Taming the Generals Daughter
3 My Sweet Job and The Brothel
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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3 My Sweet Job and The Brothel

" Acckk! *caugh* wait! "

Mingyue was stunned when the man stood up, after she attacked him with the low skill move that supposed to be enough to kill him.

" Don't be shocked, your low skill sword is enough to kill a low tear but darling I'm in the Cloud Realm. "

He smirked, as he let out his sword and point it into her as if he's declaring a fight.

White Realm, is the lowest realm any warrior could achieve. Once they awaken their spiritual power that are bestowed by the Diety.

After cultivating a year or a month if your a genius, you'll step up in the Enchanted Realm. Where your power and strength is incomparable to a normal human. Compared to White realm that are times two more powerful to a normal human.

After it the Earth Realm, Mingyue reach Earth Realm at the age of 16. And she remains there because she is quite lacking in something she don't know. Being in Earth realm allows them to unlock many sense, and allowing them to summon more than 5 spiritual weapon. You're as well be able to enhance your spiritual soul, that you'll be needed in the next realm to allow you to achieve more.

Cloud Realm, once you enhance your spiritual power in its finest it will allow you to have a spiritual pet, fairy or monster that will accompany everytime you summon them. Cloud Realm will increase your ability when you are in the sky.

Heaven Realm, this realm allow them to summon god and goddess that they sign a contract with. This god capability is depend on what kind of God are they. The stronger you are the powerful your sign contract god is.

Saint, this power is acquired once you have unlocked your power and you're be able to use your contract god power even without their presence and a lot of unknown things. According to the legend there's only 3 person have reached this power so no one besides those know this saint capabilities.

Each Realm have its one unique strengths.

" Hmp! I'm a Lin! And if I'm a Lin, Earth Realm is comparable to Cloud Realm of any family! We take no short cut in cultivating, if you dare to fight me then stop bragging and strike! "

Mingyue yelled but the man only lift his arm like he's giving up.

" Well then I'm here to offer you a job. I want you to be one of my spy if you dare to take down the offer I'll announce in the whole town that your voice is ugly because it's sounds like a girl! "

Mingyue and the 2 guards almost drop their mouth in the ground. How can this man be such a fool! It is so obvious already that she's a girl! And besides General Lin doesn't have a son! Or this man just doesn't want to accept defeat from a woman.

" *caugh* the work is nothing, only silver or gold will matter. "

Mingyue said, since she needs a job. In Lin mansion their family spy have a 12,000 salary a month. Well it is silver, considering their household they doesn't have that much silver or gold. Since the General care about his people the most.

" Since you're powerful and quite useful, that we can also disguise you as a girl. I will offer you 2,100 gold. "

Mingyue drop her mouth literally, 2,100 gold is almost 21,000 silver! How can this arrogant jerk be so rich who is he?

" *caugh* I guess that is enough. But I'm not into killing innocent people. "

Mingyue said, to make her intentions clear. The both sides sign agreements, and they leave the place.

MINGYUE Point of View

Within 10 months I can return to our household! HA HA HA I'm indeed a lady of Lin family. WAIT! IT'S ALREADY MORNING?!

I must go back to the Land Lady immediately, before the rooms will be occupied. As I reached the Brothel, what a familiar name. Maybe this building is quite famous I once heard that Father came in Brothel and my Mother almost burn the whole household in anger.

" We've won the war! "

" General Lin is really a awesome General! "

" This war last for a year, I heard in the Capital that the war ends because of Marshall Lin. Surely General son will grow up just like him! "

" I heard that the Generals Son is already 19 years old, but he still doesn't have a wife! "

" His son is incomparable, he never went in any brothel in the whole empire. I think he will grow old without getting married. "

" What a pity! Every daughter of the whole empire was devastated when the rumor about the Marshall Lin is a gay. "

BAAAAAAH?! A Gay! This fools! How dare they call my Mingxiu GAY!

" Omo! Young Lord what Thing I can offer you? "

The Land Lady suddenly appeared in front of me, shoot! I forgot I'm dressed like a man! *sigh*

I just gave her 100 silver since I'll be staying here for 10 days. That man said that in 10 days he will meet me in the town plaza.

Without saying a thing I went up to the Second floor and entered my room. Good thing is no one is in here, so I immediately climb to bed and sleep.

(In the middle of her nap, she felt like someone is in her top and something is in her mouth.)

What the! I opened my eyes and there's a girl in my top, and she was about to kiss me. FVCK! I don't want to gave my first kiss to a girl! So i push her.

" My Lord, did I offended you? Or you want to be on top? Or you want me to dance first? My Lord? "

What the hell is going on? What is this? How did she entered my room?


Wait--is this the house of the prostitutes? AND I'M STAYING HERE?! MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

I immediately stood up, and leave the room as fast as I can. Stupid! I'm so stupid! Thank goodness that I immediately grab my belongings, where I can stay now?


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