Sinful Temptations
34 First Impressions
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Sinful Temptations
Author :tsuki93
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34 First Impressions

Naraka finished his call with Zhong enterprises and ended the call. He was reviewing the reports they had sent over, when he heard the entrance to his office opening. Closing his laptop, he waited to see his bride- to- be. From the report Tzoker had given him, he should have met her before. Especially,because of who her father is, but he couldn't bring himself to remember.

She walked in first, followed by Tzoker. She wore a blue loose fitting blouse with a skin tight pencil skirt. Her skin was milky white and her dark brown hair was pulled tight into a bun, accentuating her big brown eyes. She was beautiful and held an aura of authority. 'I guess she will do' he thought to himself.

While, she was beautiful, he felt no attraction to her. To him she gave him the feeling of meeting with a colleague for business. That's exactly what they were here for, business. He signed a contract for marriage to ensure he would take the throne and she.... Naraka listened closely drowning out all background sound until he heard the faint patter of a heartbeat in her stomach. 'Well there is no doubt that she was pregnant. ' .

She walked to the front of his desk and waited for him to greet her. He held out his hand "Prince Naraka Aideneous"

"Also, your husband to be" chimed in Tzoker.

" I'm Mina, your fiance" She responded. Naraka ushered her to the seating area in his office. " My prince, I awaited your presence in the lobby. I was very disappointed at how your employees treated me" Naraka just raise his brow and glanced at Tzoker, who was trying hard not to smirk. 'She is quite valiant to speak to me this way'.

"My apologies for having you wait, while I attended to pressing matters concerning my company" Sarcasm dripping with every word.

This appeared to be lost on her, because she appeared satisfied with his answer. " I just believe when we get married, your wife and child should become a priority. " She continued. Naraka wanted to groan and rub his palm across his face, but instead he kept his composure and just responded, " Naturally".

In a normal situation, Naraka would have agreed with her, because that's what his father was trying so hard to instill in him. That was his fathers reason behind his ultimatum, to bang those values in his head. However, nothing about this was normal and it felt even more foreign as she sat across from him.

"Good, we are on the same page" She jumped up smiling happily. "I will see you at our engagement dinner, to announce it to our families" She walked over, and gave him a wet kiss on the cheek before leaving.
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Naraka just sat there frowning in disgust at the wet feeling on his face. Pulling a handkerchief from his blazer he wiped the spit from his face, glaring at Tzoker. Who was laughing loudly now,

"So much for first impressions"

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    《Sinful Temptations》