Taming the Generals Daughter
5 The Moon Goddess
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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5 The Moon Goddess

Mingyue leave the Zhang Mansion immediately as soon as she get dressed. She's so ashamed that she didn't even dare to lecture Zhang Xiao.

After Mingyue leave Zhang Xiao, he immediately lost his temper and yelled. After hearing Zhang Xiao voice his servant immediately went in his room and ask him.

" Young Lord what seems bothering you? "

His right hand ask, as he stood up next to his bed. He look around but he didn't find Mingyue, she probably left.

" What did father said, about his condition of me having my own house in the capital? "

Zhang Xiao said, as he massage his temple since it's bothering him.

" You shall exclude yourself, no woman, no wine, no party and mostly no sexual interactions. "

Goon said, as he remain to recall what Prime Minister Zhang said. Zhang Xiao was about to explode from anger, he's losing his temper but he's controlling it.

" And what I have done today? Last night? "

Zhang said, he want to hear some pleasing in the ears. But Goon think that his master want him to recall everything correctly.

" Last night, that lady Mingyue seduce you. "

Goon said as he recall the firt scenario, after hearing the thought that its Mingyue's fault in the first place he's in the middle of the calm and the storm.

" And you want to help her by making her a cold bath. "

Goon continued, Xiao nood rapidly he likes what he's hearing. Clearly it's Mingyue's fault, he is sure enough that his father won't blame him.

" And you bring her to the Zhang Household. "

After hearing this part Xiao was lost in his mind. The image last night started to pop in his head.

" And I let her seduce me, and we end up doing it, and we-- I end up taking the cold bath instead. And.... ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'M DEAD! If father find this things out I'm more than dead! "

Zhang Xiao stood up and started to walk in circle. He must came up with an idea to cover up what ever happened last night.

AT THE LIN HOUSEHOLD everyone's is even way more busier than last night. Marshall Lin and his soldiers just returned early in the morning. He's now in his way to the Emperor to offer his respect.

Before his return the whole household want everything perfect, but they know one thing. That Marshall Lin will be more than mad if he finds out that he's other half is not in the household anymore.

General Lin is way more nervous than all of them, he know he can't be more serious in front of his son. He was in his way to the court as well but his body doesn't want too. What if his son find out that he banished Mingyao in the household? He'll be furious!

After paying his respect, Marshall Lin went straight to Lin household. Almost all of the lady was in the road to peak the beauty of his face, they say;

" If I die after serving him, I'll be honored to accept my lovely death! "

" Our Crown Prince have his Crown Princess now, but our Marshall Lin is not! I shall be at least his concubine. "

" Ahhh~ his presence is enough to sustain my life for a whole ten thousand years! "

All of them went on rampage! This sight only happens for at least once, since he join the army and stayed in the boarder for almost a year. But Marshall Lin isn't enjoying any of this, he thinks that he will lost his mind in any minute.

When he reached the Huchen Province, everyone was busy. They all well known that Marshall Lin hates gossip, and extravagant welcoming. Even tho he want to refuse the emperor's order about throwing a feast in his residence he doesn't want to disrespected him.

Marshall Lin, went straight to his room first and changed his clothes and didn't went out till noon. No one dared to interrupt him, even his mother understand that his son need a deep sleep.

When the night falls, the feast was about to start. Even all of the Royal Family arrived. After hearing a load musical a lady in her blue dress came out in the room of Marshall Lin. Her beauty is enough to seduce evey man in town.

She walk gracefully, her beauty is indeed exceptional. Her eye lashes is too long to be true, her eyes are blue like the deep blue ocean, her nose is on point like it was made up with the touch of every gods, her lips are red as blood, her skin are white as snow, her hair follows her every move, she's tall enough with her pair long white legs, her body shape are like the most perfect structure. No one can deny the fact that she's the most beautiful woman in the whole Han Empire even the beauty of the Crown Princess cannot be compared by her beauty.

Her blue eyes are paired with her Blue Sheni, the whole crowd was stunned by her beauty.

" Isn't it our Lin Mingwei, the favored daughter of the moon goddess. "

Everyone began to whisper to each other, Lin Mingwei the first daughter of the Lin family. It is said that she becomes extremely weak after his brother left for war. She can't even move out in her bed.

Only physicians can see her since that day, how come she's still that beautiful?

Even the Emperor was disappointed on not making her the Crown Princess, that she cannot participate a long time ago because of her illness.

She went straight to the Emperor table and bow as she offer her respect. Even the Crown Prince and the other Prince can't even take away their eyes from her.

" How are you Lin Mingwei, I didn't know that you are well now that you can even stood up? If I have known this sooner, I have send you gifts. This is indeed must be a extravagant feast! "

The Emperor was so satisfied when he sees her, Lin Mingwei is as genius as her brother who reach Heaven Realm at the same time, according to the last report of General Lin her cultivation is in the Middle Stage of Heaven Realm. She is indeed the favored daughter of the moon goddess.

" Thank you for your kindness your majesty, knowing that my current wellness please you. It is enough for a mare servant like me. "

The Emperor is indeed grateful on Lin Household, for they never boast around on their title. All of them are doing everything to make sure they are doing their work very well.


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