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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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13 The Truth

After the long discussion finally every thing was settled. After General Lin allowed the others to leave the hall except Mingyue, Mingwei, Marshall Lin, and Zhang Xaio.

Obviously the whole household was shocked on what Zhang Xiao have said, they are even murmuring to each other when they leave the Hall.

Mingyue feel so much pressure right now, she can feel her Older Sister and Older Brother cold stare to Zhang Xiao.

' I know that Zhang Xiao is stupid and ridiculous but I never thought that he will be this stupid! How can he say it casually?! In front of everyone? This shameless bastard! '

Mingyue keep on murmuring in her mind and she was even cursing. But Zhang Xiao remain standing strong like he won't even take back his word.

" Zhang Xiao, I believe you and my Yueying have to give me a long explanation. " Generals Lin said, he tried to remain calmed as long as possible. General asked first before his wife does, his wife temper is short and if she asked Zhang Xiao first her fist will speak what she wanted to tell.

Mingyue was afraid on what will her mother said specifically her older brother and older sister. She wanted to cry in front of them but she want to smack Zhang Xiao as well.

But she can't deny the fact that her heart beat faster than usual, she think that the reason was her madness towards Zhang Xiao.

General Lin was happy but a little bit disappointed, same as Lady Yingbin. Mingwei and Marshall Lin both of them were mad at Zhang Xiao obviously they are blaming him. They think that how could it was their precious younger sister fault.

" Father! I -- I mean Zhang Xiao--we didn't do anything wrong, we're just doing something what friends usually do. Ha ha ha, maybe he thought that my actions were meant something else. " Mingyue explained, she feel so uncomfortable LYING! She's crying inside and she was even praying that the ground should eat her up.

" Young Lady, I didn't say anything about doing something. Are you covering up something? " General Lin asked.

*BOOOM!* Mingyue was killed more than thrice today, she want to fall dramatically in the ground. She's spilling tea more than Zhang Xiao did, while Mingwei and Marshall Lin was dumbfounded to realize what's going on.

' My Mingyue didn't throw tantrums and cried by being molested, but instead she's covering things up? Does that mean that she is at fault? ' Mingwei said in her mind, she even lose her balance but thankfully Marshall Lin catched her.

Before Mingwei passed out, Marshall Lin excuse her sister and him first. Marshall Lin is already in a bad condition, hearing this talk would worsen her illness.

" Father and Mother if there's nothing else about the Edict I suppose we can leave with Mingyue conditions right now she can't take this. Father and Mother please excuse us. "

Mingyue was carried by Marshall Lin Mingxao, her body become dumb and it feels like she no longer can walk.

" Are you sure that your gonna participate? " Marshall Lin Mingxao asked, he looked at her with sadness in his eyes.

" Don't be silly, this Treaty is a big joke. I'm willing to participate, when I'm in the war I gathered some intel about that stupid Crown Prince he wasn't that interested at all. Tsk I'd rather marry my pet than marry him, pft! " Mingwei said, she even forced a little laugh.

" Stop joking around! Are you insane? And how about your cultivation? I thought Lu Mingxia makes some pills for you? " Marshall Lin asked, a lot of handmaid pass thru them they even offer for help but most of them were starstruck on the blessed beauty of the siblings.

" Hmm? How can a cold snow moon lady, make a joke? Anyway are you trying to change the topic? I know Mingyue is brave and a great martial artist but half of her is really childish, if ever that the Empress choose me to enter the Harem you should stay here and guide Mingyue. " Mingwei seriously say.

" Hey! Don't talk to me like your gonna die there! You are even more evil than all of them. Your death wouldn't be that easy! " Marshall Lin tease her.

" How dare you speak to your older sister like that! You!? And I'm evil?! Hah! Let me kill you now then! " Mingwei said as she put her hand in his neck and teasingly grip his neck.

" Tsk! Stop okay? And I know that Mingyue is our little sister but she's not a child anymore, if we locked her up with our overprotective attitude she wouldn't grow up fully. She should stand on her own. " Marshall Lin said, but Mingwei let out a deep sigh.

" I know, I know but I just want to protect her. "

" Because what? Because she love the Crown Prince? But he loves you? Tssk! It's not your fault okay? You even took him down many times, it's not like you love him back! Or you steal him. Hah! I thank the Diety for not letting the god of love struck my handsome heart. " Marshall Lin said, finally they reached Mingwei quarter.

" Pft? Who are you fooling around? Me? Fool anyone but not me, brat. Go! Go shooo! I have to cultivate go back in the Hall and smack Zhang Xiao for me. "

After Marshall Lin Mingxao lay down Mingwei in her bed, she immediately push him out.

" What the? Tsk? I'm not going there I have to do something about the report in the war, Emperor send me a letter to go in the Imperial Court tomorrow to meet a Historian. So you have to sleep and rest well tonight cause I wouldn't be around tomorrow to take a good care of you. "

AT THE LIN HOUSEHOLD HALL after Mingwei and Marshall Lin Mingxao left the Hall. Grand General Lin turn his attention to Mingyue, but Zhang Xiao suddenly move and say

" So you mean sleeping together is a thing that friends casually do? "

A sound of falling cup of tea occupied the whole hall, Lady Yingbin was shocked. Grand General Lin even almost fall down from his chair. But a sudden door opening caught their attention.


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