Taming the Generals Daughter
27 The Truth About Her
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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27 The Truth About Her

The spiritual weapon of the water the Bow of the deep blue sea and the arrow of everlasting wave, Bow of Everlasting Sea. The master of this bow can shoot any miles, only her deep thoughts is her only foundation and the endless arrow never admit defeat.

The spiritual weapon of Thunder and Lightning the Breaking Spear. The master of this spear can thrust as fast as possible like a lightning it makes no sound that when it strikes your grief is the one who'll cause I wild agony of a thunder.

The spiritual weapon of Fire the Flaming Sided Sword. This sword is divided into two, but both of them can even divide everything even the fire itself.

The Spiritual weapon of Wind the Harp of Air. Legend says that this Harp of Air can take away someone's life in one single touch of the right string, but as well can detoxify any poison.

The Spiritual weapon of Earth the Hammer of Distraction. Legend has it that this Hammer can even destroy the earth, that if it fall to the wrong man even though the strongest demon who raise from hell that slaughter every ruler of the Earth was killed by this hammer.

This five legendary weapon, each one choose different master. But in this life time,

The Water who believes that they should be stretched by a master who have deep understanding. The Thunder and Lightning who believes in a master who have an ability to think faster. The Fire who believes in a master who have an understanding that division of evil and good is necessary. The Air who believes in a master who have a clean heart and soul. The Earth who believes in merciless justice.

This five legendary weapon choose one master. Lin Mingwei, the first daughter who believes in a ill bread heir, the older sister who chose her younger sister life than achieving an easiest way to solve her problem.

The destined Dragon who will rule the whole land, the one who will act as its God and not the one who will do what God have said. The highest among all was born twenty three years ago.

The curse of the Phoenix was never been satisfied, Lady Yingbin the one who have the Phoenix destiny choose her own path and didn't follow the path that she should take.

After getting married to the Grand General her Royal Knight, Grand General Lin was ordered to protect the future Empress but after being together for almost two years both of them fall on each other instead.

Afraid of losing the Greatest Warrior in the whole empire the late emperor annul the royal marriage and he let Lady Yingbin to get married with Grand General.

After being husband and wife for six years, finally the deity of war bestowed them an hier. Even though the Goddess of War is indeed powerful, the curse of the Phoenix Destiny already spell out her curse.

In the middle of the night where the full moon is looking like a blood, Lady Yingbin gave birth to a two child.

The first one who came out was Lin Mingxao, the whole household rejoice for hearing the Generals house now have a heir. But the physician was shocked to see that the baby is not that well off, he is obviously breathing slowly.

The last one was Lin Mingwei, after she was finally out from her mother's womb a storm break out like its majic.

This phenomenon isn't normal, with the 1st born having a poor health and the daughter is having too much strength they're obviously the opposite of one another.

A priest who was hired by General Lin mother came with the answer,

Lin Mingwei obtained great power that everyone will worship her ability and Ling Mingxao obtained a terrible consequence if he still continues to stay besides his sister only death awaits.

Lin Mingwei was curse to obtain everything except what her mother does, sorrowful love is only her destiny.

Lin Mingxao was indeed curse as a man, he will never be like his father a man of war.

Lin Mingwei grow up reaching great power, while Lin Mingxao was sent to Ying State where her mother home town placed.

But after the two of them reach their soul awakening which happens at the age of nine, the both child who was not aware of each other existence met in the Capital.

They discovered everything they have too, after knowing her brothers faith she went to the Dark Forest to search the existence of silver fox.

On her way in to the heart of the forest he found her sister, struggling in front of a devil fox. She rushed to her rescue immediately, after fighting with it her body gave up for taking out to much power.

The Evil Fox who was washed up by the blood of Mingwei who represent the pure heart of a lady, returned to her old self the silver fox hear her heart request.

After pitying Mingwei destiny, she healed her brothers curse and lead them out of the forest starting that day she was her spiritual pet.

Even so after returning to the Mansion, Mingwei lost half of her cultivator not because of lost meridians but because of unspeakable truth.
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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》