Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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The boy that Naruto adopted soon entered the academy, he was really talented to be accurate he was a prodigy of his time. Not much after did the Leaf find that his talent was much more than that of the other children of his age. Because of his talent and strength the other children use to resent him and not only the children but soon the entire village hated him, they accepted him because he was adopted by the world's savior and the hero of the hidden leaf. The boy was handsome, had a good personality and had excellent ninja skills that's the reason why he was famous in the girls. He was doing just great in the academy and his grades were only increasing. Then he became the youngest genin ever and joined Hanabi's team because one of her partner had died in a confrontation with the enemy. So, they were named as the new team 7.

After 2 years an incident happened, the Moon was falling on Earth. Big meteors were falling from the space. Naruto and the others were on a mission to bring back your aunt Hanabi because she was kidnapped by Toneri Otsutsuki. The residents of the leaf village were in danger. It was Rafuru's bad luck that he and his comrade were guarding the south of the Leaf, when another meteor fell it was gonna crash on the area that they were supposed to guard. Rafuru tried his best to destroy the meteor or at least change its direction, he wasn't able to do either of the things. Just when he lost hope his comrade who he mention as his eternal rival jumped high and used a jutsu that Rafuru had never seen before, he easily destroyed the meteor but because he was too close a piece of meteor hit him and crushed him. Rafuru was shocked as fuck! When he sat down and cried he remembered their fun moments it was as if a knife had pierced his body, he said that he was the only person that he could compete with, his friend's name was 'Shukajin'. Even before his loss they all were still chunin, after the incident Naruto and Hinata fell in love and soon declared their marriage. He couldn't take any more damage to his heart, he had already lost his mother and now his friend too. He was so excellent that he even scored the highest marks ever and surpassed 'Itachi Uchiha' and 'the Yellow Flash'. He became a jonin at the age of 10. He was such an exceptional kid that everyone in the village changed their thoughts about him. There was a mission that made him even more popular, when he was 11 he became the ANBU captain and was leading the team which was supposed to find the whereabouts of dangerous rouge ninja. The information that they received was that they were only a small group of ninja but when they finally found their location they were surrounded by '200 S-ranked' and '300 A-ranked' criminals. The team that was lead by him consisted of only 10 members and soon the number was reduced to 5, the death of his comrades ignited a fire in him and he said some words that were heard by all his comrades and the criminals.

"From this day I swear I'll never let my comrades die!" and when he finished he killed each and every rouge ninja on the battle field in an instant. But this wasn't the mission that made him the most famous, this was 1 year later. Naruto and Hinata had just married and he attended the marriage but he came just when they were going to take their vows. He took a seat and enjoyed their marriage. After a year he took Naruto's permission to go to the land of waves for an investigation but he specifically mentioned 'alone'. Naruto gave him permission on one condition, the condition was for him to come back alive, Rafuru agreed and went on the mission. He didn't mention the details of the mission, back then the land of waves had started a rebellion and wanted to

become the 6th great nation! The mission that he was assigned was to kill the Feudal Lord and everyone who tries to save him. Rafuru killed the feudal lord with no effort, and then returned to the Leaf. When the land of waves heads found out that it was the hidden Leaf who assassinated the feudal lord they declared war on the Leaf, Rafuru came up with an idea, he asked the Hokage if he could take initiative of silencing the land of waves. The Hokage agreed and asked what did he require for doing such a complicated thing. Rafuru asked for just one thing "let me do it alone I don't want anyone to get in my way!" the Hokage was shocked when he said that he wanted to do it alone. He argued for a while but he couldn't waste anymore time, he finally agreed. After two days the Land of Waves ninja were planning how to infiltrate the village and finally came up with a plan they were placed on the boundary of the land of Fire and were about to attack but stopped when they saw a 13 year old boy standing alone with an ANBU uniform but without a mask and had a Leaf headband on his head. They asked "So the Leaf does know about our attack, so are your comrades behind you? Did you get excited and left them behind? Kid! " Rafuru replied firmly "I don't need backup to defeat scums like you!" they started to make fun of him "Go home kid we don't…" just as he was going to finish his sentence he killed him. He wiped out 600 shinobi in an instant, he let one live to tell his story. As the news spread he was feared by Nations. He became the second shinobi to have the 'FLEE ON SIGHT' order! He was not going to stop at this, when he came to know that the entire Land of Waves was plotting against the Leaf he killed each and every shinobi of the Waves! But he was so kind that he forgave the people who were not ninja. Everyone said that he reminded them of someone and he truly did remind me of someone. The person that he reminded me of was my own Big Brother- 'Itachi Uchiha', he was so fast that he was known worldwide by the name of 'Swift Assassin of the Leaf!' and was considered the fastest ninja ever. He wiped out almost every pain in the ass ninja.

Not only that but he has also received training from me, that is why he calls me 'sensei'. According to my knowledge he has 5 'Kekkei Genkai- Scorch, Lava, Swift, Magnet and Energy Release. I told you all this because I don't want you to get in Rafuru's way. It will only cause you harm, simply put I don't want you to get hurt! Do you understand?!" The both of them nodded their heads and asked "Is he still feared by nations?! And was he given the order of 'FLEE ON SIGHT' at the age of 13?" Sasuke answered them without any hesitation "yes!" Boruto replied "thanks for the info it'll definitely help. We'll be going now, bye!"



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