interested he is to her answer.

" This young lady will try to give a satisfying answer, as the Emperor having a genius people he should have nourish them. Because a plant tree that you nourish until it grows up, even the day that you stop nourishing it he will stand tall their and continue to give you fruits till it dies. "

Indeed Mingwei will never fail the Emperor's believes. Too bad if she keep on being herself she will indeed be pick as the Crown Princess of the Jing Empire.

After Mingwei do a joob well done the second question was,

" During the rule of Emperor Dingdin, thousands of Ministers Family members and even the Royalties die one by one. Assassins was lurking everywhere like it doesn't no longer afraid on anything. Because of that, the Emperor bestow an emergency edict declaring that every Assassins must killed at the moment they're spotted. Why does this edict failed. "

Without even thinking, Mingyue raised her hand and space out for a while and answered.

" Emperor Dingdin think that this solution will be resolved by taking out the assassins. It failed because some innocent people was get drag into this, but he never thought that there was thousands of them. Destroying the fruits of rotten tree are nothing, the rotten tree will only keep on producing a replacement. The answer should have, the Emperor shall dug out the root so that it will die completely. "

Everything have done smoothly, Mingwei and Mingyue passed the second round in a blink of an eye.

After seeing that theirs no way Mingwei would lose, the only thing he have to do is to make her just to have the second place.

" As the ladies performed well for tonight, the winner will be the Crown Princess of the Jing Empire and the rest will be our Crown Prince Highest Concubine. "


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