Taming the Generals Daughter
18 Alpha Battalion
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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18 Alpha Battalion

" What brought you here Xuan-er? Didn't you say that you'll visit Mingwei? " The Empress asked, if her son will remain in the court right now definitely he will side with Mingxao.

" Mother what is the meaning of this?! " The Crown Prince asked in anger as he walk in front of Mingxao and stand on guard in front of him.

" This man went against the law! He deserve a punishment! " The Empress said, but the Emperor remained in silent. Actually he understand Mingxao intentions if his daughter will be gone home without his knowledge he will even declare treason to anyone who take her.

" Mother? He didn't violated anything! Or didn't even murder anyone! This is unfair! " The Crown Prince remain on depending Mingxao.

" He use his arm force for his personal intentions isn't it violating the law? " The Empress replied as she remain standing in her perceptions. She looked at the Emperor but the Emperor does not really gave an interest about her ideas this is obviously unreasonable!

The Empress clenched her fist, but the Imperial Ministers was about to loose their interest. Actually Alpha Battalion was trained by Lin Household, they're obviously worship Lin like their Deity.

Alpha Battalion was filled with elite Marshall Artists almost half of them where came from lower family that got the chance to enter the army because of the Lin believe in their talent.

If they went against the Lin, Alpha Battalion will never hesitate to went against the whole Han Empire.

" Alpha Battalion belongs to the Lin, the Lin is the one who nourish them. This Battalion only follow Lin as their Master, the whole Battalion motto is if you are stronger than the Lin then you're their allies but if you disrespect them they're not afraid to die fighting. This Battalion is considered as the Phoenix Group of Han, if you touch them they sill set you in fire but if you don't they'll be pleased to show you their magnificent strokes. Empress we hope that you will reconsider this statement. "

" Empress! Emperor! Please drop this issue! "

The Minister began to begged for Mingxao, if the Alpha Battalion heard that their master was forced to kneel down they will be obviously mad.

Luckily the Emperor dropped the issue.

After leaving the Imperial Court, the Minister compensate for their behavior to Marshall Lin. But Marshall Lin is still upset, because half of him believe that one of them ubduct his sister.

The Crown Prince was tailing him, but Mingxao seems not to give a damn at all. He even disappeared and landed in the outpost of the Imperial Guard. He was searching for her sister.

But the Crown Prince appeared in front of him.

" What do you want? " He said without even showing respect, since he despise royalties more right now. If they doesn't want to show some respect for their people so why do he?

" You have indeed a same temper with my Mingwei, your eye colors was the same as her. If my Mingwei doesn't want to marry me, so how about you marry me instead? " The Crown Prince ask as he lean closer to Mingxao.

Mingxao was flustered he even lost his balance, but Crown Prince held him like a girl who was about to get kissed by her man in their wedding ceremony.

" BAH! " Mingxao said as he pushed him away.

" Are you nuts? I'm a guy so are you. I don't want to have another crime again so YOUR HIGHNESS please kindly leave me alone. " Mingxao said as he turn away and once again concentrate to find her sister.


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