Taming the Generals Daughter
17 Captured Martial Lin
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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17 Captured Martial Lin

Mingyue is sitting casually inside the Peaking Dock Inn. While in front of her was Zhang Xiao, looking at her with curiosity eyes. Mingyue give a deep sigh and lean closer to him.

" Zhang Xiao MY BELOVED FIANCÉ what I can do for you to stop glaring at me, I have a lot of things to do as you know that my sister is lost. I don't have enough time to waste here. "

Mingyue said as she go back to her sit.

" I was following your elder brother, I'm technically tailing him but within a blink of an eye he passed out. Without someone attacking or anything at all! " Zhang Xiao said as he remained on thinking what possibly have happened.

" *BANG!* WHAT?! YOU KNOW WHERE IS MY BROTHER?! " Mingyue yelled out of anger! But despite of madness she's afraid to lose both of them.

Her older sister got abducted and her older brother is now missing as well!

Zhang Xiao look at her whith his worried eyes, somehow deep inside of him he's afraid that those who kidnapped her siblings might take her as well.

So Zhang Xiao decided to guard her and stay with her till they solve this problem.

AFTER KNOWING THAT Mingwei left the Lin Mansion to cultivate the Crown Prince went back in the palace with disappointment in his eyes. He haven't seen her for more than 4 years.

The Crown Prince met Weiwei when he was 4 years old in Master Qin Si Mansion, at that time Weiwei was trying to raise her father's sword which is actually taller than her. Since that day he find Weiwei amusing, not like any other girls he never saw her being spoiled in dolls and accessories. She's always alone cultivating or learning medicine with her grandmother.

He first met her face to face when Mingyue went to him ask him something which he doesn't really understand because his full attention was in Mingwei presence.

When Mingwei reached 16 almost all of the elite man in the whole Han Empire went to get her attention and asked for her hands. Luckily almost all of them was captivated by Mingyue's beauty. But those who stay on hitting Mingwei the Crown Prince keep on blackmailing them or any other way to prevent them from coming back.

But one day Mingwei fell into great illness that even him can't visit, he find out that it was cause by saving Mingyue's life.

The Crown Prince was upset and furious, he always know that Mingwei will do everything for her sister and brother. So the Crown Prince proposed to her mother that Mingyue should be married with the Prime Minister family. The wisest Family in the Whole Empire, because he knows that Zhang Xiao can protect her.

It was even the Crown Prince idea to let Lin Mingxao serve the country. He placed him to he his father right hand, because he want to show to Mingwei that if her brother survived the war he can survive the world as well without her help.

But even doing everything, Mingwei never love him back.

Lin Mingwei is the type of beauty that can stand out even in the great darkness like moon but her heart are cold like the air breeze during the night.

But ever since Qin Leixi was declared as the Crown Princess, he understand why Mingwei is so cold towards him. Just like how he's cold to the Crown Princess because he doesn't like nor love her at all.

With this conclusion, the Crown Prince believes that if Mingwei wouldn't become his the she should never be belong to anyone.

The Crown Prince reached the Palace within an hour, but the whole Royal Guards are moving fast like as if they are in a hurry to do something as fast as it could.

When the Palace Gate Guards noticed the Crown Prince they froze like as if they're hiding something that will soon be known. They want to do something to stop him or lile at least warn the others but they doesn't want to be get killed by the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince noticed their suspicious movement so he immediately step down and walk right through them.

" Do I need to KNOW SOMETHING? " The Crown Prince asked, the guards immediately kneel down.

" Crown Prince this servant dare not to offend the Crown Prince but it was the Empress order to prevent you from coming in. Crown Prince were only following the Empress order, this servant will receive punishment if we let the Crown Prince. "

The guard said, but they are still afraid for tbe Crown Prince might asked the reason why. Because if he does I believe no one can stop him.

INSIDE THE PALACE Lin Mingxao was tied up and on his knees. He was mad, furious and afraid. Her sister have been away for more than 7 hours, if he wasn't captured by the Empress dogs he probably have find her immediately!

But he knows, he feel something that Mingwei is somehow inside the palace.

The Emperor, the Empress and even the Imperial Minister was discussing about his unusual behavior about his raiding the whole Province just to search for his sister. They keep on pointing out that he is a disgrace to be a Marshall, Mingxao grip his hand.

He want to slaughter all of them, especially the Empress she must be plotting all of this. Technically this tie wasn't enough to prevent them from killing everyone in the court.

If he wasn't respecting his father honor he already have done it in the first place.

" This unfortunate move, Lin Mingxao didn't deserve to hold the Alpha Group of Martial Soldier. "

Prime Minister of Tax and Revenue said, *BANNG* suddenly the big pot explode just because of Mingxao stare.


Mingxao yelled at himself, he's way more angrier but he know that Alpha Group wouldn't follow anyone except him and anyone in Lin family.

" The one who lead Alpha One is the one who deserve. " This is their motto, if you wanted to be the troop leader if Marshall Lin is not allowed all of them will fight you till death.

Seeing Marshall Lin without any reaction makes the Empress way more upset than the usual. When the Empress was about to say something the sound of the door opening cause all of them to look at the Crown Prince who are catching his breath.


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