Taming the Generals Daughter
7 Raiding Kunfeng Province
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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7 Raiding Kunfeng Province

MINGYUE EXPRESSION was dumbfounded, she mean she's a she and it is quite obvious. How can a man can be so stupid. She's crying in her head she want to smack him, but she wouldn't throw her 2,100 gold. Hah! What a great fortune!

Without any further due, Zhang Xiao and Mingyue went to the market to buy her some clothes. Mingyue was so happy, to see a lot of different silk colors. There's a lot of candy stand, and other foods in the market. Compared to Huchen Province that almost all of the market was selling Martial art weapons, and other cultivating materials.

Mingyue was so excited that if she can carry all the silk, she will definitely try everything! But suddenly a Blue Sheni with a touch of gold get her attention. It was her older sister Weiwei favorite color.

She started at it for almost a minute or two, Zhang Xiao thought that Mingyue want it but it is quite pricey among all of the other Sheni.

'Maybe his girl like blue stuff.' Zhang Xiao thought, but suddenly Mingyue took out her purse and bought the Sheni.

After a minute finally Mingyue try to fit a yellow sheni. The shop master was shocked to see that his Lord is buying a clothes to a cross dresser. This is a new gossip in town!

Maybe this is the reason why his Lord is not visiting the Brothel anymore because he's a gay. What a pitty.

After trying the Sheni, Mingyue let her hair down and put some hair pin. The Yellow Sheni fit her well, she's indeed a beauty. Her white skin like pearl was taken care by her sister who always manage to have some time to bath her and her black long hair, she remembered the touch of comb and her sister hands.

Her sister love her more than anything in this world, because of her. Mingyue started to cry, but she put a straight face and tried to remain happy.

Mingyue went out, the Shop Master was shocked to see Mingyue.

" If isn't it the Lady of Lin Family, Second Lady Lin Mingyue! What an honor to see you my lady. " The Shop master exclaimed! Who wouldn't know that this beauty is the Second Daughter of the Lin. All man in every province especially in town know the exceptional beauty of the two daughters of the General. Only a fool wouldn't know that this Lady is Lin Mingyue.

General Lin have a strong standing in the whole Han Empire, he's well-known for being a Saint Realm Master and a very generous one. He is ruthless in war but not to his soldiers. He is well respected, but despite that he have many enemies as well.

Everyone thought that Lin Mingwei will be chosen as a Crown Princess, because despite of being a well mannered lady her martial arts cultivation is way more higher than any other girls. Even though the Daughter of the Financial Minister was the Crown Princess, the Lin daughters are still considered as a threat.

Zhang Xiao went inside, because he cant wait any longer. If the Crown Prince arrived he will definitely suffered by an arrange marriage again!

Zhang Xiao was stunned to see Mingyue, he thought she's quite familiar. The Shop master nod with a thought in his mind, Lady Mingyue and his Lord Zhang Xiao is engaged! They probably went out in secret because their wedding were canceled so they can't met each other anymore. So Lady Mingyue pretend to be a boy, and his Lord was shocked to see Mingyue in a Shine. There's no way his Lord wouldn't know that this girl is not a lady, and he didn't hire him to pretend as his spy. Prime Minister is a genius and of course his Lord is a genius as well.

" Oh? You are really perfect to this Job, your look is quite amazing. I can even mistaken you as a lady. "

" BAH! " The Shop Master yelled in shock, he almost fell in the ground. How can Zhang Xiao be such a fool?!

Mingyue gesture the Shop Master to keep everything he knows as a secret. The Shop Master was about to cry, thinking this Province will be handled by a fool. Poor future, poor lord.

" Hey! How can you walk so slow?! " Zhang Xiao yelled, after stopping and look back to Mingyue. Mingyue was carrying four bag, one of it was her sister favorite color Shine. She want to gave it to her once she came back.

Mingyue want to smack him, if she just doesn't have a Sheni that her sister would probably loved she will throw all the bag in his face.


Mingyue yelled she let out all of her anger, how come she should carry Zhang Xiao bags too? The people in town was shocked to see Zhang Xiao, how come he's not such a gentleman. When he use to be one?

Zhang Xiao stop immediately, he completely forgot that Mingyue is pretending as his girl now. He immediately walk back and stopped in front of Mingyue.

He is definitely looked so familiar, Zhang Xiao said in his mind. He look at her firmly, he really is such a beauty. He's shocked when suddenly his mind was full of older stuff, he immediately snap it out.

Mingyue even stop, after she stopped Zhang Xiao put his arm around her and carried her like a bride. Mingyue was shocked, she didn't even respond.

" Sorry darling, I thought you like your things so much that you wouldn't want me to touch you. Since I don't want you to face such a hardship I shall carry you instead. "

The crowd was cheering but the ladies were not, Zhang Xiao never shown any affection to any lady before beside her. But Mingyue hide her face in his body, she remembered what happened last night and she want to shout at him but she's afraid of saying what happened last night in public.

WHILE IN THE QINLU Forest a lot of soldiers are running as fast as they could. The soldiers of the Kunfeng Province didn't even notice their arrival.

It is Marshall Lin and his warriors, he infuse his Qi to his horse. So it will run thrice as fast as it could even his soldiers can't reach him. He was furious, all of them can see madness in his aura. He was never went out in war with madness, but now here he is ready to kill anyone who stop him in his way.

After reaching the Capital he stopped in the entrance, he waited for a minute for his soldiers arrival. This is his Elite Team the White Tiger, all of them was trained by him and they can kill a Saint level Master together. Even without himself.

" Master sorry for keep you waiting, what is your order Master? "

Qingdao asked, he is Marshall Lin right hand. All of the soldiers was waiting for his command, they know that this is wrong because they didn't asked for any request in Kunfeng Soldiers. Definitely General Chen Qao the Capital General would be disappointed. But they will never turn their back to their Master.

Marshall Lin accept them as his apprentice despite of what kind of family they came from. There straight were nothing without him.

" Search the whole premises of Zhang Mansion or the whole Kunfeng Town! FIND MY SISTER! "


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