SATAN 3: SATAN And the devils
1 Season 3: SATAN & the evil angels
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SATAN 3: SATAN And the devils
Author :Satan_Opediology
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1 Season 3: SATAN & the evil angels

In the last edition of the season 1, the story marked the arrival of EVE after LILITH calls her.

EVE explains the problems faced by her in the hands of those evil angels and how they kept on pregnanting her each time. She also explained that Adam couldn't do anything and her life was totally a disastrous one since they were no one to ask the atrocities committed by those evil angels.

But SATAN & LILITH were confused because before the destruction of evil deities they have already destroyed the evil angels completely, then who were this leftover angels. So to know the reality SATAN decided to go back to the kingdom of GOD with lilith & eve.

All of the 3 flew up towards the sky and reached other solar system. Eve becomes too tired and decides to rest. SATAN as usual leaves eve with lilith and rests on the space. Since SATAN colour resembles the space colour, recognising him was tough.

The evil angels who escaped death from the hands of SATAN without knowing SATAN'S presence, fully drank joyfully search for a place to relax. They reach the place where lilith & eve were relaxing. They couldn't believe their eyes because they find twins in front of them. Looking at both the ladies beauty, the evil devils decide to play evilism on them.
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    《SATAN 3: SATAN And the devils》