Taming the Generals Daughter
6 Pretend as my Girl
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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6 Pretend as my Girl

After showing her respect to the Emperor and the Empress, Lin Mingwei went straight to her parents. But when she can't find where Mingyue is, her eyes was burning with madness.

" Father! Where is Mingyue? "

The whole hall turn their eyes in Mingwei, her father doesn't know how to react. Since if he tell her where her sister is she'll probably sell all her jade and gave it to her sister or whatever other ideas that can save her sister.

Mingwei noticed that she was about to destroy the whole celebration, Mingwei decided to leave and went straight to her brothers room.

The Emperor knows what General Lin conditions with her daughter but all of them doesn't know where she is. Since the feast was for all of the soldiers, they continue it with a lot of beautiful music and dancers. Emperor accept the excuse of Marshall Lin on not attending the feast since he is wonded just like the other soldiers.

Marshall Lin step out in his room and went up to the roof, and look at the sky aimlessly.

" What's the point of celebrating? When we almost lost twenty five percent of our soldiers. No one wins, we all lost something. "

He let out a loud sigh, when suddenly he felt some presence someone must have followed him. He immediately stood up and let out his Spiritual Spear.

" Who are you?! "

He said as he jump in the ground, he let out half of his gods eye. This is also one of the advantage in being a warrior of Heaven Realm. He can see through everything.

" Your Highness?! "

Marshall Lin was shocked to see the Crown Prince hiding in the bush, it seems he's searching for someone. But he step out since what's the point of hiding.

Marshall Lin immediately salute him, but the Crown Prince wave his hand and keep on looking behind Marshall Lin.

" Can I ask your Highness? Are you searching for something? "

Marshall Lin asked, but the Crown Prince passed through him and open the door of every room in the first son quarter.

Marshall Lin seems to understand the Crown Prince intentions, so he tried to get the Crown Prince interest.

" Your highness? Are you searching for my younger sister weiwei? "

Marshall Lin said, since it seems that the crown prince intended to follow her sister but since Weiwei went to see him the Crown Prince end up in his quarter.

But it seems that the Crown Prince is too shy to answer.

" If our Weiwei is the one that you are searching, she just left awhile ago to pack her things since we are leaving tomorrow. "

Marshall Lin said, his voice are ranging with anger. After knowing that Mingyue left the house he's been trying to calm his self. Yueyue and Weiwei are the Crown Prince childhood friends, they grew up together.

Well you can put it that way since, when the Crown Prince are learning Marshall Arts the two of them are assessing him to enhance his cultivation.

The Crown Prince was about to left when suddenly he turned around and look at Marshall Lin eyes.

" Marshall Lin, before I thought that General Lin just wanted to have the military power to his family thats why he adopted you. Yes indeed, almost all of the people in the country thought that you're adopted since General Lin just introduced you to every one 3 years ago. That was quite suspicious, but after seeing you face to face you're indeed my Weiwei's brother. Both of you look a like, a lot. I can even mistaken you as her twin. "

Crown Prince said as he remained standing in front of Marshall Lin. It's seems he's observing him very well.

" And do you know aboung Kunfeng Province? "

The Crown Prince continued, but Marshall Lin remained silent. After hearing the Crown Prince question he immediately tried to recall where is Kungfeng.

" Ah! Yes your Majesty! It's a 14 days to travel by foot and 2 days with a horse. This Kungfeng belongs to Prime Minister Zhang Luo. "

Marshall Lin said, even after he answered the Crown Prince question. He still doesn't understand what was the Crown Prince trying to say.

" I just heard that a Generals Daughter went there as a spy and even managed to sleep in a brothel for a week. "

*BANG* A massive inner force strike the the left foundation of his house that cause it to lose its balance. Marshall Lin is ready to kill someone.

' Don't tell me that my sister went to brothel to sell her body?! '

Marshall Lin became furious, he is ready to start a new war. If there's a possibility that someone touched his sister he will ripped them off himself.

After the Crown Prince leave, Marshall Lin rode his horse and call all his elite soldiers to follow him to the Kunfeng Province.

THE SUN finally rise, and Mingyue just arrived to the Plaza. Even after knowing that Zhang Xiao was her master, she have to be there at all cost to prevent them from thinking that she is quite suspicious.

She's been practicing her voice all night, she's been trying to sound like a man. After waiting for a minute, a lot of girls suddenly gathered in the center of the plaza.

" I heard Xiaoyou attend the feast of success in Huchen province? "

" Yes I did! "

" Omoo! Did you see Marshall Lin? Is he that handsome as the people in capital said? "

" It is indeed quite disappointing, since he didn't attend the feast because of his injury! But Lin Mingwei arrival is enough for me! "

" Whaaaaaaat? She arrived?! "

What?! Older Sister Weiwei arrived? Omygoodness! I'm dead! She must be on her way to search for me.

" They say her beauty are comparable to the moon, despite of the darkness her beauty will always shine! "

" That saying is indeed right! But Lin Mingyue didn't show up as well, if she did aahh!! I'm gonna question my gender! "

" Lin Mingyue? Isn't she's the one who dressed up like a man at the Knight Pavillion last year? "

" Yes! She is! My goodness! I even root for her! She must be too pretty that she's even way more handsome in a man clothes! "

Oh no! They know me? They probably know my look as a man. I was about to leave when Zhang Xiao arrived and immediately grab my hand and dragged me out.

" Hey! How can you drag a man like this? You can just order me to follow you! "

I exclaimed! I mean almost every single person that are in our way are looking at us. How can both man hold each other's hand? This is absurd!

"*ahem!* I was in a hurry, because Crown Prince will arrive soon and he's planning to introduce me to someone."

What is wrong with this idiot Xiao? Isn't he a playboy? How can he say no on a blind date is he crazy now?

" Stop acting I need you to pretend as my girl! "

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? But I'm a girl? How can a Genius Prime Minister have a stupid son? This is crazy it's killing me.


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