Taming the Generals Daughter
19 The Empress Dowager
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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19 The Empress Dowager

It's been an hour since Crown Prince left Marshall Lin, but he's still doesn't know where is Mingwei. When suddenly a man in his black robe hide behind the tree, that is enough to get Marshall Lin attention.

He immediately hide his presence when the Empress Dowager servant talk to the suspicious man.

" There's something wrong, what is this? " Marshall Lin clenched his fist. The Empress was the biological mother of the Crown Prince, does it means that the Crown Prince is plotting something against the Lin Family?

Marshall Lin was furious, somehow inside the Imperial Court almost all of the Minister who have below of the Marshall Lin cultivation feels a great killing intent.

The look around and search for who ever it may be to have this suspicious intent. But the Emperor doesn't mind at all since his cultivation is higher than Marshall Lin it doesn't affect him at all.

When the man in the robe run towards the Empress Quarter he immediately tailed him. But still he hide his presence he does not want to scare the man off.

IN THE OTHER HAND Mingwei finally woke up, she feels like everything was spinning. She want to raise her hand and hold her head but she find herself tied up.

" Why? WHE--- " Mingwei was about to yell but she cut of herself. If she's abducted, and she think she really is she must not get their attention.

She can't force herself out of the rope.

" This is an spiritual weapon, The Rope of the Underworld. " Mingwei said with a low voice, rumors has it that this rope was used by the highest demon to punished the rule broker and to torture.

Mingwei let out a loud sigh with her current Qi even holding her sword properly is impossible.

But even tho she can't die without trying, when she's about to call someone a loud noise of footsteps stop her.

' someone is coming! '

She said to herself and pretend to be sleep again.

" Oh dear god! " a voice of an old woman said, but still Mingwei remains on pretending.

The old lady was shocked to see Mingwei bathing in her own blood, she immediately order her servants to untie her but no one can.

" Your highness this is the Rope of the Underworld, we servant can't even touch it. Please forgive your servant for being ignorant. " The head maid said as they bow to her.

But she just raised her hand.

" I order you to call Yiayo secretly. " she said, after hearing the Empress Dowager order the servant in the back immediately follow.

" That wrench! How dare her hurt the future Empress of the Han Empire! " She said as she walk in circles. Yes this is the Empress Dowager of Han Empress Qingdao. The servant immediately kneel down after hearing the Empress Dowager have said.

Shaming the current Empress and not accepting the Crown Princess is enough to get all of her servants get killed. But who would dare? Empress Dowager came from the Merchant family she is a business minded person. She's the reason why the Han Empire can control the Market and the exchange goods towards the other nation. Without her the other merchant from the other country wouldn't even care if Han Empire doesn't have something the dont.

A brute man suddenly appeared behind of the Empress Dowager, he immediately bow his head to show some respect to the Empress Dowager.

" Released this young lady immediately. "

After hearing what the Empress Dowager have said Mingwei was so happy that she would hug anyone she sees but in the other hand her pride was crushed. She never been so helpless like this before.

Whoever may it be who captured her will pay tenfold!

" You must bring this Lady to the Merchant hide out in the west, you can lead her home when she's fine. No one should know that this thing happened. And Xinhua prepare a gift for the Empress she should know where she belongs. "

After releasing Mingwei, Yiayo disappeared without any trace. The Empress Dowager left the room with her servant as well.

WHILE MARSHALL LIN who's following the man suddenly stop, his sister presence is no longer around. He broke down in the ground, there's only one option right now.

It's either someone rescue her first or she get killed already.

Without his knowledge he released a massive aura that even the man who's following him noticed his presence.

" Young man? " That was the last word he heard before he passed out.

IN THE LIN MANSION Lady Yingbin just came back from the Imperial Physician house hold. Even her father doesn't now where Mingwei went, and General Lin was still not in the house.

All of the servants was sad and crying in agony. The whole household is in the great mess this thing never happened to the past generations.

" It's really hard to have a perfect daughter and son in the family. "

Some of the servant was gossiping, but even thk they still do the task that were assigned to them.

But suddenly a Serdar that came and obviously owned by the Empress Dowager stopped infront of the Lin Household.

Almost all of the people went in front of the Lin Household gossiping, Lady Yingbin went out.

" Lady Yingbin, were sent here by the Empress Dowager. May the Diety blessed this household."


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