Taming the Generals Daughter
25 The Future Empress of Jing Empire
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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25 The Future Empress of Jing Empire

At the Jing Empire where the Sun bestowed his gift towards the empire and consider the King was his son. Was blessed by his glory, no storm nor flond have shaken the whole kingdom.

Despite of having the blessing of the Sun, it seems the God of seas are declining them. He will only visit the empire at least once a year.

But being born as a Royal Blood, Crown Prince Leo was the 22nd Prince of the Jing empire and he's the only child of the beloved wife of the King.

At his young age he showed great potential to be a suitable candidate for the throne, at the age of 2 he can completely speak and at the age of 3 he can already read. During his teen age year, at the age of 10 he is a master of swords and bow and already understand the tactics of war.

But being the most favored son, a lot of people already want to take his life.

When he was 11 years old he was kidnapped and thrown in the boarder near to the Han Empire. He was dying, but a girl save his life and that young lady was.

" The Empress Dowager have arrived! With General Lin! "


Lin Mingwei, Crown Prince Leo suddenly stopped on drinking his wine when a girl enter the banquet with the Empress Dowager.

She's indeed captivating, her beauty is beyond expectations but besides that her attitude, etiquette and manner shows how she deserves the title of the Most Beautiful Woman in the whole empire.

That Young Lady who save him back then was wearing a blue armor, even after realizing that the girl who picked her was a daughter of his kingdom enemy he was already captivated by her beauty.

Suddenly the gaze of the Empress Dowager stopped him from staring at the Lady.

Without noticing because of he keep on staring at Mingwei, all of the Shadow Guards of Mingwei was already scattered in the whole place finding clues and guarding lady mingyue.

Indeed Mingwei is the most beautiful girl in the whole empire, but her sister is not lacking at all. The Crown Prince was observing the whole party, after the Emperor offered him a toast everyone become lively.

Despite the crowded bouquet, the Crown Prince noticed Lady Mingwei physic. Her spiritual soal is showing a destroyed meridians, her cultivation seems like about to banished in tin air.

Crown Prince Leo clench his fists in anger, how could this kingdom let her suffer like this?!

He was furious but he shouldn't let anyone noticed it, he looked around and noticed a man besides the Empress Dowager. The young lord of Lin, the youngest General in the whole empire.

" How odd, Lady Mingwei and this General why do they have half spiritual spirit a spirit that if can be combined can create something unexpected." Crown Prince Leo said.

After the Banquet was finished, crown prince leo follow Mingwei but to his surprise he lost track of her. Since they would be a great possibility thT he will met her tomorrow he just let it go and went to his chamber.

* * *

The sun finally rises and today is the day that the peace treaty will finally be established. Every girl who where chosen for the participation was already in their way to the Grand East Garden.

All of the 37 Generals have representative of their blood line, but Lin household have two.

But whatever the 37 young lady do, there is only one result.

" Lin Mingwei will be mine, mine alone." The Crown Prince murmur in the air.


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