Taming the Generals Daughter
15 Serious Problem
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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15 Serious Problem

After General Lin took out them in the spell the dead bodies immediately flout in the air. All of them have gone silent, this is not a joke anymore.

" Father, who do you think who did this? " Mingyue said as she, search the assassin body for she think that there must be something that they can see there.

While Mingyue was buzy to check the body Zhang Xiao keep on looking at her. When they first met Mingyue have two spiritual sword, does that mean she's a Two Spiritual Master as well?

" Father this logo was exactly the same as the Crown Prince pendant! " Mingyue said in shocked! There's no way it's the Crown Prince did this.

*BANG* General Lin smashed the table with his bare hands in front of him, while Zhang Xiao is completely lost in thinking. There's no way it was the Crown Prince, he said in his mind.

Zhang Xiao is a Vice-Master of Crown Prince underground warriors. And there logo was a Phoenix hugging a moon.

" That was obviously impossible, they act so carelessly. This may be a trap or they put this tattoo to wavered our attention. But they think as well that we would think on that way so we will consider the Crown Prince as their leader while we guard the Crown Prince move they will move freely. This is a bait. Mingyue you shall investigate this matter with Zhang Xiao, and this thing never happens! If this thing gets out we are all doomed. " General Lin said as he walk in circle while holding his spear.

" But why? I mean I know we can't tell others but Older Sister Weiwei or Older Brother Xao can help us. " Mingyue said as she went to her mother to check if there's an injury in her neck.

" If you give this matter to Weiwei she'll probably solve this within a day or even half of the day, and we will distract her from cultivating. If we gave this to your Xao he will probably work up and he will get the master attention instead. You are the only one who doesn't get watched because almost all of the people in town knows your Heart Tied. And I think they're planning to injured your sister, if your sister end up being injured they will say that we plot it so that your sister can be-- DAMN! DID XAO STAYED WITH WEIWEI?! "

General Lin said in terror, Mingyue world seems to stop in a moment after realizing his father's point.

Of course Lin Mingwei is the top 1 beauty in the whole kingdom and the top 1 beauty in martial arts as well she is considered as a top treasure that Han hold. If Mingwei got injured in the day before the choosing wife for peace treaty the other kingdom will think that the Han Empire is not serious in this Treaty and sincere at all.

Suddenly a walking Marshall Lin came in, he was shocked to see a lot of dead bodies around. General Lin, Lady Yingbin, Mingyue and Zhang Xiao was even more shocked to see him.

It means no one was with Mingyue! Without saying anything all of them run to West where's Mingwei room is.

Mingwei still can't protect herself, her destroyed meridians where just healing. General Lin knows this especially Lady Yingbin, ever since Mingwei carries Mingyue out of the Devils Forest they already knew.

IN THE PALACE Crown Prince Li Xuanche went to the Empress chamber. After hearing his father Imperial Edict, he keep on thinking that probably Mingwei will be chosen.

There's no way that he will allow anyone to be married at her.

" Mingwei is mine! I must seek mothers help. " He mumbled, he can't get the matter in his hand because if he does if the day thay he will take over the kingdom and the Jing Empire find out what he have done by keeping Mingwei they will questioned his loyalty.

" Empress Mother! " he said as he bow to his mother to show some respect.

" Crown Prince, are you here to visit your mother? " The Empress asked, actually the Empress knew what her son up to.

She grip her hands in anger, there's no way she will let Yingbin's family get married to the Royal Family. After their past story, she is not dumb to do that.

" Mother I, -- of course I am here to see mother. " Crown Prince knew that it's impossible that his mother will help him.

After seeing the Crown Prince sad eyes, Empress Xi give a loud sigh and hold her son hand genuinely.

" Okay, I know what you want and what you want your mother to do. I will help you okay? Stop being sad and smile for mother now. "

After the long talk Crown Prince bid good bye with his mother. But the Empress doesn't want to hurt his son nor let any of those Yingbin's daughter in into the Royal Family.

" Xinjiang! " The Empress called his man, who is just guarding in the top of her roof.

" Yes your Majesty? " Xinjiang suddenly appeared behind her.

" Did you finish the thing I ordered you too? " Empress Xi asked as she sip her tea.

" They are already on their way here your majesty with the girl. " Xinjiang said as he remained on his knees.

" Good your job shall be done neatly, I want her dead! "


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