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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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20 Blind Date

" Lin Mingyue, I'm seriously in love with you, let's get married! " Zhang Xao said out of the blue, they're now on their way to the Lin household actually.

" WHAAAAAT?! DID YOU LOST YOUR MIND SOMEWHERE ELSE?! " Mingyue yelled, who would even ask your hand for marriage in the middle of problems and in the middle of the noisy road of a market?!

This guy is nuts! Her older brother just returned unconscious in their house but there's still no trace on where is her older sister.

Who would even think about marriage now?!

But Zhang Xao let out a loud laugh, right now Mingyue think that Zhang Xao is a twisted creature. How can he change his mood in just a blink of an eye?

Mingyue decided to ignore him and set her eyes in the road. Suddenly a Guzheng caught her attention, she could play that one in the upcoming moon festival.

But that was very common she let out a loud sigh. Even she would dance, sing or play an instrument she have a huge possibility to get chosen than her older sister.

Mingyue smile immediately, there's no way she will let her sister walk in the cave of those savage beast!

When they reached the Lin Household, General Lin troop was already outside that cause a commotion in the whole town.

" Father what is goin on? " Mingyue said as she rushed towards General Lin. She find herself standing in front of her Older Brother room.

" Your brother lost his consciousness, and your Imperial Physician Grandpa said that he's in a deep sleep and probably hallucinating, he wouldn't wake up if the one who hallucinate him wont released his soul. This is outrageous! How can this year be such a mess! " General Lin said, after hearing his father agony she immediately went inside.

Marshall Lin Mingxao was in his bed while Lady Yingbin is crying besides him.

" Mother. "

Mingyue said in sadness.

It's already been a week since Marshall Lin passed out and he's still sleeping. Even the Emperor bestowed an Imperial Edict that if the Taoist and the Physicians can't find a way to cure him they will be punished with their own life.

While Mingyue was in her room in a deep thoughts.

" This must be a plot, this is so fishy. " Mingyue said as she walked in circles.

" The Jing Empire didn't even attack at this point, I know that they have some spy here. It's seems they're really want us to believe that they're sincere. Who are they fooling this family is not that fool to decide something foolishly! "

" Young Lady! The our Lord ask for your presence in the Household Hall. "

" Young Lady! The our Lord ask for your presence in the Household Hall. "

Both of the servants seems in the rush, that makes her feel uneasy. There must be something wrong.

When Mingyue entered the Hall all of the people in it is in a great silence. A man in a white robe was standing beside of her father.

" Father what is this all about? "

After a minute General Lin ordered all of them to leave except Mingyue and her Mother.

" Father what? What is going on in here? "

All of them gathered in the Hall, but there's nothing to talk about this days beside of her older brother situation. Does that mean that her older brother is really in the great danger and can't be no longer cure?

" The Imperial Taoist said that this household is no longer in a balance. " Lady Yingbin said.

' My Goodness! I think something was about to go wrong! ' Mingyue was shouting and already scared inside.

" So? Should we perform some exorcism? " Mingyue was trying to shake of the talk.

" No that can't help, my two daughters already passed the age of 16 even my son! But both of them have come face to face with the bad luck, and your the only one who's not so I decided since you doesn't have a fancy thought towards Zhang Xiao I think you should go in a blind date starting tomorrow and get married within a week. "


IN THE XUANJIN MOUNTAIN Mingwei was already fine she was in a deep sleep for four days. But her conscious is already stable and she woke up yesterday. Luckily she remained calm and the Head Merchant explained her everything.

Right now Mingwei was getting ready for the Moon festival next week. Even tho she cant offer a dance, play instument or sing she believes that her knowledge in everything can outstand everyone.

" Mingweeeeeii! Mingwei!! Cousin Mingweeeeeii! "

" Older Sister Mingwei? "

Two kids suddenly pop out of the blue, they're obviously twins. The girl was holding a silk pouch and the boy was carrying a big box. Both of them looked so excited.

This twins was the child of the Head Merchant who took care for her when she was in a deep sleep. They're not actually her cousin but the Head Merchant use that as an excuse so the two of them wont ask more further questions.

The boy was the first born, he's Ryu Zouyi. Both of them were just 9 years old but Zouyi is way more mature than his younger sister.

Ryu Chichi was Zouyi opposite she's nosy and like to gossip at her age. She doesn't even want to learn how to write nor read.

" What those the two of you holding? Isn't heavy? " Mingwei asked, as she carried the things for them.

" That was made by our Older Sister Cousin Wuxin she's a great tailor in the Capital! Even the Imperial Concubine, the Beauty, and every girls of the Minister family are getting into a line just to buy for her! " Chichi said out of excitement, she's so proud of her Older Sister.

Xian Wuxin was one of the top beauty in the whole empire she's only 23 yet she is already way more successful than her father's business. Wuxin family originally was a tailor of the late Emperor. But ever since the Empress gain her power she assign her relative to that position.

" So I guess this is a dress? So this is for me? " Mingwei asked with hesitation, she already have a lot of sheni in her closet and she obviously wear like 9 out of hundreds!

" Of course! Open it! Open it! So I can see your reaction! "

Zouyi was just staring at Mingwei and he's blushing already! Mingwei noticed Zouyi reaction and she felt a shiver in her spine.

' this kids! Really! ' Mingwei said on her mind, since she doesn't have that much choice so she opened the big one.

" Woah? " Mingwei said, she never felt this excitement she was only this excited when her father said she will have a new set of armor for her and for her Lily her horse.


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