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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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11 Jealousy?

After setting down in the tea table, Mingyue was praying that something or at least someone must interrupt them. How could she explain everything?

' Uncle about the responsibility, that was about last last nitght. Ummm we did it together in the bed, you know something hot and nice. - - BAH! I must probably lost my mind! No not never. '

" So how is your stay in here? And how the both of you meet each other? "

" You stupid old hag! How can you ask a simple thing? "

" Hey! Lady why are you talking to me that way? "

" Hah! You think I wouldn't find out that you, General Lin and Minister of War Lin went to the brothel?! You are not fooling anyone old hag! "

" Whaaaaaaaaat?! Hey! Darling don't put me on shame in front of our daughter in law! "

And the two of them continued in fighting, Mingyue finally breath air calmly. Pwew! That was close.

" *ahem* so about the Responsibility, what is it? Did you apply as a maid or anything? That Zhang Xiao want some confrontation about responsibility? "

Prime Minister Zhang said, as he and Lady Xian Lu looked at her.

" Prime Minister? " Suddenly a voice outside called Prime Minister Zhang. It was his servant Luo.

" What is it? " Prime Minister said in serious as he, tap the table that was a sign for Luo to enter the room.

After hearing the two tap, Luo entered the room with a sealed letter it does have the Lin Seal that means it was a letter from Lin family.

" Prime Minister, General Lin excuse her daughter and asking her to return at the Lin Household immediately as soon as she heard about this. There was an urgent situation in Lin family. "

Mingyue stood up immediately after hearing what the letter said Prime Minister Zhang allowed her to prepare her belongings. Prime Minister Zhang even order his servant to prepare a Sedan for Mingyue.

Mingyue manage to take all her belongings immediately and was ready to leave. Her father never broke his promise, how can she order her to came back.

She's thinking bad situations right now, then suddenly her Sister Nine Tailed Fox caught her attention.

" Noooo.. It can't be! There's no way! Don't tell me something bad happened to Older Sister Weiwei. "

Mingyue walk back in fort in her room, she's frustrated. There's no way something bad happened to her sister.

Mingyue took out the Blue Sheni in her bag, she let out a loud cry. There's no way that her older sister is in a bad condition.

Outside the room Zhang Xiao heard her cry, he want to walk in and comfort her but he's afraid to offend. But he take a deeo breath and enter the room, she find Mingyue lying in ground it seems she passed out again from crying.

He ordered his servant to carry her belongings, and he carried her to the Sedan.

" Silly woman. "

Mingyue remain asleep in his arm, he decided to come with her. When the night fall, the snow began to fall as well. She was shaking in coldness, so Zhang Xiao ordered his servant to find an inn to stay for the night for all of them.

After an hour they find an inn to stay, Mingyue woke up she find herself in a bed. Zhang Xiao was in the other room. So Mingyue was afraid and anxious, she thought that she's been kidnapped.

When she can clearly feel that no one is in the door and no one is awake she immediately grab her belongings and leave.

The heavy snow welcomed her when she open the window, but there's no further due she must leave immediately. She must know if her older sister is fine.

Mingyue took out her cloak and run to her way home. But the snow became thicker and thicker, sometimes she even find herself slamming in a trunk or falling in the ground. But this thing doesn't stop her from leaving.

Zhang Xiao noticed that Mingyue wasn't in her room anymore, he immediately stood up and call all of his soldiers and servant to find her.

" That stupid, stubborn stone headed woman! "

Zhang Xiao was furious, he run as fast as he could, sometimes he even fly thru the tree and see from above if there's a Mingyue running around aimlessly.

Finally Zhang Xiao saw some movement twelve kilometers from where he is. Surely it was Mingyue, who would be more stupid than than her. Zhang Xiao said.

He's right indeed, it was Mingyue she was short in breath but she show no sign of giving up.

" AAAHHHHHH!! WHO ARE YOU PUT ME DOWN! " Mingyue yelled, when suddenly she was floating in the air.

" Zhang Xiao? " Mingyue asked when suddenly a little sunlight light up that cause her to see his face.

" Zhang Xiao! I said put me down! Put me down or I'll kick you! "

Mingyue punched him, but Zhang Xiao started at her madly he is irritated.

" Stop! What are you boasting around! You're obviously can't even fight nor walk! " Zhang Xiao said angrily. But Mingyue didn't stop at all, because Zhang Xiao was returning her.

She just want to go back immediately, how can he don't understand?.

" Please out me down, I have to return home immediately! Put me down! I said PUT ME DOWN! " Mingyue continued yelling.

" Shut it! Shut up! Or I will kiss you right here right now! "

Mingyue shut her mouth immediately, she pull his clothes and hide her face. She started to cry again, Zhang Xiao sigh and ordered his men to prepare to leave.

When Zhang Xiao and Mingyue finally inside of the Sedan, Zhang Xiao tried to calm her down by patting her haid, and touching her hair.

" Stop crying, don't be silly. Your older sister pet didn't vanished in the air or didn't even show any weakness. If your older sister is dead her Spiritual Pet will die as well, if she's weak her spiritual pet will be weak as well. Stop okay? I'll be here with you all the way, calm down now. "

After hearing what Zhang Xiao have said, Mingyue stopped and sit down immediately. She was so shy that she even stay away from him. Zhang Xiao chuckled.

" I thought Generals Daughter are arrogant, cold and bad ass I never thought they can be pretty sweet too. "

Zhang Xiao said as he look at her, Mingyue was blushing but she doesn't want to admit defeat so she snores at him and said.

" Hah! Don't you dare fall in love with me! " Mingyue said proudly.

" And why is that? " Zhang Xiao asked.

" I didn't agree to that marriage because, I already love someone else! " Mingyue said, surely she changed her mood immediately so Zhang Xiao as well he look at her with murderous eyes.

" And who can this man possibly be? " he questioned angrily.

" Well I cannot tell you that! We love each other that after a year we will getting married! I'm just giving you a warning, I am well reserved! "

That's it! Zhang Xiao is completely mad, and he doesn't now why. He immediately go near her and corner her, using his two arms.

" Woman, you take my first and I took yours. How can you say you are well reserved, ever since that night you are no longer bestowed from anyone besides me! "

Zhang Xiao said, for the first time in her life Mingyue felt fear from a guy. He never feared anyone besides losing her love ones. And what Zhang Xiao said hit her, how can she gave herself to the person she like now?

Zhang Xiao lost his temper that he even kissed her roughly, he was kissing her from her lips down to hear neck.

Mingyue felt so helpless once again, Zhang Xiao stopped when she heard her cry again. After seeing her crying, Zhang Xiao left the Sedan in anger. Mingyue left in the corner crying.

She never thought that leaving the Lin Mansion was her worst decision.

Before daylight, Mingyue reach the Lin Household.


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