Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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The prizes were then distributed to the Round 2 contestants and finally Rafuru's name was announced, the crowd was going crazy when they saw Rafuru in action for the first time. The crowd was still hooting and cheering, all the girls were talking about how handsome Rafuru was, the prize was presented by none other than the Leaf's Hokage. Rafuru bowed his head in front of him and took the prize, he then rushed towards the place where his father and his mother were sitting. Naruto seemed to be happy when he saw Rafuru and praised him, Hinata also praised him, with their praises Rafuru was really happy, suddenly he heard a familiar voice that he didn't expect to hear "Congratulations Rafuru-kun! It was the first time I saw you fight, it was just amazing how you defeated that opponent from the Cloud, you didn't just save the Leaf's pride but also saved the Hyuga pride. Do you know that they tried to steal my clan's Byakugan and because of them brother Neji's father died?" it was none other than Hanabi's voice. After hearing that she loved his fight he was like totally in the air, he hadn't been that happy in his entire life. He replied "wasn't it the first time you saw me fight? I am really glad that you liked the fight. Although I didn't go overboard and killed him, so are you here for taking care of my brother?" Hanabi answered "yes!" before the both of them could chat any longer they were interrupted by Sasuke. "You have received the prize, it is the time for us to go now!"

Rafuru was really annoyed by his interruption but he couldn't do anything, he smiled at her and all of them headed towards the exit and then they headed towards the gate. Rafuru then received blessings from both of his parents and was about to leave when he heard Hanabi say "So are you leaving now?" Rafuru answered with a nod. "Where do you plan to go?" Rafuru replied "I don't know. I guess I'll just follow Sasuke sensei wherever he goes." He was enjoying his little chat with her but he stopped when he heard an unexpected question "when are you going to return to the village?" he didn't know what to say.

Does she care about me being in the village?

Has she taken a liking to me?

All of the thoughts clouded his mind but he snapped out of it instantly and said "I don't know when I'll come back. I just hope that it is soon, I cannot tell you a perfect timing but I guess I'll be back in a year or two."

Saying this he left with Sasuke and didn't even turn his head to look back at her, Hanabi saw his body going farther and farther away until it completely vanished, she wanted to stop him and drag him back to the Leaf but she couldn't do that. When both Sasuke and Rafuru had gotten far away from the Sand village, Sasuke asked Rafuru "you like that girl don't you? If you like her then why don't you confess?" Rafuru answered "you are wrong I don't like her, I love her! The reason why I do not confess is because I am not worthy of her, I couldn't protect her nor could I protect Shukajin." Saying this Rafuru didn't wait for Sasuke's reply it was as if he didn't care what Sasuke wanted to say and walked forward. He finally stopped and asked "Where to?" Sasuke replied with a smile on his face "The Hidden Leaf Village!"



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