Taming the Generals Daughter
4 Stupid Mingyue
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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4 Stupid Mingyue

" Young Lord, how do you think, why do you consider, working with that Lin Mingyue? I know I shall not dare to question your judgment but, Lin Mingyue isn't she's a she? The Top 3 beauty of the Han Empire? "

The man that kidnapped Mingyue said as he followed his Master. The Man suddenly stop and look at his servant like he never seen someone so stupid in his whole life.

" Can't you see? He is dressed as a man and the way he swing his sword is enough to prove that he's a he. How dare you question my judgment with a stupid reason? "

His master said as they continue to walk to the market, right now all he can do is to watch the lady that his master mistaken as a man.

Since his master was treated like a precious jade he never understand the outside world that much. Both of them was silently walking when a girl suddenly came out in the public bath, looking hot.

She opened her upper clothes, that showing off her silky skin and her plump chest. Almost all of the people who see her can't take away their eyes.

When suddenly his master walk to her and touched her pulse...

" She's been drugged, darn! "

MINGYUE Point of View

I need a bath, how can this day be so hot? Hayst! Probably the north right now is already snowing. After I leave the Brothel I went straight to the Public Bath since its so hot today.

Damn after taking bath I can still the hotness in my body, I think I'll be out of my mind.


After Mingyue leave the public bathroom she almost undress herself. When a man suddenly came in front of her saying that she's been drug.

" Hmmm.. Aren't you handsome my Lord? Wanna set fire with me? "

Mingyue seems shocked in her own words as well, but her body want to do something she probably won't admit. She lean to the man and lick its neck to his ears she bite it seductively.

The man gulp, and push her.

" I think someone put a Aphrodisiac in her drinks or something. "

(Aphrodisiac is a drug that can make you feel lust aggressively.)

Before everything get worst he carried her, the people began to manage their own business and leave. But Mingyue still doesn't want to stop.

" Young Lord, if you stay with me tonight I'll let you have my 800 silver in my pocket. Can you please me? Oww you have a nice body. "

He almost freeze when Mingyue put her hand inside his dress touching his body. He's now cursing in his mind.

" Damn woman! "

After a second both of them banished.


After finishing the war, the whole Lin Household became way more busier than usual. They're preparing for the great bucket, since the Emperor want an extravagant party.

Usually Lin Household never held any celebration, since they believe there's no victory in war. The other side lost in invading their land but the Han Empire lost its best soldiers.

They believe there's nothing to celebrate about, General is now in the office of Capital Defense. Marshall Lin is still in the battle fied retrieving their brothers body and still searching for some warriors that are missing.

Marshall Lin, the second hand of General Lin his father. At the age of 17 years old he managed to be kill 100 plus warrior in the first day without any scar. It is natural to the Lin family member to learn war tactics and Marshall arts at the age of 3 and he is not the Lin Household first young master for nothing.

He is not just well known from being genius is war, people of the Han Empire said that he's appearance is as handsome as the Crown Prince.

And after the whole empire heard about his return all of the young lady in the empire is getting ready to seduce him.

" Scatter and search for all of them, we shall not leave no one behind. Tonight we will be back in the Capital! Be observant there must be some traps in here since this is the Jing Empire camp! I DON'T ACCEPT UNACCEPTABLE COST OF DEATH! WE ARE WARRIORS OF HAN EMPIRE A MOUSE TRAP CANT KILL A TIGER! I WANT ALL OF US BE BACK ALIVE DO YOU HEAR ME?!!! "

Mashall Lin yelled, all of his soldiers yelled with excitement in response. They respect Marshall Lin not just because he is the Lin's young lord it is because he is a leader who carry the burden with his people just like every General that came from Lin will do.

When the dawn is about to come, they're all finally moving back to the capital.


Somehow in every household in the whole city is emptied its seems in the single blink of an eye the lively market becomes a ghost town. In the other hand a young man is struggling by temptation.

" Young Lord, I just need to heat up a little tonight, will you offer your body? "

After he put down Mingyue she push him in the edge of the table and corner him. She's now blushing in front of him, he loves the way he smell.

" Lady! Stay away from me before I lost myself and harm you. Wait for Goon to prepare the Cold bath. "

But she didn't listen in anything he said, in her mind she knows that this is wrong but she think she will die if she didn't let out this heat.

She moved closer and kissed him aggressively, the man is in the middle of loosing his mind.

" Darn it! I think I have to use the cold bath to! Since you started it you should finish it as well. "

And they undress each other.


MINGYUE Point of View

*ouch* I suddenly woke up, and I feel some pain down there and I hate it. Shit--I'm naked, where is this place?


I stood up immediately and covered my body, last night? That shit is real? I thought I'm dreaming, hell no!

" What are you yelling about? Can you shu---*BANG* FVXK! "


" What are you bubbling about your the one who throws yourself in me? Don't you know who I am? I'm Zhang Xiao! You should feel honored instead!


Zhang Xiao!?

' Anyway Father who is the man who supposedly be my fiancé? '

' It's my friend Prime Minister Zhang, only son Zhang Xiao.'

Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao

I escape marriage because I want to be free and yet!

Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao

I give my self willingly for sexual interaction in this Zhang Xiao? I'm so stupid!

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    《Taming the Generals Daughter》