Taming the Generals Daughter
8 Childhood Memories
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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8 Childhood Memories

AFTER REACHING THE ZHANG HOUSEHOLD Mingyue are still processing the shameless scene earlier. The sun was no longer visible there's only the dark sky with its falling snow.

Zhang Xiao gave her a room to stay for the whole year, but still she doesn't understand what's his point. He hired her to be his spy, and now she hired her to be his fiancé?

" Hah! He should pay me double! "

Mingyue exclaimed, before stepping out from her room she decided to take a nap first then later she will rush to bath herself.

After Mingyue entered her room, Goon Suddenly appeared in the back of Zhang Xiao. Zhang Xiao feal his presence so he face him and give him the opportunity to speak his concern.

" Master, Crown Prince Li Xuanche is in his way to see you. "

Goon said, Zhang Xiao wasn't sure what he should do. Probably there's something going on, Xuanche never visited him in a hurry. There's must be a problem in his underground soldiers.

Crown Prince Li Xuanche the first son of the Emperor and the biological son of the Empress. His cultivation in martial arts is comparable to Marshall Lin. But maybe sooner he will reach the next realm. Besides of being exceptional in Marshall arts he is good in every negotiation in business or in public affairs.

But since the Han Empire have 16 Prince and 7 Princess, the title of the Crown Prince doesn't gave him an assurance to be the next emperor. There's always a silent war inside the palace and he need a great partners.

Of course when it's all about Public Affairs, Zhang Xiao is serious as hell.

Minister Zhang wasn't at his home he was staying for the night in Lin Household. Since General Lin and Minister Zhang were like brothers, even the both of them planned together to only have one wife in this life. But of course they planned to hangout in the Brothel for at least once a year.

Crown Prince Li Xuanche reached the Capital and went straight to Zhang Xiao's room. They sit for a while for some tea.

In the other side Mingyue was sleeping like a pig, it's been an hour but she wasn't really have a plan to woke up and take her bath.

" So what brought you here? " Zhang Xiao ask with boredom, for him after Crown Prince Li tied up with good for nothing daughter of the Minister of Finance Qin Leixi. He is boring like his disposal girl in brothel.

" How dare you to speak that way in our Crown Prince! " Crown Prince eunuch said, but Zhang Xiao just rolled his eyes like a girl.

Crown Prince seems to notice that Zhang Xiao will lost his temper to his Eunuch so he ordered him to leave. When the whole room is emptied and there's only the two of them. Zhang Xiao stood up and sit next to him he even lean his head to the Crown Prince hand and hug it like a crazy prostitute and said.

" Aww darling? Do you love me that much that you will do everything to please me? Awww let me kiss you babe. " Zhang Xiao said as he act like he will kissed him.

" ZHANG XIAO!! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME?! " The Crown Prince yelled in furious, his soldier, maids and eunuchs immediately entered the room and was shocked to see Zhang Xiao laying in the ground as if the Crown Prince smack him in shocked.

" Ouachiii! Darling? How can you smack me? How could you forget your promises! It doesn't mean you married that ugly Qin Leixi you should forget our past? " Zhang Xiao said and act as if he is crying and he even manage to chase the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince, Guard, Maids and Eunuch doesn't even know what to do. Since the Prince are running like as if Zhang Xiao is a crazy out of his mind dog.

" DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME! I CAME HERE FOR PUBLIC AFFAIR MATTERS YOU SHAMELESS DOG! " The Crown Prince yelled in terror as the both of them run in circles.

" YOUUUUU! UNFAITHFUL SCUM! YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU'LL MARRY ME ONCE WE GROW UP! HOW DARE YOU FORGOT THAT SHIT?! IF I CATCH YOU I'LL MAKE YOU MINE! HAHAHAHAHAHA! " Zhang Xiao yelled like crazy, the Crown Prince companion was shocked that they even fall in the Ground.

" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! SHOULDN'T YOU SUPPOSEDLY TAKE MY SIDE AND CATCH THIS CRAZY BASTARD?! " The Crown Prince yelled, he was in his point that he will take out his spiritual sword but he knew that Zhang Xiao is only teasing him.

" But? Our Prince we believe as the future Emperor of this country, you shall keep your promise. " One of his soldier said.

" WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! " The Crown Prince yelled, he was about to lose his breath he's tired.

" Ow? Darling your tired? Want me to stop? I can chase you every day every night. But before that let me tell you how he asked my beautiful self for marriage. " Zhang Xiao said with his boasting voice, the Crown Prince stopped and immediately grabbed something and throw it to Zhang Xiao's face.

" DON'T YOU DARE! " The Crown Prince yelled, but Zhang Xiao took his tea and was about to tell everyone the story.

" It all happened fifteen years ago, when we are studying public strategies with my father master. He was dumped by a lady before that day, he was crying like an idiot. Then I as a lovely man I gave him my precious shoulder and ask him what's going on. And he was like ' I--I was dumped yesterday! HU HU HU HU' and he cried like a pig. "


" And after I comfort him he was like ' You are so nice to me, grandfather said I should marry the one who is nice and lovely, Zhang Xiao will you marry me? Someday? When we grew up?' "


Both of them continued to argue, but the Crown Prince companion wasn't even satisfied they were even disappointed.

" Young Master Zhang Xiao, our Master is completely innocent at that time. "

" How can you ruined someone innocence? "

" What a cruel Young Lord. "

They leave murmuring with each other, Zhang Xiao was shocked but he just ignored them and act like he was the victim.

" Tsk! I disown you! You're not my best friend anymore! Ho---"

" Zhang Xiao? " A maiden name suddenly called Zhang Xiao that caught the Crown Prince attention.

" Isn't that Mingyue? " Crown Prince asked, his expression changed. He face Zhang Xiao and said " You?! How can you be so stupid?! You let General Lin second daughter came into your household?! Don't you know that Marshall Lin is on his way here and he was ready to kill anyone who touched his sister?! Don't tell me you even dare to touch her?! "

Zhang Xiao was shocked on what the Crown Prince have told him, ' Darn it! That's why her name is familiar! The one who dump Xuanche is Mingyue's sister, and I even touched her! Surely I will die today! '

" Master! An urgent news from the Soldiers of the Capital! Marshall Lin raid the whole town for almost 5 hours! And he is on his way to Zhang Household! " Goon appeared in front of the rooms door. Beside him was Lin Mingyue, she wasn't that shocked but she's afraid.

" My Brother is here?! I'm doomed. "


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