Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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When she was about to leave the room he said "I am really sorry for misunderstanding you and don't worry I am not that ruthless as you think it's just that the Leaf's security is my top priority." She went out of the room and then closed the door, both of them were really happy after they talked because it has been 13 years that any of them talked to each other.

When she left, Rafuru started to remember the events that took place in the past…

Rafuru was just 9 when he graduated from the academy and when the teams were announced he didn't care which team he was in. When the teams were announced he was shocked when he didn't hear his name, just then the teacher said "And we request this times special student who is the second after 'Itachi Uchiha' to ever team up with seniors 'Rafuru Uzumaki'! A member of team 7 has passed away so we couldn't think of a better replacement than you. Do you have any objections? Do you feel a bit uncomfortable working with seniors? If you do this is your only chance, so speak!" at that time Rafuru thought that the sensei was right that he would not like to be bossed around by the seniors. Just when he was about to open his mouth, he saw a girl, beautiful, fair and not shy at all. He was mesmerized by looking at her, after a second he heard some guys speaking about her, it seemed as though they didn't like her attitude but soon he heard a guy say that she was a Hyuga from the 'Main Branch' and her name was 'Hanabi Hyuga'. When he heard that name he didn't waste any time thinking, "I have no objections." So, he became a member of Team 7.

At first, he joined the team because of her but soon he discovered who his other teammate was, when he first saw Shukajin he felt some competition. Shukajin was just like his brother, the both of them played and trained together since they were kids because just like him Shukajin was also a war orphan and because of his skills the Leaf had taken him in. They got together so well that they were considered the reincarnations of 'Shisui Uchiha' and 'Itachi Uchiha'. In a year they were ready to take the 'chunin exams', Shukajin was already a chunin so the only persons left were him and Hanabi. In the first exam both of them passed and it also resulted in Rafuru breaking the previous high score of 'Minato Namikaze'. In the second exam they broke the record of Gaara and his team by completing the mission in only two minutes, well it was all because of Rafuru's speed and Hanabi's visual prowess.

In the third exam they both parted their ways but used to cheer for each other in their respective matches. Rafuru made it to the finals without even using his full strength. Hanabi was no pushover she also caught up to him in no time. It was getting so exciting that people started to say that both the team members might fight each other in the final round. Rafuru also thought the same and had decided if they both were to fight he would not use his strength at all and he would let her win, but in the semi-finals Hanabi faced a Hidden Mist ninja who was really strong. She didn't give up and just when she was going to use her final attack she was stuck in 'Water Vortex jutsu', she was the one who was stuck but it felt like Rafuru was the one hurting, he couldn't help but panic. When the jutsu ended the guy kicked her in the face just to make sure that she won't stand up again, when he did that a cold aura surrounded Rafuru, one could clearly see the bloodshot in his eyes. The finals took place between him and Rafuru but it was not just their battle it was the Leaf's and the Hidden Mist's battle. It was going to determine that which village was strongest, no one had seen Rafuru's true strength to them it was like he won the previous rounds with pure luck, so the Feudal Lords placed a bet on the Mist ninja but the Feudal lord of The Land of Fire knew what Rafuru was capable of doing so he placed a bet on him. The battle changed from the Leaf VS the Hidden Mist to the rest of the Feudal Lords VS Feudal Lord of The Land of Fire. Rafuru decided to win not because the Leaf wanted it or any other reason, he decided to do so because the guy had hurt the girl he loved.

The match began-

Rafuru: 'Fire Style Fire Ball Jutsu'!

The Mist guy: Puny move kid, 'Water Style Water Dragon Missile'!

The fire faded and Rafuru had also got caught in the vortex it seemed that Rafuru had lost…

"Rasengan!" Rafuru hit him with the 'rasengan' right in his face. The shadow clone in the vortex vanished, and when the proctor went to check on the Hidden Mist guy he found his face crushed and he was dead. The exams didn't have any rules apart from using Sage Justu, so no one argued on the ninja's death. Rafuru won the tournament and was given the post of 'chunin' even though Hanabi lost in the semi-finals her performance was still splendid so she was also promoted to chunin. She was still hospitalized even though she didn't have any major injuries she still had some broken bones and a fractured nose. When Rafuru got his uniform he picked up hers too "You don't have to go through all the trouble, she is going to be in the hospital for 2-3 weeks I'll give her the info and her chunin mission gear." Saying this he left for the hospital, when he reached her hospital room he found her sitting all alone by looking at her he could tell that she was sad. She noticed him and in a second she blushed and lowered her head, he took large strides towards her and said "This is your new uniform and mission gear." She asked him "Why are you giving this to me I lost, not only did I disappoint my clan but I also disappointed you, you wanted to fight me in the finals, right?" he replied "You didn't disappoint me, in fact I am happy that I didn't fight you in the finals or I would have lost." She raised her head "What do you mean you would have lost? You defeated the guy didn't you? Answer me! Don't tell me that you lost when the Leaf needed you the most." He replied "I didn't defeat the guy, I killed him!" after hearing this she trembled for a while. "So you weren't promoted to chunin because of that? That's the reason you are not wearing the uniform? I am really sorry if I hadn't lost, you wouldn't have been under pressure and you wouldn't have killed him…" he placed his hand on her shoulder "Don't worry I was promoted to chunin, I kept my uniform at home. Actually I was promoted to chunin right when we passed the 2nd exam but I wanted to fight you that's why I took the 3rd exam and when you were about to lose I was thinking of giving up but then he kicked you in the face and the Leaf's respect was based on this match I decided not to give up, instead of doing that I killed him!"

This was the first time they talked for this long.

Another year passed and the 'Toneri' incident happened after that incident he cut all his ties with her, telling himself that he was unworthy of her because he wasn't able to protect her or Shukajin or the village. He then tried to talk to her but she wouldn't reply, after that he became a jonin, the ANBU captain and was feared as the 'Swift Assassin' just to become worthy of her. In his heart she was his 'Deep, Forbidden Love'.



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