Taming the Generals Daughter
26 The Moon and the Sun
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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26 The Moon and the Sun

People who around the Li State gathered around to see who's the lucky lady that will be chosen to be the Jing Empire Empress.

The Daughters of the Generals only took their concubine daughter to participate, because all of them knows that this is nothing but a scheme.

The sun finally touch down the ocean, and the lanterns are now lit up. The whole garden is indeed stunning, with the most beautiful daughters makes it more heavenly.

Apparently the Daughter of General Lin arrived earlier than expected. There's no doubt that both of them are taking things seriously.

Some of them didn't actually bother, since they doesn't want to be chosen anyway. But most of them want to, apparently dancing is the common choice of each of them.

Only the Emperor and the Prince was present in the activity, the empress and the other ladies of the palace are in the North Wing having their own gathering.

" Tonight I'm glad to everyone who whole heartedly participate, may the chosen lady will lead the both land prosperity from peace and have a genuine relationship let the competition begin! "

After the Emperor welcomed the ceremony, a dancers from Tiancin Brothel performed while the first lady getting ready.

Of course the Emperor is thinking a way to make Mingwei out of the possible candidate, but with the Shadow Guard in her side without knowing who's protecting her the Emperor plan failed.

" Lady Xiaonai from Qin General house hold his 9th daughter. "

A lady in green went in the stage with her dancing gown, everyone was mesmerized by her beauty. Theres no doubt this one is aiming for the crown, with her seductive body no one can really take their eyes out of her.

After showing of her talent she passed, this bride choosing ceremony is where every lady should show their talent after passing it they should passed in bowing tea (knowing how to brow tea means you have a high level of etiquette) and after it the brain test.

The thing is the Emperor notice that the Crown Prince is only eyeing Mingwei, he doesn't look at any of the performer but instead he keep on staring at Mingwei who is currently the one who is about to go on the stage.

* Sun rises, until it kiss the cloud

Whenever this thing happened

Moon will always on its way down*

Mingwei was playing her Zither while singing a sad song, everyone can feel the sadness in her voice.

*Will they meet?

When the heavens disagree?

The seem unblemished love

Is toxic that it cant be done

Will the sun can be united with the moon?*

While Crown Prince Li Xuanche was stunned by her song it seems she was telling to someone that both of them are not meant to be even of they love each other.

*Mountain that were covered by the trees

Will the Sun will reach the moon?

The phenomenon of their meet

Cause scary darkness in the countries feet

The moon covers the light that lead darkness

The love that lead only to mistake

Will one day, can moon embrace the sun

On how the tree stronghold the mountains

An unblemished love that will never happen

Somethings are beautiful to be together

But not destined to be with one each other*

When Mingwei finished the song, obviously she got the highest score even tho Crown Prince Leo noticed how the Han Crown Prince and Mingwei started at each other.

'Hah! A love that against all odds indeed, even your heart does not belong to me it will be mine soon enough.'

Crown Prince Leo said in his mind, after Mingwei finished her performance Crown Prince Li Xuanche excuse his self. But Leo knows that he will gonna follow her.

He's mind is floating in the air he is indeed mad right now, with the fact that the Lady he want is already fallen to someone else is something you should be mad about.

The last performer was Mingyue, apparently Mingyue can't play Zither but she's the only one who can dance with a sword.

Fascinated by her moves on how she follows the wind and on how her sword skill is with touch of elegance. Her Sword Dance is so perfect even Crown Prince Leo was stunned by her no one ever dance with a sword this graceful.

In the other hand, Zhang Xiao wasn't looking at her at all but was trying to seal his killing intent because of how Crown Prince Leo stared at her.

'I will take his eyes out if he continue to stare at her.' he mumbled


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