Summon System In My Novel
41 Chapter 41
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Summon System In My Novel
Author :Bader
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41 Chapter 41

Third Person's POV:

Next Day, the whole capital started to celebrate. The Empress Dowager's birthday was a very popular day because people of all ages go out and celebrate. Empress Dowager was always kind to the people of the Vermillion Empire and did her best to maintain peace and justice which gained her the support of the people.

In Empress Dowager's Palace, envoys from nearby countries started to arrive sending their gifts and congratulations. The number of people attending her birthday is 10 times the number of people that come to see the emperor.

A while later, a guard came in saying: "The Seniors have arrived!!!"

Following his words, the old people followed by their disciples entered the hall. The moment they entered the hall, all the nobles in the area started to walk closer to them to send their greetings. Unfortunately, these old people completely ignored them. To these seniors, the nobles aren't worthy of their time. They are just people with some money and no real power.

Senior Mial started to say: "Where is that Senior Almericus? He usually goes around bragging about his daughter. It's weird that he isn't around."

Nip who was standing behind him said: "Master, maybe Senior Almericus will be entering with Empress Dowager!"

An old lady said: "Hmmm, I don't feel his presence around. How could he leave the people who will cure his daughter without reception."

While they were arguing about Almericus whereabouts. Somewhere else in the palace, Liam was looking at his people as he said: "Listen to me carefully, Veldora, Ren, Lucy, and Shadow Guards will go and attack Dual Ying Yang Sect's disciples. Try to make it quick and quit. The faster you finish the mission, the smother our plan will go. Kurma will be protecting Lily!!"

All of them nodded their heads saying: "Yes, my lord."

Liam nodded his head as he continued: " Once you finished with the disciples, prepare a trap for that pervert old man. We are going to capture him alive. Killing him is an easy punishment. I will make him regret the day he was born into this world!!"

The people around me started to sweat hearing my threats. After that, they disappeared leaving Liam walking toward the birthday party alone.

Back at the birthday party, people were enjoying their time chatting and discussing the latest news about the traitor 9th prince, Grand Duke Bennet, and Marquess Clader.

A noble lady started saying: "How dare that trash prince plot against his father, the emperor. He is an unfilial son!! He dares to attack the emperor!!"

Another lady said: "Yes, I heard about the news! If it wasn't for the brave Crown Prince's findings about the plot, the 9th prince plans would have succeeded! We are lucky to have such a brave Crown Prince!! Do you know what type of woman does he like?"

Before she heard an answer, the guard came and said: "His Majesty, Emperor Theodore Von Vermillion, and the Crown Prince, Thome Von Vermillion, have arrived!!!"

The two entered wearing majestic clothes stunning the nearby women, they started screaming seeing them entering the hall. Most of them were looking at the crown prince with many ways to seduce him.

"Your Highness, Crown Prince~ It's been a long time since we last met. Do you remember me?"

"Crown Prince, Could you tell me how you found the traitors plot?"

Hearing them saying these words the seniors could only laugh and roll their eyes. They all have seen what happened at the palace and how the royal family was beaten by a 10-year-old.

The emperor came running toward the seniors with shining eyes as he said: "Greetings Seniors!! I hope you like your stay in the capital. If you have any request please tell me, after all, you are all my guest. Hehehee"

A creepy old man said: "We had a deal, where is your daughter? Who killed my disciples who came to take her?"

The emperor had sweat on his face as he said: "Senior, I don't really know. Maybe it's Liam's doing! He might have done something!"

The creepy old man looked at him with a smirk as he said: "You have to fulfill your promise otherwise…"

The emperor smiled as he said: "Don't worry, I won't break my promise!!"
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The same guard came in as he said: "Her royal highness, Empress Dowager Nora Von Byron, and her highness, Princess Lily Von Vermillion, have arrived!!"

A woman that looks in her 30s wearing gold and black robes with a phoenix shaped hairpin, and next to her is a 6-year-old girl wearing similar robes while carrying a small cute white fox in her hands.

Seeing their appearance, everyone was stunned and shocked. The Empress Dowager had regained her youth back!! The emperor and the seniors were looking at her as if looking at a ghost. Some of the nobles were looking at Lily surprised because it's their first time knowing about Lily's existence.

The emperor started to say: "Is that you, mother? Impossible!!!! That's impossible!!!! What treasure did you use? Could you tell your filial son? Also, why did you take Lily away from me? She is my precious daughter and it's my job to look for a good future for her." He didn't care about her health. All he cared for is what he would gain from it.

The Empress Dowager looked at him for a second, she said: " Hmmm? Scram! I don't remember inviting you!" then she continued walking toward her seat.

Lily looked at the emperor as she laughed saying: " Scram you ugly pig!! Big Brother Liam will beat you up the moment he sees you!! Hehehehe"

Hearing their words making fun of the emperor, all the nobles breathed cold air. The Empress Dowager just kicked the emperor away!!!

At this moment, the creepy old man walked forward as he pointed at Lily saying: "Hehehehe….. Little Lily where do you think you can go away from me. You are mine!"

The Empress Dowager stopped as her eyes and tune turned cold. She said: " Yours? Are you looking for death? Do you know to whom you are talking to?"

Before Empress Dowager has the opportunity to reveal her full cultivation a strong sword aura appeared in the sky. Everyone looked up to see a 10-year-old wearing a mask that appeared standing on a flying sword. His appearance stunned everyone.

" Is that the trash 9th prince?"

" Hmmmm????? No that must be some else!! It must be a senior in disguise!!"

The same guard walked forward as he said: "His Majesty, The King of Secluded Kingdom, King Liam Von Vermilion has arrived."

Hearing the introduction, they were all stunned. To them, this is a traitor, not a king. They were all started to question their reality. Some of them started to realize that the news about the 9th prince was all fake and lies. They looked at him with curiosity to know the truth about him. Because most of the nobles already knew the emperor and the crown prince are useless.

Liam started deciding down from the sky as he said to the creepy old man: " You old shit. Why do you want to die so bad? You dare to look at this king's sister?"

The old man thought for a while, then he said with a smile: " My apologize, Empress Dowager. I am not looking for a fight. Your Emperor promised to give me Lily in exchange with some pills. I was just following the agreement. Since he couldn't fulfill his end of the deal, it's his fault. I am not looking to fight Senior Almericus. But, little Liam I like you! Do you wanna join my Sect?"

Liam stepped down from the sword as he said with a low voice that everyone could hear: " I don't join dead people...."

The creepy old man had an angry look on his face. He was never refused and threatened like this before. This is a declaration of war. He was only holding back because he feared offending Senior Almericus.

Empress Dowager smiled as she said: "Now Now… It's my birthday. If you have any fights, it would be after the party. If you guys continue you will have to face Papa!! Isn't that right, Papa?" She looked at a cloud in the sky while saying those words.

Everyone looked up and they could see 6 people hiding in the clouds. After seeing everyone looking at them, they revealed themselves. They were 4 middle-aged people and 2 young people. One of the middle-aged people was Senior Almericus.

They came down as Senior Almericus said: "Hehehehe… Didn't I say my daughter is awesome!! Look what she has got a grandson!! She has a grandson much more awesome than your grandsons!!! Hahahahahahaaaa… Don't argue with me. Just accept it and kneel down with defeat!!!"

A beautiful middle-aged woman with red and white hair laughed as she said: "Hohohohooo…. You have a good grandson!! What's your ugly daughter have anything to do with it!! Is your grandson engaged to anyone? Does he like any girl?" Her words were making men stunned in their place.

Unknowingly a Light flashed in Liam's eyes when he saw the middle-aged woman. He remembered her from one of the extra chapters he wrote. She has one of the keys to an ancient cultivator's inheritance. Immediately, he came up with a plan but he wasn't sure if it will work.

After her, a 3 meter high bulky middle-aged man with black and white hair said: " HMPH!!! He can't compare to my grandson!!! He is weak! Your daughter is weak!!! Your whole family is weak! Did you bring me all the way here to see weak people!!"

Another middle aged woman with white hair said: " He is not bad!! His sword and sword aura is will trained and pure. His talent in swordsmanship is unmatched in his generation!!"

Liam smiled as he walked toward the red and white-haired lady and said: "Hmmm… I am available. Beauty, do you want to go on a date with me?"

Silence could be heard in the hall. Liam's words made everyone's mind explode with shock! A 10-year-old is asking several thousands-year-old monster to go on a date with him!!! Even the so-called seniors would never dare to say Liam's words.

The middle-aged woman was stunned for a second before she laughed and said: "Hahaha What an interesting kid! I was aking because of my granddaughter. Kid, do you know that I smashed everyman dared to ask me on a date to death! Do you still insist on taking me on a date?" While talking she pointed t her granddaughter who was standing behind her.

Liam laughed as he said: " Hahaha… Smashed to death by you is my joy and happiness. Go ahead!"

WTF! Was in everyone's mind at this moment. They can't understand why Liam is looking for his death.

Liam didn't wait for her response as walked to his grandmother and said: " Hehehe… Beauty, meet me later, after midnight. I have prepared a wonderful show for you. A date under the moonlight would be perfect for us."

Somewhere else between the crowds, a girl who was standing next to Lady Lydia looked at Liam with deadly eyes.

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    《Summon System In My Novel》