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Rafuru Uzumaki: The Swift Assassin Of the Leaf
Author :Chase_the_Highkage
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20 years have passed since the 4th great ninja war....

shinobi have struggled and sacrified alot to achieve this peace, mainly because of the efforts of the current hokage, the seventh hokage "Naruto Uzumaki" and his son "Boruto Uzumaki"

But something is going to change.....


A normal day in the hidden leaf village

Someone enters the village through the aun gate. He seems to be in a hurry , it seems like he is looking for someone. he suddenly pauses and looks at the person to his side, hesitating to ask something, he suddenly speaks to the person

"I am looking for the hokage i have looked around the entire village but i am not able to find him could you please tel me where can i find him i am asking this to you cuz you live in the same locality!"

the person's reaction wasn't to surprising it was as if he knew who the boy was. he quickly replied, "I heard him say that he was going to visit his father-in-law, the hyuga clan's leader, you know his house right?"

the boy instantly replied "yes I know where it is thank you for the info."

the boy vanished in a second leaving the person next to him in shock but 5 seconds later his reaction was like it was quite obvious for him to vanish in a second

Just who was this guy?


A second later at the Hyuga mansion....

Naruto and the family were eating dinner. Boruto seemed to have finished eating. A sound of the doorbell was heard... Boruto went to check who it was. When he opened the door he saw a tall handsome man with blond spikey hair and black eyes. when he took a closer look the person standing he saw that the man's clothes were a bit torn. he finally asked what the guy wanted and received an answer that the boy wanted to meet boruto's father, boruto asked the boy to come in, but he refused and said he wanted to meet the hokage first. boruto first showed an expression of annoyance but then called his father "dad someone is here to meet you, I guess he wants to talk, I called him in but he refused could you please come at the door"

Naruto had also finished his food so he got up andtook large strides while walking towards the door when he reached the door he looked at the boy very shockingly so much that even the toothpick he eld fell down or slipped from his hands making a 'pa!' sound.

The man who had been quiet all this time finally spoke, "Father I am back from my mission." Boruto who was standing there also heard those words that the boy spoke. in his mind he could not stop thinking about his words he thought in shock that why did the boy called Naruto his father, his face was totally blank. After a minute Naruto broke the silence by exclaiming in a loud voice it seemed that he was both angry and happy when he said "why don't you come inside the house, this happens everytime, you stand in front of the door like you are some outsider and why didn't you tell me that you were going to visit" he continued "just look at your clothes why don't you buy some new ones you idiot!" the rest of the family also heard Naruto's words and couldn't help but wonder who was he talking to. Hinata  couldn't take it anymore curious to find out who the person at the door was she also rushed to the door followed by himawari who was just as curious as her mother. Hanabi did not show any interest it was like she didn't care. When Hinata saw the boy she was really happy so happy that tears fell out. Himawari also entered the scene, when the boy looked at her his emotionless face started to show emotions he couldn't help but smile at her.

"You still consider yourself an outsider, just a burden on my shoulders don't you? Tell me, am i wrong?" Naruto asked angrily. He then added "you are even a bigger fool than your little brother....'Rafuru Uzumaki!'"

 Hanabi who was sitting in the dinner room could hear everything they were talking, but she blanked and fell into a daze after she heard his name 'Rafuru' she went back to past times and then remembered that he was the guy that she fell for.



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