Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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Rafuru and Hima were having a nice chat, as she was telling him the stories of her past he was listening sincerely and sometimes he couldn't help but pull her cheeks softly showing signs that how much he loved her and was really happy that he came here to see her. But soon they were interrupted by Naruto who was worried that where will Rafuru live, at first when he heard him say that 'he was gonna stay here in the leaf like, forever', Naruto was gonna ask him to stay in their house but when Rafuru said "I will not interfere in your family matters nor will I stay in your house." Naruto swallowed his words, but soon his worry was gone when Hanabi stood up and said "I wouldn't mind if Rafuru stays here, after all we have a lot of rooms empty. I guess I am kind of used to his lifestyle cuz I was his teammate for I guess for 2 years."

 Naruto said in a happy tone "I think that's great! I don't think he'll have any objections staying here but we'll have to ask your father first it all depends on his decision." Hiashi didn't seem to have any problem. After her father's permission she seemed to be really happy as he her dream guy was going to stay in the same house as her.

Boruto furrowed his brows when he heard Hanabi say 'teammate for 2 years'. He couldn't help but ask Rafuru personally about what she said. Rafuru nodded and agreed to his question about being Hanabi's teammate. Boruto then asked about their team, Rafuru didn't say much but he said "We were the former team 7, but one of our teammate died and then I became a 'Jonin' and then an 'ANBU member' so our team was disbanded as I and Hanabi are the only one's alive from that team." After hearing that Hanabi couldn't help but lower her head in sorrow. Half an hour later Hanabi had helped him unpack, it finally was over. Boruto then rushed towards Rafuru and said "Big Bro do you know that I am a part of the 'Current Team 7'?" Rafuru nodded and said "I hope that your team doesn't end up like ours did." Boruto could clearly sense sorrow in his words but he said nothing because it couldn't be helped.

Naruto and Rafuru headed to the Hokage's office as he relieved him from his duty. When Rafuru was returning he saw Boruto talking with a girl, he couldn't see who the girl was as he was standing too far he paused for a while and then headed their way. He could finally see who the girl was and she was the daughter of Sasuke 'Sarada Uchiha'. When he reached where they were standing Boruto noticed him immediately and greeted him. Rafuru nodded his head and asked "So is she your teammate?" Boruto replied "yes, her name is…" Rafuru interrupted him "I know who she is. She is the daughter of my sensei, my mentor." Sarada asked "You know my father? I am sorry I forgot to ask, who are you? Boruto seems to know you." Boruto told Sarada that he was his older brother. "Oh! I didn't know that you had a brother." said Sarada, Rafuru replied with a "mmm…" Boruto explained everything to Sarada and also told her about the former team 7, Sarada said that she was sorry for his teammate's loss. Rafuru ignored her and said "You both should go home now the Father told me that he had an important mission for you, he also said that you two should get some rest."

They finally said goodbye to each other and went home. Boruto and Rafuru were walking together for a while and then were supposed to part ways after that. Then Rafuru said "that Uchiha girl seemed nice is she your girlfriend?" Boruto replied "It's nothing like that she's just a friend and a teammate!" Rafuru said in a teasing voice "Keep telling yourself that." Boruto blushed for a while and was going to reply but then he heard Rafuru saying "Bye!" as he vanished in a second.



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