Taming the Generals Daughter
1 The Marriage
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Taming the Generals Daughter
Author :lycaleigher
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1 The Marriage

" Young Lady! The Grand General just came back from war. He's now paying his respect to His Majesty. "

A woman in her 20's said as she bow down to a Lady in front of her.

" My Father is back? What for? Is he just paying the Majesty a visit? Is the war is not that easy to handle now? Father is back and yet-- there must be something wrong. "

The Young Lady began to think bad things, but if her father pay the King a visit first. He must be fine and not injured, maybe the war is about to end.

When the sun was about to go down the Young Lady entered her place.

" Young Lady! An urgent news. "

The servant rush in her place without even knocking, but it seems she have a reasonable reason. So she let it slide, she rase her hand, which she means the servant can tell her what's going on.

" Young Lady! The Master have returned from war, not just to report the situation outside the country. It is also about your marriage. "

The Young Lady almost faint, *BANG* she suddenly punch the table and stood up.

" This is outrageous! How can my father think about my marriage at this rate! Li we shall meet my father now! "


How can father set me up at this moment? I can't even enhance my martial arts and he want me to get married! This is ridiculous!

I immediately went to the House Hall, where my father discuss matter in the Family and the Kingdom. He must be there!

" Father! It is I Mingyue, may I come in to discuss some matter? "

I said, and within a second the door opened wide. There's a lot of people inside, crap! Almost forgot the rules.

" Greetings father, and mother. "

I said as I bowed to him.

" Father I-- "

" I believe all of you can leave, my daughter want to discuss some matter. Tomorrow is my return to the war, you shall prepare what I ask you to. "

After a minute the Hall almost emptid, Father is still sitting in his chair beside him was Lady Yingbin my mother.

" Waaaaaaaah! I haven't seen you for a month and you will show in front of me with serious face? "

My father said, my mother almost let a loud laugh out but she keep it inside her and wave her hand at me to punish my father.

" How dare you father! How dare you ask the king for me to get married! WAAAAAAAHH even if I die i will never marry someone i never love! "

I yelled as i throw tantrums in front of them, my mother even nod rapidly. Then she went at me and hug me tight.

" My poor daughter, shall I smack your Father to death? "

My mother said, as she let out her massive killing aura. Woah she really gives me shivers!

" Yes mother! For I beg you!! "

I said as act as if I'm crying in pain.

" How could the both of you team up to bully me? I just came back from a bloody war, I deserve a hot night my lady. "

My father said as he wink to my mother that cause her a red face.

"Shut it Chao, do you want to sleep outside? "

" Tsk! Father! I swear if you tied me up into someone today. I swear in the name of the Goddess of Xinglin I'll leave our house! "

I proudly said, I know my father can't even think that I'm out of the house. He will gone crazy, and my mom will even beat my father to death if he agree.

My father almost dropped his jaw in the ground and my mother started to cry. It is working isn't it?

" My gosh my little girl is now a grown up lady. *cries* "

My father stand up and went to my mother to give her a shoulder to lean on. Awww even my father manage to marry the one that he love I believe I will too! Look how awesome they're.

" My daughter is like a splitting part of me right my darling? Han! Are you there? "

My! It is working HAHAHAHA, my father called Han his righthand he will probably ask him to arrange a meeting with His Majesty and he'll probably revoke the deal.

" Yes Master? "

Uncle Han came inside the Hall and bow to my father.

" My daughter said that she'll leave the House of General if I'll still go on to the proposal of our Emperor. Should we follow her? "

Of course father! I nod rapidly and give my father a assurance smile to show him I'm dead serious.

" She is really your daughter Master, I remember you said the same thing to our Late Master. Shall I prepare the things that will be needed? "

I've wooooooooon!

" Thank you Father! "

" So when are you planning to leave? "

" I want it right now! - - - wait WHAAAAAAT?! "

I almost drop my jaw literary.

" Hahaha, you promise in the name of the Goddess of war our Deity you shall stick with it. The idea about your marriage was ordered by the Emperor it is not my power to revoke it, even tho if the Emperor won't allow me to revoke the order I will not pass the situation that my daughter think like a grown up lady. My Mingyue I'm so proud of you *cries* "

Facepalm, my goodness I've been trick!

" What are you thinking Chao? Are you hearing what's going on? Our Mingyue will leave the house! She can't even handle anything! My poor Mingyue *cries* "

My father let a loud sigh so do I! How can I make everything worst!

" Okay here's a deal! If our Minyue can earn 100,000 silver for a year she can return to the House and even be free to choose her husband. But you must not let anyone know that you are part of the Lin Family. "

My father said after he finished his word Han entered the Hall with my belongings.

For my freedom!

" Father! I Mingyue will earn MORE than 100,000 silver and be back well, if not I will obey and get married. "

My great great grandfather is one of the most outstanding General in our country, he finished a very tactical war and discovered their plan for just three days. He even manage to kill 300 person in just one wave of his Spiritual Weapon. Because of his outstanding capability the Emperor bestowed him a prosperous province.

Since then Lin family our family stays loyal to the Emperor, for some reason since then there's no war that my family cant win.

I've been protected by many guards and my family for all my life. My family spoiled me, all of my nanny do the things that needed to take a good care of me.

But now I'm leaving, and I will be back again. I have to leave this province since everyone will do what I say in here so I'll achieve nothing if I stay here.

Luckily my father allowed me to bring a horse, and he even give me a silver token which means that no person shall ask who I am for death is the right prize. This token can be use in the whole empire, every noble family can have it but only one for each family.

I'm only good at studying but no one will accept a lady to be a tutor or even just a mere apprentice. In the other hand I'm quite capable in terms of cooking.


" Young Lord, your father has arrived and he request your presence in the South Garden. "

A good looking man in his blue robe follow his father's right hand. His serious face is enough to captivate thousands of young lady. He wave his hand and place his arms behind him such a gentleman figure.

He is Zhang Xiao the 1st and only son of Master Zhang. Master Zhang is a Prime Minister, of Han Empire.

Beside of being a Minister he is well known elder as well his intelligence cannot be compared by any other minister. His loyalty to the King are as strong as the General, which he say in an ought "Betrayal is never been an option"

" Father? "

Zhang Xiao is one of the top 10 handsome Lord in the Emperial City. Just like his father he is genius but an arrogant playboy.

" The King have withdraw the wedding. "

Minister Lin said, he never bothered about the marriage as well but his son will never take his right path if he continued to go in a path of being a playboy. He doesn't want his son to end up as a failure.

" It doesn't matter father, as long as I'm handsome getting a wife is easy. All girls will line up in the house once they heard the news."

Minister Lin almost lost his mind, only the daughter of the minister can manage his son arrogance and now it seems even the Generals Daughter despise his son. What a pity.


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