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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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Tears started to fall from her eyes as she thought about him. After a lot of thinking she got up and went outside to greet the man, when she saw him she couldn't help but notice how much he has grown up since the last time they met 10 years ago. Since the past thirteen she hadn't been this emotional but she held her emotions inside.

Naruto was still shouting at the boy about how careless he is. The boy was listening quietly not even making a sound. After a minute of shouting Naruto pulled the boy's ear and dragged him into the hallway, both Boruto and Himawari were a bit confused after watching their father do this. Just when Rafuru was going to open his mouth to say something his father i.e. Naruto told him to first take a shower and then talk, Rafuru didn't argue and went straight to the bathroom. Boruto who was still confused asked Naruto, "Tell me, just who is this guy and why the heck did he call you 'father'?" Naruto was finally going to explain that who the boy was, he said in an audible voice, "That boy you are asking about he is my son, unlike you he is not biological, he is a boy whom I adopted 20 years ago from an arid land… it was when I was unmarried , 5 months had passed since the 4th great ninja war and I had just received my arm back we were notified about a blast in a laboratory which was on the outskirts of the land of fire I was sent on a mission alone to investigate what happened when I reached the location I found nothing except ruins but when I got in the middle of the scenario I found a boy who seemed exhausted and was breathing heavily when he looked at me he suddenly did something that I have never seen in my entire life he joined his hands and sent an energy blast towards me." Boruto suddenly interrupted him "An energy blast? But no ninja in the history has been able to do that, it is simply impossible!"

 Naruto then added "Yes I know it's hard to believe but he attacked me even though he was a kid I had to use my kurama chakra mode to stop him, I stopped him in an instant. Back then Kakashi the hokage told me that if you find someone dangerous just kill him, but how could I do that? How could I kill that innocent boy who was just six and had not even tasted ramen. He was a unique boy with a unique ability I couldn't just ignore him like that, so I carried him on my back to the Leaf. The medics took extreme care of him and also ran some tests. After 3 days he finally woke up I was sleeping on the sofa beside his bed when he learned that I visited him daily and took care of him he just stood there waiting for me to wake up, when I woke up tears started to fall from his eyes after a minute he asked me that why was I taking care of me even after he had attacked me. When I asked him about his family he told me that he didn't have any he also told me that he had a mother who took care of him just like I did but she died when the boy was 3 years old he also said that they both lived in the laboratory and when she died the scientists there told him that she died because of a disease but on the day of the blast he was on his way to the bathroom when he heard some scientist saying bad words about his mother and finally one of them said that his mother was gonna go and ask help from the boy's father and it was a good decision that we poisoned her and killed her. That little kid snapped and out of anger killed all the scientists and caused the blast."

Naruto continued "the poor boy asked me to kill him and just end his suffering, he told me that he had no one. He kept on crying and crying, after a while I could not help but hug him and tell him that I will be there for him and that he does not need worry. I also told him that he was an extraordinary boy and that he'll become a great ninja.i asked his name and he told me that his name was Rafuru and that his mother had named him. Not after much time I adopted him and so Rafuru became my first son." After all this explanation he finally stopped when Rafuru came out of the shower rubbing and combing his wet hair as he changed into some new and better clothes that Naruto had asked Hanabi to buy for him. He sat on the chair as Naruto asked him about his mission and his health. He answered them sincerely not objecting anything. It seemed that he had a lot of respect for his non-biological father so much that he didn't dare look away when Naruto was talking. Then Naruto asked him that why was he here, as his mission was to guard the Cloud village from a distance. Rafuru answered "I am not here asking for another mission I want you to relieve me from my mission because we can't be too careful if a problem like Kawaki or Kara arises again. I want to be here in the Leaf village like forever. I promise that will not interfere in your family matters nor will I live with you. I just need you to find a residency for me that is my only request." In his mind Boruto  thought "So he knew about Kawaki and Kara but still he didn't come to help, dad also said that after him and Sasuke-san he is the third strongest ninja in the whole Konoha. I guess he was just lying but then again this guy looks a lot cooler than my old man and Sasuke sensei. Just how much powerful is he or is he weaker than me? I guess I'll just challenge him and see how powerful he is." Boruto finally opened his mouth and said "So you are my brother huh? You don't seem to be that strong, want to find out who is stronger?" Rafuru wasn't a bit annoyed he said "Indeed I really am weaker than you, I cannot and will not compare my strength to my little brother." But Naruto seemed to be disappointed and then said "A friendly match would be great but after Rafuru finishes eating his food." Rafuru tried to get out of this annoying fight but was not able to do it so he nodded and agreed.



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