Sexual Adventure
1 Sun, sand and sex
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Sexual Adventure
Author :Niekie182
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1 Sun, sand and sex

It was a nice sunny morning. Perfect weather for a day on beach. Dev and Latoya carried there belongings out to the car and started out on there journey. There was evidence of the natural sexual tension that existed between the two. Latoya leaned over and kissed Dev on his ear sucking hard n his earlobe.

"Wanna try sumn fun?" asked Latoya.

Before He could answer she was started fumbling with the zipper on his pants.. She pulled his cock out and gently glided her tongue over the head. She quickly took a mental picture of his cock and put the full length of his cock in her mouth. Dev was finding it hard to keep his focus on the road. Latoya started to suck his balls. She spit on his cock making his cock nice and wet before taking him back into her mouth.. She did just enough to bring him close enough to the edge then pulled backed. She didn't want him coming; not yet anyways. They continued on the rest of there journey in silence. The words unspoken but were clearly understood. This was not going to be an ordinary day at the beach.

They changed into their swim wear and slowly walked down the beach trying to find a secluded area to continue what they had started in the car. They found a perfect spot away from preying eyes. They pounced on each other immediately and started to explore each others body in ways that wasn't possible inside the car.

"Let's go inside the water" said Latoya. Her skimpy outfit made it easy for Dev to slide is throbbing cock inside her aching hole as he held her afloat in the water. Latoya bit her lips as the pleasure gushed through her body. Dev's cock was truly magnificent. He kept his pace slow and steady so as not to draw any attention to them. But Latoya being the greedy cock lover that she was wanted more. She wanted to be fucked hard...

She grabbed his hand; dragged him back towards the sand and pushed him down on the towel. Latoya straddled Dev and sunk her pussy unto his cock.. She winced as his monster cock stretched her pussy. She sat for a while enjoying the feeling of his cock inside of her.

She started grinding on his cock. Dev slapped her ass as she moved up and down on his cock. The pleasure was unbearable Latoya kept screaming and increasing her speed.. She was damn close to an orgasm. She forgot about where she was. All that was on her mind was getting her release. She was just grinding and screamed until her play was rudely interrupted by a strange voice.

"What you folks doing over her" said a man..

Latoya cheeks redden as she realized they got busted.


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