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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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10 Got Caugh

Mingyue wake up, after sinking in everything Marshall Lin said she's been staring at the curtain for almost half of an hour. Later on she managed to stood up and when she was about to enter the bathroom she find her sister's spiritual pet in the table sleeping. It was a nine tailed fox, Mingyue was shocked to see it glowing.

Nine Tailed Fox are one of the rarest of the most Spiritual Pet, it have the power of the two different type of Spiritual Pet. Nine Tailed Fox have a magical power like Fairies, have a beast like strength like monsters.

This Nine Tailed Fox is called the Light in the darkness, for the color of this fox are dark blue like the sky in the night it does as well have a sparkling star around it.

Why does her sister send the only thing that can protect her? Mingyue take her step to reach the fox. But suddenly it woke up and immediately bit her hand.

" AHHH! Ouch! Why did you bite me?! " Mingyue cried, as if the Fox will answer her.

" You stupid human being! How dare you touch my beautiful fur?! " The fox yelled back.

Mingyue was shocked that she act like as if there's a stone that hit her head. She immediately stood up and recall the facts about Spiritual Animals.

After reaching Cloud realm, and reaching the dawn state you'll encounter something that depends on what kind of spiritual pet you'll have. If your power is exceptional your pet will be exceptional as well.

" Tsk! I cant believe my Master ordered me to be your refining partner. " The nine tailed fox said, as she jumped out at the table and went to Mingyue's bed.

According to some research as well Spiritual Pet attitude are completely opposite of their master.

' Ugh? I think this unreasonable brat fox won't be able to help me, but destroy me instead. Ughhh, if my sister is gentle and kind this brat must be violent and annoying. I should ignore her instead. '

Mingyue said in her mind as she ignore the fox and left to take a bath. But before she does a four handmaid suddenly appear and bath her. They said that their master Zhang ask her presence to the west garden.

Mingyue felt awkwardness after remembering what happened last night after taking care of herself she immediately went to see him.

He find Zhang Xiao sitting under the peach tree, after Zhang Xiao feel her presence he stood up and face her.

Zhang Xiao asked her to sit in the cut trunk that are used as the chair. Zhang Xiao feel so awkward after realizing what's going on. If the Crown Prince didn't enlighten him, and Marshall Lin didn't rush in her wouldn't know tha this Mingyue that he hired as his spy and asked to be his pretend fiancé is his real ex fiancé how ridiculous!

" If you're wondering about the Job and the other one, I'm still willing to cooperate. " Mingyue said.

Both of them are not even looking at each other, Zhang Xiao thought that in his whole entire life he never felt this awkwardness in every girls. But Zhang Xiao wanna clear the thing last last night.

" *ahem* About last night, I-- " Before Zhang Xiao could finish his word Mingyue cut him off by waving her hand in front of him.

" No! No! Its fine! It's just a one night stand anyway. We don't need to discuss anything about this since we doesn't have any feelings to each other. " Mingyue said, she was so shy that she even covered her face.

Zhang Xiao was shocked, he was deeply offended. Why does the girl who caught his attention seems not even interested to him! He was hurt his ego was deeply injured.

" That's it? " Zhang Xiao said he wanted to hear a right excuse frome her, it doesn't make sense that Mingyue doesn't even fall on his handsome face.

" Eh? " Mingyue said as she face him with shocked.

" What do you mean by eh? Doesn't mean I'm playboy I gave that to everybody. I'm still... Still... I'm still - - argggh! Don't Eh Eh me! Don't shake your responsibility! " Zhang Xiao was throwing tantrums in front of her like a kid.

Mingyue looked at him like she never saw any shameless man like him in her entire life. Mingyue even massage her head, it's killing her.

" What responsibilities? What is going on in here? I saw Marshall Lin on my way here, but I never thought that the Second Lady of Lin Family is staying in my house! You should have informed me so that I can prepare well. " Prime Minister said, he just went straight home after attending Morning Court.

" Father! " Zhang Xiao immediately stood up and welcome his father.

' BAH! How can he change his mood immediately? This man is a psychopath! ' Mingyue said in her mind, then she stood up and pay respect to her uncle.

" Uncle Prime Minister Zhang, it's my fault to enter your house without informing you. Please forgive my rudeness. "

" HA HA HA you are indeed my friend son, where are you staying in my household? - - Maid! Prepare the west side and clean it, Mingyue will be staying there from now on! - - anyway Mingyue I thought you have something to do, that you challenge your father last week. Hmmm? Are you choosing my son instead? HA HA HA. " Minister Zhang said, Zhang Xiao was completely ignored by his father he just keep on murmuring behind them.

' Hah! Even father dared to ignore me! Only Mother will love me! *imaginary cry* '

After entering the Zhang Household Hall, Lady Xian Lu suddenly appeared she just went out in her rooms.

" Moooooooooom~ " Zhang yelled as he run to his mother to hugged her.

" Oh? If it is our Mingyue? How's your Parents and your sister and brother? " Lady Xian Lu said as she dodge his son and went straight to Mingyue.

Zhang Xiao was really in the cliff of madness. ' TSK! How can Mother and Father ignore their own blood and flesh! '

Zhang Xiao just decided to leave but when he past thru them he bumped them intentionally. After he left Prime Minister laugh his ass out.

" HAHAHA that brat! Let's ignore him for now, I want to hear about the Responsibilities he was talking earlier. " Prime Minister Zhang said.

And Mingyue was shouting in her head, literally.


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