Taming the Generals Daughter
23 Shadow Warrior“s
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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23 Shadow Warrior“s

Two days from now the envoy from Jing Empire will reach the city. Everything is already well organized, while in the Lin Household.

Mingyue finally escaped from the nonsense of her parents, she's inside of her brothers quarter watching him sleeping.

" How can you sleep here for days! I'm already done practicing my performance and yet you are still in coma. Brother, I haven't seen older sister since then. "

In the other hand Mingwei who are wearing a black suit just took of her mask in the top of the tree. She let down her hair as she land to the ground.

Now she's holding a bow in her flute in her hand after whistling five shadows immediately gathered behind her.

Dong Jinjing the daughter of a great poison master in the whole kingdom. After seeing her mother get killed in front of her at the age of seven, she become a beggar and later on get adopted by Mingwei. Mingwei see her talent in making poison and distinguishing each of it so she decided to nourish her. Now she's 17 and one of the Shadows top 5 warriors, her spiritual weapon is Needle of distraction obviously it is poisonous.

Xi Mizuo a swordsmith, he ones dream to be a man of war but because of being a person of a poor family who is lack of even buying a meal for a day he is thin like a needle and can't serve the country. After saving Mingyue's life when she was just a kid by hiding her in his drawer when she escaped at the assassins. Mingyue returned after a year and like Jinjing, Mingyue nourish him and he is one of the best swordsman in the whole empire. Obviously he's spiritual power is sword.

Quan Xianxian, not like the other two Xianxian was Mingyue great competitor. She came from Lily Garden one of the top Brothel in the Empire tho she's the owners daughter her hobby is not dancing nor playing simple instruments. Her spiritual weapon is a Guzheng, she's a healer but her played swong can heal her team mates but can slice her opponents flesh. Her love towards Mingwei is the reason she joined the group she tailed her for years, Mingwei doesn't have enough choice but to make her join the team so thay she can order her to a mission that can keep her distance away from her.

Jing Daofang he is Mingwei childhood best friend and they're cousins. Daofang is one of the top bachelor in the whole empire but he dedicate his life in war. He's a master of fighting with a Spear his spiritual power.

Jing Lixin he is Daofang twin brother and Mingwei childhood best friend as well, his spiritual power is bow and arrow.

Together this five person is the top prodigy of Shadow Warriors, manage by Mingwei. They only follow her command, and only hers.

It's been years since they gathered like this, the killing intent of each other is urging to go on rampage.

" I haven't poisoned anyone yet, I think I will spare no one. "

Jinjing said as she lick her poisonous needle, while dongfang examined every one. His eyes land on Mingwei, her cultivation is not as powerful as it before. Compared from before she is completely weak.

All of them noticed the change of her, but they can't show any emotion of despair. Their master is not weak like a damsel.

" I believe I will leave the empire in 3 days. "

Mingwei said that make them froze, if Mingwei left the empire the Shadow tally will pass down to other and she will be no longer their master.

Mingwei faced them with straight face, which mean their opinion is not needed because her decision can no longer change.

" But before that - *Mingwei hand over each of them a pendant.* within two days if Zhang can not prevent my sister, you shall prevent her at all cost. This pendant can be your pass in everywhere if needed. We shall meet in the bother before I leave the Empire. "

After discussing with them and when Mingwei cut off the meeting they scattered. With that Mingwei change her clothes into made sheni and enter a household in secret.

In the palace morning hall, the head eunuch delivered a news from the border guards. That Jing envoy will reach the capital in 2 days.


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