Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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When Rafuru was accompanying Sasuke on his travels, Sasuke and Rafuru used to train a lot, Sasuke taught him many jutsus. According to him Rafuru has one basic chakra nature and three other slightly weaker chakra natures. His basic chakra nature is fire and his other natures are wind, lightning and earth. When he mixed these with each other he got 4 kekkei genkai- Lava, Magnet, Swift and Scorch. He also has his basic kekkei genkai which is Energy Release. He also has both the the Yin and Yang release, which means he can create anything out of nothing using his energy style(similar to the susanoo) with his yin release, because he has the yang release he could also heal himself really quick without using hand signs like the 1st Hokage. When we put all of it together Rafuru must seem to be invincible but the fact is that he isn't, whenever Sasuke and him used to spar Sasuke won every time, the reason for that was not having enough chakra to use all these jutsus. So Sasuke put a chakra seal on his hand, the seal extracts a little amount of chakra every second and when the seal is released Rafuru will have so much chakra that he could even surpass the 2nd Hokage in a match of chakra reserves. It is similar to the Byakugou but is a lot weaker and does not make the body invinsible.


1 year passed and Rafuru was 14 now, he was still honing his skills. They were on another travel when they saw a village and decided to rest for a while. With Sasuke with him and without his mask no one noticed him that much. "Are you sure that they didn't notice me and recognize me?" asked Rafuru, "If they would have noticed you they would have already fled." Rafuru nodded his head to Sasuke's answer. They both entered a restaurant and ordered some food. The people around them were continuously staring at Sasuke. They diverted their gaze when they heard some loud noises outside, both of the voices sounded familiar, the both of them went outside to check what was happening. They saw the Raikage arguing with Killer bee, he did some stupid stuff so the Raikage must be shouting at him and giving him a nice beating. When the Raikage saw Sasuke he headed towards him "well what a coincidence that we met you here, but I guess it is kind of obvious cause you don't visit your home often do you?" the Raikage stopped and took closer a look at Rafuru who was standing beside Sasuke, he looked at Rafuru with suspicion "You look familiar, that blonde hair and all. You seem to be 14 years or something, wait a second aren't you …" Raikage swallowed his words when he saw the crowd surrounding them, if he said Rafuru's name in front of everyone it could really cause a chaos. All of them went back into the restaurant. The Raikage said "So you are his sensei, huh? Well you are considered one of the legendary shinobi. You shouldn't just carry him along with you everywhere if anyone notices him they could catch you in an ambush and kill him." Rafuru replied with a tone of annoyance in his voice "Shut up old man! You really should mind your own business and if they really did ambush us I'll kill them in an instant. You should know who you are talking about , I can defeat you in an instant!" The Raikage was really pissed off when he heard those words "fine by me let's take it outside!" Rafuru replied "I am not scared of you old man let's do it!" both of them went outside and cleared the crowd for their fight.

Rafuru: I'll start 'fire style dragon flame bomb'

Raikage: I'll crush you to death you stupid child!

The Raikage dodged the attack using his top speed and went forward to attack Rafuru but he teleported in an instant

Rafuru: you really are stupid aren't you? Do you really think that you can…

The Raikage punched Rafuru in the face, he was so fast that Rafuru couldn't see it coming

Raikage: liger bomb!

Just as he was going to pound Rafuru by throwing him on the ground Rafuru vanished again and this time he did not go behind him but he stood right in front of him

Rafuru: gale palm!

He used the jutsu right on his stomach, because the Raikage had a cloak of lightning the wind style was affective against him which resulted in the Raikage thrown to the other side

Rafuru: you really got me that time didn't you? Well, I can't be too careful can I? Earth style rock pillars

They area was covered by pillars all around it was just like a rock/stone forest. When the Raikage got up he saw kunai attached (more like thrown) to the pillars. It was just like when he fought the 'yellow flash' of the Leaf.

Raikage: (I just have to figure out that where is he going to teleport, will it be there? Or there?)

Rafuru teleported to a nearby kunai, keeping his distance from the Raikage. He had a smile on his face which showed that he was about to win, the Raikage was super annoyed when he saw his smile.

The Raikage focused too much on the kunai, but was secretly observing Rafuru's actions. Rafuru suddenly threw a kunai at him, that moment he knew that Rafuru was going to use the Flying Thunder God. He turned back and threw a punch at the kunai that was behind him.

Rafuru: it's over old man.

Rafuru did transport to the kunai but for just a millisecond, it was enough to trick the Raikage and then transported in front of the Raikage.

Raikage: but how did you teleport here? I know that you already have speed but you can't be this fast to immediately appear in front of me.

Rafuru: take a closer look at your stomach!

Raikage: (it is a teleportation seal. But when did it happen? It must be when he used a weak move such as gale palm, he connected a blow and that time he put the seal on me!)

Rafuru: shadow dragon thunder strike stage 3!

Just when he was going to finish him off Sasuke interfered and threw him away.

When everything was settled the crowd looked at Rafuru with amazement, it was like they had never experienced a great fight like this. A boy even bought popcorn and enjoyed the match. Just when Rafuru and Sasuke were about to leave the Raikage stopped them "You really are something, to defeat me without even using half of your strength. But that time you really were going to kill me? May I ask what is it that made you want to kill me?" Rafuru replied with a bloodshot in his eyes "that time when the meteors were falling on Earth, you had a chakra cannon but you waited to see the other village's strength, it is because of you that my best friend died. If you wouldn't have waited for so long he would have still been alive. That's why I hate you the most of all 5 Kages!" the Raikage lowered his head "I am really sorry. You really are a great shinobi, I am glad that this is a time of peace. If this was a time of war you would have ended it single-handedly just like the 'Yellow flash'. " Rafuru replied "you should be! If this was a time of war, every village knows what would have happened. Besides I don't think that I am like my grandfather, he was a great man who became Hokage in no time and died protecting his son and his village but we both do have one thing in common we aren't soft towards our enimies!"

Saying this both Sasuke and Rafuru left the village

Rafuru said "I did notice one thing though. You weren't a bit annoyed when the Raikage challenged me." Sasuke replied "I just wanted to see how strong you've grown in the past one year. I knew that you had hatred for him and thought that you would fight to kill him, besides why did you embarrass him by not using your true strength?" Rafuru answered "if I would have used my full strength I would have killed him in no time it is just that I wanted to enjoy making him fear me!"



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