Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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It was 9 in the morning when both Boruto and Sarada left their house for a new mission. They were kinda excited when they heard Rafuru say that it was a super important mission the other night. When they reached the Hokage's office the guard first checked them then greeted them. When he knocked he heard a voice saying "come in!" Both of them entered and found Naruto infuriated as he said "You are late! Don't you have any sense of responsibility?" Both of them apologized, "As you both should know by now that Konohamaru is on another important mission so…" Boruto suddenly interrupted him and said "does that mean that we'll finally be going on an individual mission with no captain guiding us!" Naruto continued "Let me finish you fool! I was going to say that you'll be getting a new captain and that you have to follow his orders no matter what cause this is a S-ranked mission. Did you understand me or not?" Both of them nodded their head. He continued after a second "I'll explain the mission once you're captain is here, he'll be here soon…" then a sudden knock was heard on the door, "he's here! Come in!" The door opened and a familiar figure entered the room, Boruto suddenly shouted "big bro?!" then Sarada asked "Is your brother our mission captain?" then Rafuru answered her by nodding his head. "Since you both know him I'll not waste anymore time for his introduction."

"A group of 100 S-ranked shinobi stole our scroll of sealing and some important documents and weapons amongst those documents is the list of ANBU members assigned to me. You have to get the scroll and all those documents and weapons, avoid unnecessary contact between the enemies and remember these words as you are the only shinobi I've said these words to 'the scroll isn't important than your lives' understood?" all of them nodded their head and just when they were going to turn their backs and leave, suddenly a man entered without knocking. When everyone looked at him all of them were surprised it was none other than 'Sasuke Uchiha'! Both of them greeted him but he ignored them, as his eyes were focused on Rafuru he said "So you are finally back huh, Rafuru? What reason is it this time? Don't tell me that you are their mission captain." Rafuru then replied "Yes I am back and yes I am their mission captain, Sasuke Sensei." Sasuke nodded and they all left when the Hokage gave his order. "Meet me at the AUN Gate after an hour with your mission gear, bye I am leaving now." said Rafuru and left. After he left, the both of them were also going to leave but were stopped by Sasuke "I guess you don't know much about your brother do you… I want to tell you his history. Get ready to listen!"



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