Taming the Generals Daughter
14 Assassination
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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14 Assassination

After the door open widely, a lot of man in black came in. There whole body was covered by the cloth, General Lin immediately fly in front of them holding his Spiritual Lightning Spear. He waved it and pointed it in front of them.

" Who do you think you are to enter my household? Are all of you that eager to die?! " General Lin said in anger.

But all of them didn't even bother to answer, after observing the assassin Mingyue took out her Spiritual Sword , Zhang Xiao as well took his. While Lady Yingbin hold her Spiritual Shinning Bow.

" Hah! You don't wanna talk? Fine! Let my Spear ask you instead! " General Lin strike first, and it seems he underestimate them when the man in front blocked his moves. Supposedly he shouldn't see where he went, or what side he will attack.

" Grand General Lin, the head of Lin family. The family who lead thousands of war and didn't loose even once. Do you think our ancestors didn't study your moves? " The man in front who acted like a leader said, as he took out his Spiritual Sword and his Spiritual Shield.

" Two Spiritual Soul Master!? " Mingyue yelled out of shock! There's only one person in the Han Empire who have this exceptional power!

Mingyue felt uneasy, but her father never felt fear to anyone. Even death does not mean anything that much to him.

But Two Spiritual Soul Master means two times way more powerful than anyone. If Mingwei those still have her strength she can fight fist to fist with this man.

" Young man it doesn't mean that you blocked my first move you already suppress me. I'm bored how can you assassinate us? How can you be so lame entering the front door? Are you all dumb? " General Lin said.

" But since you eneter my household, without my invitation don't feel bad IF I MISTREATED YOU! THOUSANDS OF HALL! "

*BAAAAANNGGGGG!* A loud sound of explosion make them covered their ears and even shut their eyes. But within a single blink of an eye they are already in the different dimension.

" Center State of the Saint Realm, space teleportation. " Zhang Xiao said out of amazement, surely General Lin is really the Grand General of the Han Empire.

" Father? Why do we have to change the location? Didn't you said that you wanted to renovate the house? If our house are crashed by fighting to protect ourselves, the Emperor will bestow a budget and workers to renovate the house. " Mingyue said.

' Hah! She called me fool but she is dumber than I am! How can she spill their silly plan in front of the Emperor Advisor Child? ' Zhang Xiao said as he changed his expression to a poker face.

" Your older sister paintings is in the Hall if we destroy the hall it will to, if the paintings got destroy we will be destroyed by her too. "

" Father I can't believe you even managed to think that fast! "

" Pfft! Silly Child! Of course! I'm not a Grand General for nothing. "

" HA HA HA HA " Both of them laugh louder than any normal people. In the other hand Lady Yingbin was about to lose her temper. How can her husband just completely ignore the Assassins?

" Can't believe they ignored us. "

" I can't believe this is the woman that the Crown Prince want to get married with. "

" This family is dumb. "

" We wasted to much token to get this job, I thought that this family is real bad ass. "

" How can Crown Prince love this ugly girl? He's been stalking her for a thousand of years! "

" Thousands? Are you a part of Lin Household too? Our Crown Prince didn't even reach his 25th birthday yet! "

Suddenly a cold breeze pass in each of everyone, and a thousands of arrow flout in the air pointing in front of every Assassins.

" That's it! I'm loosing my temper! Who sent you here?! "

Lady Yingbin eyes were burning, she immediately walk besides her husband and give him a death glare. After realizing Yingbin is upset, Grand General Lin whisle in just matter of seconds all of them have cuts in the different parts of their body.

The Leader suddenly fall in the ground aching in pain. They have been tricked!

" Trap of Spear. " He murmured, they didn't even notice that Grand General Spiritual Spear banished.

" Pfft? HAHHAHA--Ackkk quite bold for you to act like you are inferior to mine. " The one in the front said, as he immediately run thru Lady Yingbin after a second he's sword is already in her neck.

" I'm a Two Spiritual Soul Master, how dare you act arrogantly on me? " He said as he jumb off and land in the center of a large stone holding Lady Yingbin as his hostage.

" Sometimes it's quite boring to be powerful, I mean there's no chill in every fight with weakling. " Mingyue said, even her father agreed with her.

" How about we fight them without Spiritual Weapon? The one who killed the most can get a new Cultivation Scroll? " General Lin said as he wave his hand and his Spiritual Spear banished.

" Older sister and brother bought me a new one, father how about a new armor maid by the Great Xiang Quan? " Mingyue said as she make her Spiritual Sword disappear.

" Hmmm, deal."

" DEAL?! YOU ANNOYING OLD MAN!? HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DEAL WHEN I'M BEING HOSTAGE HERE?! IF I'M FINALLY OUT I'LL KILL YOU! " Lady Yingbin said as she keep on thinking on how to escape, her Marshall arts isn't that magnificent she was just powerful with a bow.

" Do they act like this in a war? " Zhang Xiao said in his mind, he want to strike first but he doesn't want to be rude or anything.

But finally General Lin rushed first, he attacked first the man who caught his wife. He immediately moved his Qi to make a large pressure in his feet and strike the stone hard, the assasin immediately jump of still carrying Lady Yingbin. When he jumped off General Lin pick up some stone and hold four stone in each of his hands. He throws it in the assassins feet.

It wasn't that painful but it is enough to winged his balance. When he does General Lin took this chance to appear behind him and smacked him with his palm that caused the assassin to fall and rolled in the ground. But before he does General Lin hold his wife hands and immediately snatched her from him. Now lady Yingbin is in his arms.

When the Assassin Spiritual Weapon fall in the ground Generals Lin who's carrying his wife using his left hand he took the Spiritual Weapon and walk to the Assassin.

" Who do you think you are to hold my wife? " General Lin said, he was smiling but his eyes was murderous. A high killing intent was covering his whole body.

When the Assassin seems doesn't have the deal to answer him he immediately swing his sword and pointed it in his neck.

" No! Don't! Don't kill me! If you does you wouldn't know who sent us to kill you. " The Assassin said as he think that he still have the cards to be alive.


Just gripping the Spiritual Sword and Spiritual Shield using own hand General Lin manage to smashed it into pieces. The Assassin was way more frighten than before, if your Spiritual Weapon were destroyed you will never got one again. His hope of escaping seems doesn't gonna happen.

" You treating me? Rascal! You touched my woman I slice out your hand, you threatened my woman I threat you a ticket to hell as a repayment! " General Lin was indeed mad, he killed the Assassin without even listening to his bargain.

" Why did you kill him? " Lady Yingbin asked, since the man can give them an intel.

" He have a lot of companion, we can get them all killed but save one. Right? " General Lin said as he face the other direction where the others are supposedly fighting with Zhang Xiao and Mingyue.

" So dad? I think I have won I killed almost all of them. " Mingyue said while whipping the blood stain in her hand.

" Oh? They're all dead? " General Lin said with a sound of a little bit of regret.


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