Taming the Generals Daughter
24 The Feast 1
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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24 The Feast 1

The Jing Envoy finally reached the capital, all of the ladies and their family have gathered in the Royal Pavilion.

The Princes and the Princess as well arrived and already sited in their destined sit. The Emperor and the Empress and his twelve cuconbine just arrived.

" The Imperial Emperor and Empress with his twelve Cuconbine has arrived! "

All of the people in the pavilion bow down their head to show respect to the Royal Family.

While Mingyue arrived with her father, Lady Yingbin decided to stay in the household to look up for her son.

Almost all of the top beauty in every province and the whole empire is gathering in the hall. They are all talking about something girls usually do with a good manner.

While the men are in the tables, or with their friends talking about military tactics or business. They're full of laughter and quite nosy.

While the Emperor is having a talk to his wifes.

The Prince as well are just silently sitting, with their princess besides them.

" The Envoy of Jing Empire have arrived! General Qin and the Royal Crown Prince! "

The whole hall has gone silent, they are observing the visitors well. All of them was trying to find a deep hole.

The Crown Prince is obviously stunning and handsome his blond hair and green eyes is extremely rare that no one in this empire have those.

" Crown Prince Leo greet the Imperial Emperor and his subjects. "

The Crown Prince said as he bow his head, after the Emperor greet him back he immediately look around as if he's searching for someone in the ladies.

Since they visited the Han Empire he offers them a great silks with a touch of silver and golds that their empire have a lot of. He also as well offer a lot of different fruits, vegetables and foods that only Jing Empire have.

Tomorrow will be the day that they will discuss the regulations and signing treaty documents.


After yelling this, a lot of ladies from Lily Garden arrived with their dancing clothes and instuments for their performance.

The men boast up their interests towards the feast. They dance and sing and play instuments, and in the middle of their performances Empress Dowager arrived.

" The Empress Dowager have arrived! With General Lin! "

Half of the people ignored the arrival of General Lin, thinking that it was the old man. But suddenly after seeing the others stunned they look back. Seing Mingwei with her blue sheni, her appearance indicates glory, sophistication and grace. Her beauty cannot be compared to anyone, behind her was General Lin, her brother who just have received the edict of the Emperor and now he's have his own commander's tally. He's helping the Empress Dowager to walk straight properly.

The whole hall began to gossip, as the past rumors about Lady Yingbin should be the Empress was indeed true.

Seing the two children of the General have the favor of the Empress Dowager turn jealousy to others.

As the Empress Dowager arrived, her eyes set to the Jing Empire Crown Prince. It seems her stare is warning him to he should not dare to pick the person she's in favor with.

Empress Dowager was once one of the first in line in the battle field towards Jing Empire a decades ago. She defeated every high and mighty general the Jing Empire has. Her pride towards it lead to her looking down in Jing Empire.

Mingyue immediately ran towards her older sister and brother after they sited next to the Empress Dowager. After knowing that his child are well fine General Lin breathe with ease.

Having outstanding children is really not a joke, everyone is looking at her kids with a death glare.

Suddenly Mingyue, tge the three of them look at their fathers location where he is completely in mad mode and letting out a massive killing intent that caused the whole area in silent.

" Ha ha ha, dad what are you doing? "

" Dad calm down. "

" Seriously father. "

All of them was trying to calm down their father using their telepathy to each other.

" How dare them to look like that in you? Are they courting death?! "

Grand General Lin replied, the thing is Lady Yingbin is the only person who can calm him down. But she insisted on staying at their house even she knows that her son finally woke up.

After the performance of the dancers and singers, it is time for sharing a cup of wine. The Emperor lift his cup with thanking the Crown Prince on coming to their land personally and showing their country sincerity.

On the other hand three fourth of the soldiers and higher generals and imperial official is not happy about this piece threaty.

Considering the fact that they can slaughter the Jing Army easily what's the point of pleasing the weak?

While on the other hand, Zhang Xiao was left to manage some matters. He was anxious but knowing that today is just a bouquet for welcoming the envoy he continue his work in ease.

" Sister what are you planning for tomorrow? " Mingyue ask as she sip her tea.

" Why are you asking me? Last month father and the emperor tried to bestow you I I was not going to be able to breathe again and I was just trying to Zhang Xiao marriage and you refused and right now you want to be picked to be the Crown Princess of Jing Empire? Whar are you thinking? "

Mingwei said, her voice is obviously mixed with anger. Mingyue only bow her head and remain silence.

The banquet ended without any suspicion, the Jing Envoy and the Jing Crown Prince reside in the beside of the Crown Prince chamber.


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