Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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Rafuru was accompanying Sasuke on another travel. It was time that they took a break, luckily on their way they were passing through the 'village hidden in the Sand'. Just when they were going to enter the village they were stopped and were asked for their identity but when they saw Sasuke they let them enter the village. They were both like wandering ninja, they soon entered a nearby hot spring and went in for a bath. When they came out they looked all fresh and ready for action, both of them were hungry so they stopped by a shop and bought something to eat. When they finished eating Rafuru saw a poster regarding a ninja tournament, when he read the details 'the winner will get 400,000 Ryo as a price', the both of them did need money so the both of them went to enroll Rafuru's name in the tournament. When he enrolled himself into the tournament the guide took him to the dressing room, Sasuke also wanted to accompany him but was not allowed to enter because he was a non-participant.

All the participants were called into the arena and a woman was going to explain the rules. Rafuru turned his head up and found that all the Kage were present there to enjoy the tournament, "so this isn't just a normal tournament is it? Some super talented ninja must have entered this tournament, well I don't care if the 5 Kage are present here I just want the money that's all."

The woman started to explain the rules

"The contestants will be divided in 8 groups, each group will have 25 contestants. Each group will have a separate battle royal. The rule is that there are no rules, the last one standing will win the 1st round and will be promoted to the next round and the next round's instructions will be given once all the winners from their respective groups are decided. The contestants will look towards the screen now!"

Their names flashed on the screen as they were given their respective groups. Rafuru was in the 3rd group, the contestants were then sent back to their dressing rooms, on his way to the dressing room Rafuru bumped into a Cloud ninja. He stared at Rafuru with anger and said "so you are the one who disgusted and defeated our Raikage, you will pay! It's my bad luck that I am not in the same group as you, I hope that I'll see you in the finals." Rafuru replied with a smile on his face "I defeated your leader and you plan on defeating me, are you trying to say that you are stronger than the Raikage?" the guy walked pass him and acted as though Rafuru had said nothing but actually was ashamed by his question. "Isn't it common courtesy to give your name to the person you plan on defeating? Don't the Cloud ninja know that?" said Rafuru. The guy replied "Yamamaru. It's my name." Rafuru walked away like he heard nothing. In his mind he thought "is this guy really that strong? I mean the Raikage really was strong but a shinobi who is stronger than him in the Cloud village is 'Darui'. I guess I'll know when the time comes."

The 1st round began

 The winner of the first group was decided after 30 minutes, she was a Hidden Mist kunochi, Kagami and was a water style user.

The winner of the second group was decided after 1 hour, he was a Hidden Stone ninja, Aichi and was a earth and lightning style user.

When the 3rd round began everyone had their eyes stuck on the blond boy who was defeating his opponents one by one

Rafuru: I didn't get to use this before. "Thunder Leopard Assassination stage 3"!

(In this technique Rafuru threw the flying raijin kunais towards his opponents, teleported in mid-air and used his Chidori to defeat each and every enemy, he did it faster than the 'yellow flash' with the help of his Swift Release)

Only one shinobi was still standing and headed towards Rafuru to attack but Rafuru got behind him and defeated him too.

So the winner of the third group was decided in just 3 minutes and obviously it was Rafuru Uzumaki of the Leaf.

The winner of the 4th group was decided in 15 minutes, he was a Sand ninja, Touya and was a typhoon style user.

The winner of the 5th group was decided in 10 minutes, she was a Hidden Stone ninja, Yuna and was a Lava style user.

The winner of the 6th group was decided in 5 minutes, he was Yamamaru a lightning style and water style user and a gale style user. He could also use the Raikage's top speed technique.

The winner of the 7th group was decided in 9 minutes, he was Ian of the Hidden waterfall and was a water style and fire style and boil style user.

The winner of the 8th round was decided in 45 minutes he was Konohamaru of the Hidden Leaf and was a Wind and Lightning style user.

After all the winners of the first round were decided they were allowed to rest for an hour and then were called to the arena.

When all the winners of their respective group reached the arena the proctor started to explain the rules "the contestants will now fight each other one on one, they will be divided in 4 groups A, B, C, and D. winner from the A group will battle the winner from the B group and the same goes for Groups C and D. The rules are that there are no rules!"



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