Taming the Generals Daughter
9 The Decision
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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9 The Decision

" Get out of my way! I HAVE AN INTEL THAT MY SISTER IS HERE! " Marshall Lin yelled, the guards does not want to be punished but they doesn't want to get killed either.

Marshall Lin get out in his horse and took out his Spiritual Sword, he was about to swing it but Mingyue suddenly appeared in front of him.


Mingyue was crying, if her brother killed anyone surely even he is the most treasured warrior the Emperor will put him in jail and remove him from his position. Because of her again her family member will suffer, because of her stupidity.

Marshall Lin stopped but he saw his sister hand holding Zhang Xiao's hand. He was even mad now.

" No! Please brother! Stop! Because of me Older Sister Weiwei can't no longer paint nor dance, because of me she can't do anything she love the most. I don't want to take away your position that you eagerly and whole heartedly want. Please! Calm down! "

Mingyue cried she even fall in the ground crying, Marshall Lin suddenly calmed down and hide his Spiritual Sword and hug her. He was trying to calm her down, but she remained crying.

Crying took over all of her energy later on she passed out, Marshall Lin surely love his sister the most. Because despite of being mad in the person in front of him he doesn't want to see his sister being worried again.

He looked at Zhang Xiao who offered him to atleast stay for the night. When Zhang Xiao entered the Zhang Household he noticed that the crown prince was there, he looked like he is quite disappointed.

Zhang Xiao was even shocked on how Lin Mingyue face his brother, Mingyue's attitude is boyish and barbaric but he act like a damsel in distress right now. Who can't do anything for her love once but to beg.

But despite that surely Lin Mingyue is different from any other, she want to be independent to protect her love ones because she doesn't want to see them getting work up because of her.

Marshall Lin put Mingyue in bed and asked his twelve soldiers to guard her. He want to talk with Zhang Xiao and the Crown Prince.

" I dare not to offend you, your highness but according to my knowledge I think you want me be lured in here so you use my sister. Am I right? But whatever you want me to do, I want your highness to understand my pain. You use my sister to lure me now she's in a great pain. I have my right to take down the offer. As far as I want to leave tonight, I want my sister to sleep well tonight if you excuse me. I believe this is our last meeting about this idea. "

Marshall Lin mas deeply offended, the Crown Prince probably plotting everything. That's why he asked the Empress to get her sister and Zhang Xiao get tied up. But unfortunately General Lin is a great friend of the Emperor that he treasures him the most as well.

He was angry, in his eyes Royalties are pathetic creatures who act like a God and play every subject like a toy. He will never let anyone to touch his sisters.

Long ago Mingyue wanted so much to be at least step up in the Cloud Realm because the Crown Prince said he wanted to get married to a girl who have the same cultivation as he is. That's why Mingyue decided to cultivate in Devils Forest rumor as it that who ever managed to get a single hair of the Silver Fox they will grant them any wish.

With hoping that Mingyue can wish to know what was the fastest way to cultivate, surely she will level up her cultivation. But instead of meeting a silver fox she meet a demon fox instead she was deeply wounded, but apparently Weiwei saved her by fighting the savage demon fox Weiwei broke some of her bones that make her unable to dance and paint even holding her spiritual bow is impossible.

Because of this accident Weiwei never allowed anyone to enter her room, even their parents and the physicians didn't even examine her. She refine herself, but she's still weak she's nothing but a normal daughter of a rich family now. No one knows this except Mingyue and Marshall Lin, they find this thing out when they noticed it when they feel like she's no longer refining they find Weiwei in ground bathing in her own blood.

She pushed her self too much to refine immediately.

Ever since that day, Mingyue blamed herself. Mingyue practice every day and night to level up her cultivation but nothing really happens.

Marshall Lin sit beside Mingyue and he hold her hand with a great tenderness.

" Surely one day, I would like to see you happy with the man you like but when I see a man near to you I want to kill them as well. It is quite complicated and ridiculous! But Weiwei said to me that this is your choice and she want you to achieve your goal. Don't think about the past too much Mingyue. All we ever want is your happiness, mother is already missing you. But I know as well you want to stand by your own feet and choose the path you want to take like Weiwei and I do. So I'm not taking away your freedom. If you want to have it you can stay in here as long as you want. Weiwei and I will forever support you. We may want to help you but this is your choice. You're already grown up aren't you? I promise I will fight for this empire peace so that you can live a life you want. Mingyue don't push yourself too much Weiwei never blame you from anything instead she was mad at herself that she make you feel like this is all your fault. But believe us its not, I may want to take you away in here but I respect your decision. I'm leaving tonight, may the Deity of our family blessed you. Mingyue whenever you need us, even we need to fly or crawl we will always be here for you. "

Marshall Lin said, after he left the room he took out a pendant and put it around Mingyue's neck. The Medallion of the Nightfall, this necklace was originally owned by Weiwei this necklace will allow her to summon something that will surely protect her in danger.

Marshall Lin leaves the Zhang Mansion, with his soldiers.

Aftee Marshall Lin left, Mingyue cried in silence hearing what her brother said ease her pain. She hold her sister pendant as she looked at the open window with the view of a falling snow. Mingyue sleep with a peace of mind believing that one day, she will be strong enough to catch a whole silver fox and she will definitely bring back her sister from her old self.


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