Taming the Generals Daughter
12 The Imperial Edic
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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12 The Imperial Edic

After entering the Lin Household, Mingyue immediately run to her older sister chamber. But suddenly Li appeared in front of her, Li was her head maid in the house.

" My Lady, His majesty has issued an Edict. My Lord wants your presence in the Hall. " Li said, Mingyue immediately stop and look at her.

" An Edict? " She asked, some part of her feel relief since it means her father ask her to comeback because of the Imperial Edict but half of her as well feel un easy for Imperial Edict is a force of a law, probably the Emperor will asked something.

Mingyue immediately went to the Hall and Li obediently followed her. When Mingyue entered the Hall of the Lin Family was there, even her older sister.

After seeing her older sister she immediately calmed down. When she finally standing in her position, all of them bow down in front of them was Eunuch Xian holding a big scroll.

" The Imperial Edict! " He loudly said, " For the past year's Lin Family loyalty is always pure and mighty. Last week with the might of Han soldiers with the lead of General of War, General Lin they ended it well. And last night Imperial Emperor Li Zuo received an Peace treaty from Jing Empire. Next week at the night of full moon the Feast of Prosperity will be held in the Capital Hall, with the Lin family position at the Feast of Prosperity Imperial Emperor Li Zuo will choose a candidate to be the wife of Jing Empire Crown Prince. The Imperial Emperor will be choosing a candidate for the Princess are still not in the right age to get married and the Crown Prince already have his Crown Princess, the Empire Jing can only offer a Imperial concubine. "

" What?! Do you think my family efforts is not enough that we have to agree with this Peace Treaty? HAH! Ridiculous! " Marshall Lin said out of anger and disdain! He despise Royalty way of thinking right now.

" What a rude child! " The Eunuch said.

" Lin Mingxao, stop it we shall respect his majesty judgment. " General Lin said, Mingxao immediately followed his father order and kneel.

" Issued by His Imperial Imperial Majesty. "

" Thanks, your majesty. "

" Lin Chao accept the Edict. " Grand General Lin Chao immediately accept the Edict and stood up as the whole family followed him.

" Thank you Eunuch, please forgive my son's behavior for he is a man of the battle field and believe in the promise and power of sword, spear and bow. " General Lin said.

After the Eunuch leave the Household of Lin, the whole family stayed in the Hall for a family meeting. As usual General Lin and Lady Yingbin is in the front facing every one. At the left side of front line their was Mingyue, Mingwei and Mingxao and the others was their family servants and relatives.

" Father! I completely disagree with this! " Mingxao said, obviously he's still angry about this idea.

" According to my calculations, General Family supposedly not be included in this situation. Ever since the late Great Emperor Lin Xuan he said Generals family shall not participate in any wife selection or husband selection in peace treaty. But he never did state the reason but I believe this is what they called a move of silent invasion. They're not targeting the Royal Family because probably, someone in their land already entered the palace. So they want to control the Generals Household now by making one of their family members as one of them. As a General of a country it is our duty to protect our land, if they want to keep a royalty as a hostage all of the Generals and Minister, Scholars will probably came up with a better idea to save her. But if they took a Generals Daughter as their hostage, the General will obviously lost his scenes and be emotionally distracted. The General daughter maybe nothing and maybe ignored but if they got the Grand General Daughter, as the most magnificent in tactics he'll probably lost his mind and attack with his anger in heart and cannot no longer think. " Weiwei said, after saying this the whole hall began to argue and disagree. What Weiwei said was obviously accurate, the Princess of Han Empire half of them was already in the right age. Obviously the Jing Empire request a Generals Daughter to be the candidates.

After hearing this Mingyue feel uneasy the most, it is fine and way more better if the one who got chosen was her and not Weiwei. If it was Mingwei she'll die immediately because of her sickness.

" Father! I'll be the one who'll be participating this candidacy! " Mingyue fearlessly volunteer.

" NO! " Mingwei, Mingxao and Zhang Xiao said in chorus.

But all of them turn their back and see Zhang Xiao standing in the door. He was catching his breath, it's seems he run all the way from Zhang Household to Lin's.

" Zhang Xiao? What are you doing here? " Mingyue asked, she even swallow her own saliva out of uneasiness.

" I heard about the Imperial Edict in town, and I'm opposing it! " Zhang Xiao said, as he lean in the door and act like a spoiled brat who need attention.

But General Lin just give a long sigh.

" This is Imperial edict this is no longer a brother to brother silly talk that we can void. If we didn't participate the whole Lin and Zhang family will be treated as a traitor and the whole clan will be beheaded. " General Lin said, the whole hall became silence.

But Mingyue wont and never will let her older sister participate in this selection. At least she can fight a little while and can give a secret Intel.

" I'm not backing from my words I'll be the one who will participate. " Once again Mingyue declared her decision without any hesitation.

" No! You'll not. " Mingwei completely disagree.

" I will not allow you! Our family has been loyal for this empire for years we never accept so much wealth nor horse or even fancy robe and armor! If they will snatched our family lady's freedom I'm not afraid to opposed and die! " Marshall Lin said, as he step up.

" Stop! What are you doing? Are you gonna betray the Imperial Majesty just because of this? Are we LIN'S? We are never been scared at anything, I told you shall never feel pity or anything that will cost betrayal! " General Lin said, as he slam the table in front of him in anger.

" But if you give me a reasonable explanation, as this Household Head and all of you agree with each other i will stand by you. " General Lin said.

If they want to betray the Han Empire, probably the Emperor would be already a Lin a long time ago. For Lin hold seventy five percent of the whole Han Empire Soldiers.

" Father I'll never let our ancestors sacrifice will be stained by shame, I'll be the one to participate. I Lin Mingwei as the Older Daughter of Lin Household in the name of Xinlin our Diety I will never be wavered by anything and be strong. And will aim the position of the Crown Princess. "

Weiwei said, the whole family gone in silence. They don't think the Emperor will let her be married in the other Empire. Lin Mingwei beauty will be considered as a lost treasur if that happen. Even the Imperial Emperor will probably feel uncomfortable and probably he will be killed by his regrets.

" Yueyue?! " General Lin called her as she kneel down in the ground.

" Father! If older sister will be participating I'll be participate too! " Mingyue said, since she can't stop her sister, the only thing she can do is to do better be the one who will get chose.

" I OBJECT! " Zhang Xiao yelled in the back.

" Young Lord Zhang Xiao, I maybe don't know your reasoning but this is a Lin Household discussion. You don't have the authority or power to opposed our Lady. " Ye said, she is Weiwei head servant.

But Zhang Xioa seens didn't hear her or he just intentionally ignored her. Mingyue even look at his eyes madly but Zhang Xiao just walk in and go to her.

" Uncle Lin or Father! I completely disagree with the idea of my Mingyue to join the Candidates for I believe she is my wife and she is MINE. "
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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》