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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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When he thought about that incident, he searched for his pocket and found a piece of paper that was old and crinkly. He opened the paper slowly and saw some words written on it. It was the letter that Shukajin left him when he was about to die.

"Dear Rafuru,

                          If you are reading this letter it means that unfortunately I am dead, I left this to tell you that you always were and will be my family. We both were war orphans you were taken in by the village's no, the world's hero and I was taken in by an orphanage but still you always knew what I was going through. In the end we both were saved just because of our skills and uniqueness, I enjoyed training with you but I still don't know why you didn't play with kids of your age, was it because you and I were so alike? Well this is my last moment so I will not lie, the truth is that I just wrote this letter. Do you remember that when we were a team you and I were used be called as the reincarnations of 'Shisui Uchiha' and 'Itachi Uchiha'? I guess they were right because Shisui died before Itachi and he died protecting the Leaf but I am sorry that I did not leave you any special power like Shisui gave to Itachi. I know that you love Hanabi, I also watched your final match of the chunin exams, you killed the guy because he hurt her, didn't you? Well there is nothing to feel wrong about that, she really is a pretty girl, but I should tell you that outsiders like us are considered unworthy but if you really love her then protect her from the shadows. Well I just want to thank you for being more than a brother to me. Let me tell you a secret I didn't give my life to protect the Leaf I did it because I wanted to protect you, you are my best friend and my little brother. So today the big brother died protecting his little bro. There's one more thing I want to ask of you consider it as my final wish 'Protect the Leaf no matter what!' I guess this is the end of me, I hope that I'll see you in the next life.

Your Big Bro



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