Secret Killer
103 Warmth of an Embrace
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Secret Killer
Author :NoWoRRyMaN
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103 Warmth of an Embrace

It has been more than 6 hours, but Leon didn't move from his spot. He didn't even move his body. He stared at the phone screen, which also timed out and turned off after five minutes.

His eyes looked lifeless, and his breathing was getting slow as time passed. If anyone saw him, they would mistake him for a corpse.

Suddenly, his phone's screen lit up, and the phone rang.

It was a call from an unknown number.

Leon had no intention to answer the call, so he let it ring. However, five minutes passed by, and the caller kept calling. Annoyed and frustrated by his ringtone, Leon tried to cut the call, but he mistakenly answered it.

"Hello?" the voice said.

It was a female voice, and Leon teared up after hearing the voice.

"Leon? Are you awake?" the voice asked.

The caller was none other than Ida.

"Leon? Can you hear me?" she asked.


Ida sighed in relief and said, "Were you busy with something? Did I disturb you?"


"This is my personal number. Save it," she said. "The number you called earlier was my manager's number."


"She handles everything—all the sponsors, merchandise, and deals. We were talking on a video call just now, and she mentioned that she got a call from a weirdo," Ida continued. "So I asked her the details, and she told me that the caller referred to himself as a milkman."


"So I immediately called you afterward. Was that milkman you? Were you the one who called me?" Ida asked with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"Yes…" Leon replied in a low voice.

"I see. And please don't hurt my manager for hanging up the call on you. I get calls like those every day. She was just thinking of my wellbeing as my manager," Ida begged with an anxious voice.


"Leon? Are you there?"


"Don't tell me you are already on your way to kill her?!" Ida exclaimed with her voice full of worry.

"Where… what… are you doing?" Leon asked with a slight smile on his face.

"Umm, I was setting up my onlyfans profile. But then I got a call from my manager for this month's sponsors, so I talked with her. And now I am talking to you," Ida scoffed. "What about you? And why did you call me?"


"Were you missing me or something?" Ida joked.




"Wait, really?!" Ida exclaimed in a loud voice. "I meant that as a joke. I didn't know you were truly missing me."

"I am…"

"Wait a minute…" After a brief pause, Ida said, "You called me because you ran out of my milk, right?!"


"Hey… everything okay? Why do you sound so… sad? What happened?" Ida asked with her voice full of anxiousness.

"I… want to see you."

"Okay. I will video call you."

"I want to touch you…"

"Uhh… I mean, if you can come to my apartment… sure," Ida uttered in a low voice.

"Okay. I will be there in a few minutes," Leon nodded.

"I will wait for you," Ida chuckled. "And wait, don't come from the balcony!"


Leon placed his phone in his pocket and got out of his apartment. He didn't bother to take his bag or the mask. He didn't care about anything else.

Right now, he wanted to see Ida. He wanted to fall on her embrace and feel her warmth.

Leon tried to climb the building and run, but he couldn't analyze anything like he always did. His brain was empty, and it had only one thought: Ida.

When he glanced at the moon, he found it more charming than usual for some reason. He felt like he could watch it all night.

After 25 minutes of walking, jumping, falling, and crawling, Leon reached Ida's apartment.

He had several strokes on his way, and he fell down from the buildings while jumping. But thanks to his super-healing evolved ability, his wounds healed faster than before. But the pain took a while to subdue.


Leon rang the bell and waited for Ida to open the door. 

For some reason, he was nervous to see her.

After a minute, Leon learned footsteps approaching the door, and the next moment, Ida opened the door with a warm smile on her face.

Her face clearly showed how happy she was to see Leon.

"Hello~" she said.

Leon hugged her tightly and muttered, "Thank you."

Ida could feel Leon's body trembling. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but first, she needed to comfort Leon.

Ida closed the door and hugged Leon back without saying a word.

They stayed like that for ten minutes when Leon let go of Ida.

"Are you okay?" she asked with an anxious and concerned look on her face.

Leon nodded and said, "I am now."

"What happened?" she asked.

"I just wanted to see you…" Leon replied with a slight smile on his face.

Ida grabbed Leon's hand and said, "Let's go to my room."

Leon could smell the scent of Ida's shampoo from her hair, and her skin looked wet, as though she had just taken a bath.

After they entered the room, Ida closed the door and pushed Leon on the bed.

"When you said you are coming here, I suddenly got horny. My son is also sleeping right now, so let's have some fun," she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

She took off her clothes and revealed her gorgeous body.

"What are you waiting for?" She kissed Leon on the lips and said, "Take off your clothes too."

"I… am not in the mood…" he responded in a calm voice.


Leon could tell after looking at Ida's face that she was disappointed.

She hugged her body and said, "Are you… fed up with my body now?"

"No. I came here because I wanted to see you."

Ida got on the bed and laid down beside Leon. Then, she pulled him close and buried his face in her bosom.

Leon moved his face a little and started sucking Ida's nipples to drink her milk.

After five minutes, Ida couldn't control herself and said, "Say… can't we at least have one round?"

Ida became more horny after Leon sucked her breasts. She didn't want to force Leon, so she asked him nicely.

However, when she looked at him, she saw Leon had fallen asleep while sucking her breasts.

Ida smiled gently and muttered, "It's like I have a second son."

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