Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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The final round was just about to begin when all the Feudal Lords decided to watch and enjoy the match between these two excellent ninjas. When it was announced in all the villages that the final match was between the 'Swift Assassin of the Leaf' and the 'Lightning Beast of the Cloud' every single person wanted to watch the match. So the match was then broadcasted live in every village, the stadium was filled with people from all around the world.

When both the finalists entered the arena they hear loud noises of cheering and hooting, when Rafuru looked at the crowd. It seemed like his eyes were searching for someone. He was looking for Hanabi, he looked in every corner of the audience but wasn't able to find her, when he looked down in sorrow he heard a voice calling his name, it was a very familiar voice when he looked in the direction where the voice was coming from he saw his mother i.e. Hinata cheering for him, to her right he saw his father and towards her left he saw Hanabi holding his brother carefully. He had to impress her with his skills, she hadn't seen him fight before because in every mission Shukajin used to do all the fighting and during the chunin exams she was in a hospital bed so she couldn't see him kill the guy who hurt her. Rafuru looked at her and smiled but she looked away, actually she did it because she blushed and couldn't gather the courage to smile back at him. Rafuru was a bit hurt because he thought that she still hated him for letting Shukajin die.

The proctor then entered the arena and asked Rafuru to pay attention as the match was about to start, "are you guys ready?" the both of them nodded their heads and got into position.


When the match started Yamamaru went into his top speed mode and headed towards Rafuru. Rafuru dodged his attack with his swift style.

Rafuru: earth style Stone pillars arise!

Rafuru threw the flying raijin kunai at the pillars.

Yamamaru wasn't finished yet, he he used his top speed to get a hit at Rafuru, the moment was just the same when the 'yellow flash' and the 4thRaikage first fought.

When Yamamaru was just second away from punching him, Rafuru spun a kunai to his right side and then teleported to a kunai on the pillar and then teleported to the kunai which was still spinning in mid-air and kicked Yamamaru real hard which resulted in him falling on the ground.

Rafuru: weren't you going to defeat me? What a joke! You are even worse than the Raikage, at first I really thought that you were a worthy opponent but I change my mind now.

Yamamaru stood up.

Yamamaru: water style water dragon jutsu! Lightning style beam of thunder!

Rafuru: trying to use increase the damage by adding the lightning style to the water dragon, huh!

Rafuru quickly teleported to other kunai but was punched by Yamamaru.

Rafuru: so he knew that I was going to teleport, thank god the punched didn't cause much damage. It seems like he has been trained to fight me, whatever I don't care. Thunder lion assassination stage 5! (In this technique Rafuru creates a shadow clone, throws a kunai at the enemy but teleports to a kunai on another pillar and then again throws a kunai at the enemy and again does the same he does it 3 more times and surrounds the enemy in a circle of kunai knives. If the opponent decides to pick the kunai and throw it in the other direction Rafuru teleports behind his back and finishes him. The opponent's only option is to kick all the kunai before it touches the ground but most of the time their attention is focused on Rafuru and not the kunai.)

This time the opponent fell for it and had no way out. Yamamaru started to panic he had never faced such situation before. But then he was struck with an idea.

Yamamaru: gale style flash pillar!

The attack was sudden and Rafuru closed his eyes and Yamamaru escaped and let out a long breath, he didn't even exhale properly when he heard "Shadow Dragon supreme Wind blow!" Rafuru teleported behind his back and threw a rasen-shuriken at Yamamaru and the match was over.

Yamamaru was still a bit unconscious but he could still see a figure standing in front of him, when he finally returned to his senses he saw Rafuru standing in front of him. "So you are finally awake. You said that you will defeat me and restore the pride of the Raikage and the Hidden Cloud but in the end all of you weren't able to fulfill your promise." Yamamaru ignored his words and asked "you are able to teleport because of your flying raijin kunai knives right? But I didn't see any knife near me then how did you teleport behind my back." Rafuru answered "you still haven't figured that out, have you? It happened at the time when I first double kicked you. I used my hand to put a teleportation seal on your back pretending as though I was pushing myself off your back." Yamamaru trembled in fear when he heard those words, he thought "not only is he powerful but he is also a tactician, no wonder the great nations fear him." Yamamaru asked "so you had the match in your hands from the beginning? Then why didn't you kill me? The tournament had no such rules that killing the opponent is prohibited, it would have saved you a lot of trouble." Rafuru answered his question again "for that you should thank my father and the Hokage who believe in peace, if it wasn't for them your life would have ended here! I am going to collect the winner's prize, you should wait here for the medics to carry you. If we ever meet again on a battle field you should pray that you are working with me and not against me."

Saying this Rafuru rushed to where the prizes were going to be announced.



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