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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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16 Empress Xi

When General Lin reached Mingwei chambers almost all of the wall are destroyed. In the other hand a man was already carrying a passed out Mingwei in his arms.

Within a second they're already gone.

*BANG* General Lin hit the wall in front of him, while Marshall Lin immediately fly in the air and searched where the man run to. Lady Yingbin can't take the fact that her Mingwei got abducted she immediately lost her consciousness.

Thankfully General Lin catch her, Mingyue was so furious that he immediately go after her older brother.

While Zhang Xiao disappeared out of nowhere.

After General Lin took Lady Ying in their room he immediately asked some guards to watch his wife as he went out and go to his office.

" If I found out who did this, I'm not afraid to declare a war to a whole empire! " He said in madness as he write something in a paper and went out with his horse.

While Mingyue lost her track to her older brother, she doesn't know if she should feel relief since the issue about her and Zhang Xiao is somehow postponed but her older sister are now gone. With her current cultivation she can't protect herself that much.

IN THE PALACE Empress Xi ordered her handmaids to get her a nice water to take bath. While all of them were busy she sneak out with Xinjiang.

A secret passage suddenly opened when Xinjiang pushed a circle wood. A stairs welcomed them, Xinjiang went down first holding a stick of fire.

After walking for a minute, a girl in a blue sheni hanging in the wall make Empress Xi smile. Right now Empress Xi is looking at her bloody body.

" You are indeed beautiful, even the Emperor is in your favor even my only child. Like mother like daughter isnt it Lin Mingwei? " Empress Xi said with a disgust in her voice. But Lin Mingwei isn't answering so she grabbed her hair and lift her face.

Well Mingwei is unconscious by losing too much blood.

" Your majesty if this girl is really the famous Goddess Favored daughter isn't it that you need to treat her with honor. For you are the moon of the Empire and - - " Xinjiang received a hard slap by the Empress.

" Who do you think you are to teach me?! " The Empress yelled in madness.

' Even the diety of the moon blessed your mother to be the wife of the Emperor, who are blessed by the Diety of Sun the Lord of fire breathing myth creature. Yet you declared to the whole kingdom that you are pregnant with the Generals Son. But even you end up being a laughingstock, they still respected you?! Even them doesn't in favor of me! The daughter of the Minister of Finance, I'm intelligent and beautiful! Yet all of them fall for that tomboy Ying! HAHA I never loose to anyone and the pain of getting abandoned by the man you really love may not be yours but the pain of losing a child will your repayment! Wu Yingbin! '

Empress Xi let out a loud laugh.

SUDDENLY LADY YINGBIN woke up she find herself in her room. She's furious, she think that she knows who did all of this.

After preparing to leave since she found out that her husband went out to search for Mingwei secretly. The whole house hold servant were all busy to rebuild the west quarter. No one knows what happened except them, the body of assassins are already been cleaned out by General Lin.

She was about to leave the Lin Mansion to go in Puchen Province where her family stays.

Lady Yingbin the only daughter of the Imperial Doctor Wu Haoxi, while growing up her father didn't see her having fancy things about medicine but her younger brother Wu Yinglao end up loving medicine and Yingbin was deeply in love in marshal arts.

Imperial Doctor Wu Haoxi isn't just a simple knowledgeable doctor, but as well he knows every secret that every people in the Han Empire hold.

Even underground assassins beg for his medication.

As she step into her Sedan, a loud noise from the outside stop her. A brute voice yell about the Crown Prince arrival. Lady Yingbin was furious!

After the Lin Mansion guards confirmed the Crown Prince identity they allowed them to enter.

So Lady Ying step out in her sedan and great the Crown Prince.

" This Household Lady great the Crown Prince. " Lady Yingbin said, but the Crown Prince only raised his hand and searched for General Lin's presence but he didn't see him.

" Where's the General? " He asked, he feels like there's something is wrong in this household.

" My husband went to the South Border, the foreign merchant are makingba fuss about the added military force. " Lady Ying said, actually Han was the one who went there to handle the situation, but she doesn't have so much ideas to make an excuse.

" I see, but Lady Yin I'm here to see Mingwei. " He said straight to the point..

JUMPING TO ROOF TO ROOF Mingyue still can't find her older brother nor her older sister around. Emotions can really weaken a Warrior's Power, she's already weak and hungry. Suddenly she stopped in the center of a market roof. She searched her pocket to see if she have a money, but instead she end up having nothing.

" Ammp!! " Mingyue froze when suddenly a person cover her mouth, she's yelling but her shout doesn't really make any noise.


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