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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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After listening to the story sincerely Boruto and Sarada went to pick up their mission gear. Both of them were thinking about what Sasuke said. "Just how powerful is Rafuru to be feared by nations at the age of 13 and how fast is he to receive a name like 'Swift  Assassin of the Leaf'?" When they were ready they reached the AUN gate and found Rafuru standing and waiting for them, when Rafuru saw them he let out a sigh showing them how much late they were. Both of them apologized and heard Rafuru's plan "listen I know that both of you are excellent ninja so you should take actions too but when it comes to giving your lives for the scrolls, please don't do that, when a time like that comes I'll take command understood?" both of them said yes, and so the mission began.

After 2 days they finally reached the enemy hideout. Even though they were powerful shinobi they were still hiding and observing the enemies' actions. But they couldn't hide for long as one of the shinobi noticed their presence just as the ninja were about to attack they were stopped by a similar figure, it was Rafuru who stopped them. When the other ninja saw him they signaled everyone to retreat. There was a ninja who was so scared that he started shouting "run it's the Swift Assassin of the Leaf, run everyone save your lives!" he finally calmed down when their captain arrived "Well well if it isn't the Swift Assassin of the Leaf, what have we done to invite you here?" Rafuru ignored his question and said "where is the scroll of sealing, the weapons and the documents? If you return it immediately I will spare your life if you don't then you know very well what will happen to you and your group!" he agreed to give back everything that they stole, Boruto and Sarada were both shocked when they saw him agree to Rafuru's deal. He said "follow me!" as he led them into a dark room. The scroll and the other items were present, Rafuru checked all of them properly and matched them to his list.

All of the items matched and he nodded his head, the leader had already walked out of the room. When the three of them were about to leave the room they were all trapped in a cage, the leader entered the room and said "I don't care if you are the Swift Assassin or not, once you are trapped in this cage you can never leave no matter how strong the jutsu is! You are nothing but a fool and still the Great Nations fear you. I don't see anything special in you or your jutsus, rot in hell you bastard!" and left. Both Boruto and Sarada were afraid of staying there their entire life and started to panic. "Don't worry I will not let my comrades die, just move back for a minute." Saying this Rafuru made some hand seals and then sounds of thunder were heard out of nowhere then Rafuru shouted "kirin!" and a thunder dragon came down from the sky destroying the hideout's roof when it struck the cage everyone thought that the cage will definitely break but it didn't, it was as the leader said. Without wasting another second Rafuru said "place your hand on my back." And so the both of them did what he said, in a second they teleported to the place they were caught. When they took a closer look at the spot and found a teleportation seal on the tree, the both of them still held on the items, so Rafuru told them to return to the Leaf and said that he has to fulfill a promise. He vanished in a second so they also didn't wait for him and headed to the Leaf, after 20 minutes Rafuru caught up to them, Boruto asked "what did you do?" Rafuru answered him "what do you think?" Boruto let out a sigh as he thought, "he must have taken 5 minutes to find them so did he finish off 100 shinobi in 15 or less minutes, just what is he? A monster? A hero?"

When they reached the Leaf they went straight to the Hokage's office and reported their mission. They returned all the things that they were asked to recover/procure. When Rafuru returned to the Hyuga Mansion he was a bit tired so he took a shower and slept on the bed, after a while Hanabi entered the room and served him tea, she thought that he wouldn't speak anything but he said "Boruto has grown up to be a fine ninja, did you train him?" she replied with a slight nod "you don't have to hate me you know, I know that you think that I let Shukajin die but It wasn't my fault, l know that I was weak back then but I swore that I will never let my comrades die and from that day on I have kept my promise!" Hanabi was shocked when she heard him say such things about her hating him, she cleared his misunderstanding "I've never hated you. I never talk much because I am the reason you became such a ruthless shinobi. It is my fault, if I wasn't kidnapped you and I could have saved Shukajin and we would have still been the team 7." Tears started to fall from her eyes when she finished her sentence, Rafuru was even more hurt when he saw those tears, in his whole life he did not panic this much. Because in his heart she was the one he loved the most, of course he loved his family more but she, she was the one that he fell for, his first love.



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