Taming the Generals Daughter
22 Clash between Marshall Lin and Zhang Xaio
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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22 Clash between Marshall Lin and Zhang Xaio

" No! Too Muscular. "

" Not exactly my type. "

" Too skinny, I can even see his bone. "

" So white, he look more prettier than be. "


" He's so tan so hot I can't handle that. "

Mingyue keep on objecting in everything when her mother present her the painting of the man who are qualified to be her husband according to her father.

But she just rejected almost all of them.

Even Lady Yingbin was getting bored and upset, her daughter is obviously trying to escape the marriage.

" You said you'll be back with silvers in exchange of your freedom. And you came back without even having a single piece of it. "

Lady Yingbin was about to throw a tantrum, she's already slamming the paintings. Thankfully they're inside of a private block, if not everyone will probably looking at them.

" Young Lord, Marshall Lin has just arrived and want to see you. "

Zhang Xaio suddenly cut off from his reviews and immediately went out. He knows about what it is today to Mingyue, this is the day that she will put into groom choosing.

But today can't go out today.

" Marshall Lin, what I can possibly do for you. "

Zhang Xiao said that makes Marshall Lin turn around, Zhang Xiao can clearly read his eyes it is full of madness and disgust.

" I'm not here to pick a fight nor give you a pleasant surprise. I'm here for my younger sister. "

Marshall Lin said with a serious tone, in the other hand Zhang Xiao offer him a sit in the west garden and order his servants to bring some tea and pastries.

" I'm not staying that long, I will not ask for hospitality since I came here for be an ill mannered man. Do you love my sister. "

Marshall Lin asked without even adding some little sweet talk, how would a man of war be such a candy anyway?

Zhang Xiao cough in shock, he never expect to be ask by this question.

" I know you since a long time ago, you are Zhang Xiao the top prodigy in knowledge and the top playboy as well. You can play ladies feelings in your bare hand. So no fooling around this time. Mingyue is a daughter from a general family, you can't stain her name because of your greed. "

Marshall Lin said without stopping and not allowing Zhag Xiao to cut of his speech.

" It doesn't mean I was once a playboy, I can't no longer change. "

Zhang Xiao answered with a great disappointment in his voice, how can this Marshall Lin who is well known from being reasonable is being unreasonable in front of him now.

" NONSENSE! You like my sister? Do you love her? Or you just like her personality that cant be even tamed by you? You don't like my sister! You're just amuse on how she is, on how she did not fall in your trap! You are just thrilled to see her begging you to love her in the future! When you finally get her heart you will obviously lose your interest towards her! Don't you ever dare to touch my sister, keep your distance ZHANG XIAO. "

With that Marshall Lin stormed out with madness.

*BANG* Zhang Xiao slammed the table.

" How dare he judge me?! Is he mad?! "

Zhang Xiao stood up and followed Marshall Lin who are just about to ride his horse.


Zhang Xiao yelled that caught Marshall Lin attention and make him stop and face Zhang Xiao.

" You think you're protecting your sister! Well you are not! You just don't want her to be happy! Because of her your twin sister is dying! You don't want her to be happy because it's her fault that makes Mingwei lying in bed for years! It's her fault that's why she think that she is a burden in your family! She---*clashh* "

Zhang Xiao suddenly been cut off by Marshall Lin he take out his sword and pointed it in Zhang Xiao trout.

" How dare you judge my judgment! I am not afraid of killing you in front of many people Zhang Xiao. If you dare utter any word its my sword who will take the answer. "

Marshall Lin said, Zhang Xiao step back but Marshall Lin step forward.

" You can't kill me for you are not the Marshall Lin in the battle field. "

Zhang Xaio said that make Marshall Lin withdraw his sword.

After making a fuss in the Zhang Xiao household, Marshall Lin take his leave.

" Shadow, go and investigate that Zhang Xiao for me. "

Marshall Lin said, and a man who is running with him, who is jumping tree by tree suddenly stop and make his leave.

" This Zhang Xiao probably now something, if he does. Nightclaw I order you to kill him. "
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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》