Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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When Rafuru finished eating and was ready for the match they both were dragged to the Hyuga clan's practice area. Boruto seemed confident and also said that he'll defeat Rafuru in no time but in is mind he was worried that what will happen to his reputation if he loses because he was called the 3rd most powerful ninja in the entire leaf and the whole ninja world.

After the both of them were ready the match finally begun. Boruto didn't hold back and activated his 'Jougan' he attacked him with his biggest rasengan when he threw his rasengan it vanished. Rafuru wasn't even a bit tensed, Boruto looked at him with annoyance and thought "Being cocky huh? Not for long, he thinks that the rasengan just vanished but doesn't know that it will still hit and have even a major impact." Because of Boruto's jougan he was able to see where the rasengan was headed and just when it was about to hit, Rafuru vanished! Boruto was truly shocked and when he turned his back he saw Rafuru standing behind him with a kunai in his hand pointing at Boruto's neck. "How did he dodge my invisible rasengan and so fast? Kawaki isn't even a match for his speed." Just as he was about to turn Rafuru vanished again and punched Boruto in the stomach. "So fast! I can't even see him, even my jougan isn't a match. Just how powerful is he and why didn't he come for the Leaf's rescue. I can never win against him." Rafuru again got behind his back with his hand like a chop on Boruto's neck, Boruto raised his hand and gave up. When they were sitting in the living room Boruto asked him that if he is that strong why didn't he come to rescue the Leaf and why did he allow so much damage. Rafuru replied "It was because father gave me strict orders not to leave the cloud village no matter what happens." Boruto understood and complimented him " So, you are the reason why the cloud village doesn't even have a scratch on them? You truly are powerful 'Big Bro'."

Rafuru nodded his head. He looked at his father who had an happy expression. Rahul also smiled he suddenly turned and looked at his little sister who sat on the couch and was playing with her teddy. Rafuru got up and walked towards her, when he reached her she noticed him and hesitated to talk but finally she gave him a beautiful flower. When Rafuru received the flower he was very happy. She smiled at him and asked "are you my biggest brother?" Rafuru frowned a little but then happily said "Yes I am!" he continued "And are you my little sister?" Hima nodded her head. He patted her head in happiness. She pouted and asked "If you really are my big brother then why don't you come visit me? Don't you care about me?" Of course he cared about her in fact, in the entire world he loved her the most even more than his father. He said "can I let you in on a secret? Promise me that you won't tell anyone." Hima nodded in excitement and said "I promise!" Rafuru then said "In this entire world you are the most important person to me. You are so important that I even came left my duty for a day and came to see you when you were 1 year old, that day I swore that I will protect you no matter what! But due to some reasons I was not able to fulfill that promise but I am here now and I swear that I'll keep my promise to you! I am sorry to keep you waiting." Hima's eyes sparkled like crystals when she heard those words, especially 'to me you are the most important person in this entire world' made her really happy.



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