Taming the Generals Daughter
21 The Preparation
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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21 The Preparation

After the long talk and arguments, Mingyue really doesn't have other choice but to follow. She let out a loud sigh before leaving the hall. Lady Yingbin can't even look at Mingyue's eyes because she doesn't have any choice at all right now. It's the most easiest way to let her Mingyue get married than to lost all of her child.

General Lin was holding his anger, he wanted to get lost and let out his madness. But he have to stay calm, right now Lin Household is a laughingstock. This is a great humiliation, this shameful happenings never happened before.

If General Lin father was around surely he would have been solved this problem a long time ago.

After taking Lady Yingbin in her room, General Lin went to the Household Practice Field. When he arrived all of his soldiers was already there.

" Master, I have something to report. The Alpha first light the one that Marshall Lin holds as his apprentice was sent by him to go in a mission. " Han said as he give a black scroll to the General.

" A MISSION?! " General Lin let out a loud roar, his son never make a move without his consultation, and right now he's even holding a black scroll with the Stamp of his Oldest Daughter in it.

" This is? " he said in shock, this scroll was never been out ever since Lin Mingyue become disabled.

" Yes, the Young Lady Mingwei took out the best of her Shadows. She's planning something if the Emperor find out that she's making a move without his authority, Lady Mingwei will be considered as a traitor! " Han continues his report.

The Emperor bestowed a title to Lin Mingwei as the top one woman General in the whole country. The emperor give her a 100 thousands soldiers, but when Mingwei becomes disabled they lost their eager to fight anymore.

Even tho this thing happened, the Emperor didn't even punished them because if they fight for the war obviously they wouldn't trust anyone and will never follow any order.

" But isn't a quite good news master? If the Shadows have a urge to fight it means their master is already have the power to lead them again. "

One of General personal apprentice said, that he even totally agreed.

" If this is the case, we shall not interfere. This is my son and daughter business they probably already have the clue on what's the Jing Empire trying to do HA HA HA, they're indeed my child! "


Marshall Lin was laughing with a great boasting. His apprentice even scratch their head because they think their master seems believe too much in his children.

Even tho,

" If the first young lady is fine, and it seems Marshall Lin planned his sickness. What about the younger lady? "

They asked, General Lin cleared his throat and look at them with a serious eyes.

" My beautiful Mingyue is already 18 and she's still acting like a child, she doesn't understand how the outside world works, and she thinks that she's clever enough to face everything. And mostly she hate boys, I protect her so much that right now I'm suffering because of it. *fake cry* "

All of his apprentice lost their smile and look at him like he can't fool them anymore.

" But marriage isn't something that we should play right now. Because of this arrangement a lot of women end up pathetically. "

" That's why I beg the deities every night, that they shall not give me a daughter cause I doesn't have the power to keep her out from that. "

" What's wrong with arrange marriage? At least we know the background of the man they will marry. "

" Well yeah? "

RIGHT NOW IN THE CAPITAL every maid was scattered in the whole market, they're busy to prepare for the coming of the visitors from the other empire.

Most of the daughter of the Generals are busy to make their self beautiful, but some of them didn't even want to attend.

Even the palace was way more busier, they tighten the security of the whole palace.

A lot of dance master and music master was busy because of a lot of young ladies asked for their knowledge to teach them to seduce the Crown Prince.

The Imperial Cook was already in the kitchen since yesterday, they're examining every food diligently. Every ingredients was tested before approving it to be part of the dish.

In the other side at the Merchants Hideout, Lin Mingwei was watching a lot of entertainer hired by the Head of the Merchants to pleased her and to ease her boredom.

" Older sister! If you'll attend the Moon Festival what will you do? "

" Yes? What will you do? You said to us that you can't dance, nor sing and cant even play any instrument? Are you planning not to be chosen? "

The twin asked who are in laying in her lap, both of them stick at her like a glue.

" Anyway! Even you can't do anything and if someone mock you there! We will teach them a lesson ourselves! "

" Ha! My father thought us on how to use our fist to teach some bad guys a lesson! I'm capable of protecting older sister! "

" Silly child, do you ever heard about the girl named Mingyue? " Mingwei asked, as she comb both of their hairs.

" Her name was tribute to the mood diety! Is she your guardian? Or the handsome young lord in the capital last year? " Chichi asked as she remembered that that man caught her older cousin attention.

" Haha, yes he is our family life. " Mingwei said with a bright smile in her face.

MINGYUE ARRIVED AT THE SILVER CAPITAL she was completely dressed up. When she step out in her sedan wearing a her yellow sheni, she completely captivate every young lords heart.

" Are you ready? " behind her was Lady Yingbin.

" Mother if I ever said No, will we return to the to the house? " Mingyue said sarcastically.

" Nope. "



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