Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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After reading the letter 1022nd time he was still in tears. No one understood him more than Shukajin, back then he could

have saved him if his Energy Release wasn't sealed away. Thoughts started to

cloud his mind as he thought about the past, and remembered that his father hadn't come home for 2 weeks and one day he finally returned, that day he argued with his father for the first time, "I could've saved my brother if you hadn't suppressed my power by putting a seal on my Energy release, you how hard it is for me to suffer a loss like this. You went to save Hanabi but didn't think what would happen to me if I got hit by a meteor. If it wasn't for that seal I could have saved him! But no, you had to go before unlocking my Energy Release Seal." Naruto was shocked when he saw him behave like this "I am really sorry but it seems you really had strong bonds with that kid, I mean your Big Bro. I can't give you the key for that seal until you are a …" Rafuru interrupted him "you have been away for two weeks do you even know what's going on? I've been promoted to Jonin, it means that I can have the key now. So give the key to me and let me break this pain in the ass Seal!" Naruto was in a good mood because he was going to marry Hinata and after hearing that his adopted son had become a Jonin he became overwhelmed with happiness "So you became a Jonin at such young age, you know! When I was your age I was still a genin, actually I was a genin till I was 19. And by the way I come bearing some good news!" Rafuru replied angrily "Since when do I care about you giving me some good news? Besides it's not like you are gonna marry someone, sometimes I think that you are gonna die single!" Naruto replied "You asshole! Who gave you permission to talk shit about me being single. For your info I am gonna do the thing that you so casually said that I can't do!"At first  Rafuru didn't give a damn but couldn't control his curiosity "Yeah right you are gonna create a shadow clone then transform it into some pretty girl and marry the shadow clone!" this time Naruto had a serious face so Rafuru stopped joking and asked him "who is the lucky girl?" Naruto replied that it was Hinata.

It seemed as though Rafuru was thrown into the oblivion. His father was going to get married, the thought of it really made him happy but deep inside he was hurting because he knew that Naruto will start his new family and completely ignore him. He controlled his emotions and soon he heard Naruto say "I am really sorry I put a seal on your ability but I really don't have the key, Sasuke has it. When he comes to the Leaf I'll ask him to give you the key." Rafuru waited for a week then the wedding took place Sasuke still didn't come to the Leaf. He waited for three whole years he still didn't come. He was headed to the Leaf after completing an ANBU mission when he saw a man being attacked by some ninja the man only had one arm, so Rafuru jumped in to save him when they saw Rafuru they were going to retreat but Rafuru caught one of them and pointed a kunai on his neck from behind "In our village we are taught to run when we see you, now I know why." Rafuru sliced his neck he didn't even hesitate before doing that. Soon a familiar voice was heard "So it is true! You are the 'Swift Assassin of the Leaf' aren't you? What a coincidence that I met you here of all places. 'Naruto's kid'!" Rafuru then took his mask off and saw Sasuke standing in front of him "I also didn't hope to see you here, I have looked sor you everywhere for you I guess for 3 years! I thought I would never find you." Sasuke replied with a taunt "oh is that so? What do I owe to have to have the Assassin looking for me? Are you here to kill me?"

"Seriously you want to play dumb now?! You know very well what I want.", Sasuke replied "fine, I'll give the key to you, but I have only one condition." Sasuke searched his pocket and took out one bell the same bell that Kakashi used to test the team 7's strength. Rafuru agreed and then the match began

Rafuru: you cannot win just give me the key and stop wasting time.

Sasuke: Fire Syle Dragonflame Jutsu

Rafuru suddenly vanished and got behind Sasuke's back

Rafuru: I said stop wasting time

Just when he was going to grab the bell a strike of lightning hit him "chidori!" the shadow clone in front of him disappeared

Rafuru: so fast! (it must be his mangekyo sharingan and rinnegan so this match is serious huh? Well I don't care either way I'll just end it)

Rafuru suddenly teleported behind the real Sasuke's back pointing a rasengan, when Sasuke looked at his hand he saw a teleportation seal. Rafuru no doubt was quick.

Rafuru: I'll end it now! Rasen…

A lighting dragon from the sky struck Rafuru!

Sasuke: it's over kid.

Rafuru: it really is.

Rafuru held the bells in his hand showing them to Sasuke

Sasuke: but how the hell did you dodge a jutsu that has the speed of light?

Rafuru: take a closer look, I already marked the tree with my teleportation seal when I was hit by your 'chidori', when you used that jutsu I saw your fingers move, it was as if you had something in your mind. No matter how fast your jutsu was your fingers don't move at the speed of light, if you want to know about how I got the bell, I just transported back to where I put the seal on you, snatched the bell and then transported back to the tree. I told you not to waste my time.

Sasuke looked satisfied when he heard Rafuru's explanation, he really was a strong shinobi and deserved his true power. He didn't waste more time and broke the Energy Release Seal. Sasuke then asked him to return to the village, when he reached the village he reported everything that took place and also told that he has no seal that limits his power. Kakashi the 6thHokage then gave him a mission, the mission was to accompany Sasuke in his travels and master this new power of his. He packed his bag and took a look at his little brother who was sleeping, he smiled and waved 'goodbye' to Naruto and Hinata. When he reached the gate he saw Sasuke standing there waiting for him. "Let's go. Let me tell you this travel is going to be long! Aren't you going to miss this village." Rafuru replied "Right now I have nothing left to protect in this village, I am sure that father can handle the minor problems. But I still have something that I hold dear in this village and I am sure that I'll return to protect it." Saying this, the both of them left the village.



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